Contest [Dec] Get Best Reviews Here! Contest [Dec] Get Best Reviews Here! Contest [Dec] Get Best Reviews Here! -> If you are trying to be the part of SML Merch win PS5 free completion, then you must read out this post. This post will share the best information that you should know about.

Do you want to win PS5? Well, I know your answer would be YES! Hence, we have exciting news for all PS5 lovers the contest is open for the United States and other countries people. The players have to solve a simple quiz to win PS5. 

So, are you excited to be the part of this quiz? 

But before moving to the quiz site, it is essential to know about the game guidelines and the site’s legitimacy. In this post, you will find the depth details about Sml Merch legitimacy as well as competition trustworthiness. 

What is contest?

Sml Merch is an online store for buying merchandise of super Mario loagan, which is advertised in SML movies. The puppets and accessories of various kinds such as Jeffy, SML, and craft, SML kits, and many more in stock at Sml Merch com

At the first look, the site looks attractive with its amazing collections of puppets and it’s amazing deals. Moving further, we reached its contact us, FAQ’s, Terms and Privacy. All pages are working fast, and the site takes only nanoseconds to launch, which is also a great thing about the site. 

But we found the about us section is missing. They do not share ownership information. Another shocking fact we read on its shipping page that they usually ship in few countries. Hence, we saw major trust issues in the site. 

On the other hand, Sml contest found suspicious because here player needs to see a pencil in the quiz that would help you win PS5. Juniper Imprints creation Inc, Toronto, promote this competition. The registration is free, and anyone can take part in this except the below 18 years of age players. Here, we have shared more facts about competition legitimacy. Contest Specifications:

  • Website:
  • Competition name: Win PS5 or signed Jeffy puppets
  • Registration fee: Free
  • Company’s headquarter name: Juniper, Toronto
  • Countries to be allowed: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia
  • Company Address: Juniper, 123 Edward Street, Toronto, Canada 
  • Company Email:

Pros of 

  • Sml Merch com is fast to load
  • The website uses an SSL security system
  • The site domain is two years old
  • Best for shopping SML puppets and accessories
  • You could win PS5 for free
  • No registration fee
  • Easy quiz

Cons of 

  • Does not offer warranty for the delivery of products
  • The winner will be selected randomly via a software
  • The winner name will be announced directly to the winner’s email
  • No ownership details found
  • overpriced
  • Found negative reviews

Is contest legit?

For our readers, we conducted depth research on the web and found the legitimacy of the contest. While researching its website, we found the site domain is two years old and selling merchandise of SML movies puppets. But we do not trust its product delivery as they have listed shipping is unavailable for many countries except the UK, Australia, etc. 

Further reading about the SML Merch contest, we found that people are unsatisfied and do not receive winning updates yet. However, we can say the contest may be a scam because the site has no positive feedbacks. In our opinion, we found this completion a smart move to engage customers in their site to generate revenue.

What are reviews?

While reading customer reviews about the contest and site collection, we found people are unsatisfied with the products. They called it dumb and highly expensive. Moreover, the competition found a big scam and a great marketing strategy to boost traffic. 

The players who have played this competition in the previous year found no feedback from the owner. Also, the other gifts for runner ups have not been shipped to the winners. Hence, we found this site suspicious, and we recommend you not to indulge in these promotion plans. 

However, if you would like to be part of the competition, then go ahead, but don’t expect anything in return.

Final Verdict

By evaluating the site performance and customer reviews about contest, we found it as a scam. This is nothing than a big marketing strategy that would help them in generating traffic and selling their products. Hence, it would be best to choose the true way of buying PSC instead of these fake plans.

If you find this post helpful, so share your thoughts with us.

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