Slmoonde Store Reviews {August} – Is It Scam Or Legit?

Slmoonde Store Reviews {August} – Is It Scam Or Legit?

Slmoonde Store Reviews {August} – Is It Scam Or Legit? >> If you are fond of various products and love surfing the stores, then read.

Are you a shopaholic person and crazy about various accessories? If you love being in the hunt for various accessories like helmets, key chains, décor items, and more, keep on reading the  Slmoonde Store Reviews.

Many people have the unique habit of collecting small accessories and then adding the stuff as and when they find something similar. In the United States, the trend is that people love to shop from web stores or physical stores, where they can get multiple products in one shot.

Spending the money on the desired and required things is good, but spending it wisely will be a unique feature.

What is Slmoonde Store? 

Slmoonde Store is an online shopping site like many others featuring various products belonging to many categories. They are keen for the showcase of every product to offer on the web-store irrespective of the categorization. 

The website’s main and prime purpose should be to capture one or a few categories concerning the same genre, but to all utmost surprise, this website has a massive list of products to go on. The products could be of interest to many buyers as they have an incredibly massive list for the same.

Let’s check out further about the website.

Let’s move on further with the flow to understand more about Slmoonde Store Reviews.

Specifications of Slmoonde Store:

  • Type of Website: – Online store for almost all sort of stuff 
  • Website address: –
  • Shipping: Charges based on where you reside
  • Shipping time: 3-15 days for international shipping. 
  • Returns: returns can be made in fourteen days of receiving the product; also, one can file a return by addressing
  • Return authorization: can be discussed by writing on  
  • Cancellation: can be made within twenty-four hours of placing the order
  • Refunds: can be started within seven days of the process
  • Company location: Not stated  
  • Customer email:
  • Payment types: Visa, Maestro, American Express, PayPal 

Benefits of Slmoonde Store

  • One can easily explore the entire web portal
  • The price range is exciting and appealing.
  • The products are varying from many categories
  • It has an official protected HTTPS protocol. 
  • Products range is extensive and popping in so many pages 

Demerits of Slmoonde Store

  • The site is very young, having the domain age of just two months.
  • Inaccurate information on return or refund address. 
  • No details have been shared as owner details. 
  • No mention of customer Slmoonde Store Reviews
  • No link or connection has been established with Social media accounts. 

Is Slmoonde Store legit or scam?

Slmoonde Store seems like a suspicious it from the very first look and the way it can showcase so many products without any categorization and options, again leading us towards it to be a scam.

Slmoonde Store Reviews haven’t appeared anywhere, and we have found this web portal under a low trust index. The age of the website is just new and only registered two months ago. They haven’t made any detailed connection with any social media site and even not tried for.

There are n numbers of reasons, to establish this website as a scam; all the red flags are tested before making it a scam.

They seem to mislead the buyers because they haven’t shared the physical location; the weirdly scattered products on the home page, misleading information about the return policy and refund policy are red flags.

Customer’s viewpoints about Slmoonde Store 

The Slmoonde Store Reviews could have all about trust and bond with the buyers and company, but nowhere have they existed.

The lack of trust also increased with the non-availability of the ‘About Us’ page and the misleading information in context to the return and refund policies.

The facts mentioned have gained lack and also has a limited store, where they cater to the United States and other consumers. 

Final Verdict:

The money belongs to you, but surely the trust and legitimacy is something we strive hard. The scam sites are designed to cheat with buyers cleverly, and they never deliver the orders or might be the orders delivered would not be the same. 

Apart from this, they could utilize the credit card details. We would not suggest anyone buy from Slmoonde Store as they lack trust. So the legitimacy of this web store is in the dark, and we never advise against trusting such a store or website.

Leave a comment below as we would like to know your views! 

11 thoughts on “Slmoonde Store Reviews {August} – Is It Scam Or Legit?

  1. I am looking for help with an order I placed and still don’t have it. The order number is 200813212749279. Please respond.

  2. Yes I purchase a stihl battery powered wood cutter. You charge me for it want to know what happened with this. Do I get my product or you send my money back to me whichever

    1. Yeah, I purchased the same item and got a chainsaw chain with straps on each end. When I went back and forth with them that I didn’t receive the correct item, they just kept ignoring all the pictures I sent and claimed it was the right item! The damn place is a Chinese rip off outfit!

  3. Ordered two (2) stihl battery powered wood cutter on 8/16/2020. Received a package yesterday with two chains with straps. NO BATTERY POWERED CHAIN (WOOD CUTTER) . Yes, this is total scam and ripoff. Click on contact us and no way to contact the S.O.B.’s.

  4. Hi team,

    I ordered TreadmillSmart Electric Foldable Treadmill pad&Treadmill but I received just a small pad.

    If this price is for pad, I don’t need it and I want to
    return it back and refund my money , please.

    Please advise how to return it and refund my money?
    Order no is 200804233953322

  5. Steve Garcia – you won’t be getting the product that they advertise . You get a manual chain to cut the wood. I’ve be arguing with them for a couple of weeks. They are a bogus bait and switch company. You won’t be happy with the item you get. You may want to cancel now and at least be able to get your money back. I’m returning the crap item that they sent me and they are making me return it to China. And there you have it in a nutshell.

  6. The same EXACT thing happened to me! I got a ‘manual’ chainsaw with a handle on each end. And they tried to tell me that is what I ordered! I said what part of ‘battery operated wood cutter’ did you not understand.

  7. My order was placed on Aug. 2nd, 2020 for a TreadmillSmart Electric foldable treadmill pads and treadmill I am yet to receive my item
    as of today 3/2/2021. It is so sad as it was a gift for my grand daughter.
    my email:

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