Sleepnet N95 Mask (Dec 2020) Best Protection & Comfort!

Sleepnet N95 Mask (Dec 2020) Best Protection & Comfort!

Sleepnet N95 Mask (Dec 2020) Best Protection & Comfort! >> The post shares details about the new N95 facial mask that is designed for ultimate comfort and protection.  

Get full-face coverage and ultimate protection from the viruses with Sleepnet n95 Mask. The N95 face mask is reusable and features exclusive AIR gel technology for protection and comfort. 

The N95 mask from Sleepnet is designed by skilled professionals in a certified facility in the United StatesIt is distributed across the world. The face mask is dedicated to offering innovative and effective protection against the pollens and viruses in the air. 

The face masks are designed with patented AIR gel and custom fit technology with ultimate cushioning for comfort and convenience. The technology used for the N95 mask gently protects the skin and create a bridge for the nose to reduce irritation. 

The custom-fit technology allows the users to bend the mask to snugly fit over their face with full coverage for the nose and mouth. 

So, get superior comfort and protection with the innovative N95 face mask by Sleepnet. 

What is Sleepnet n95 Mask?

It is a reusable respirator facial mask that is used in industrial environments and hospitals. It is also the best option for NIOSH N95 rated applications. The face mask is designed by the leading global respiratory and sleep apnea mask, Sleepnet, located in Hampton, United States

As per mentioned on the website, Sleepnet has been in the business for more than 23 years, and they have been designing superior quality gel masks for non-invasive ventilation and OSA. But during our research, we found that the domain of the website is created on 2nd August, 2011. The highly experienced and skilled professionals design the N95 Mask of the brand.

The N95 mask is reusable, and it is the best respirator mask for protection against pollens, allergens, and viruses in the air. The various types of masks available are Sleep Apnea Masks, Pediatric Masks, and Respiratory Masks.

Why use Sleepnet n95 Mask?

  • Superior Seal – It is designed using patented AIR Gel technology that creates a snug fit and comfortable base seal around the nose and mouth for minimal leakage.
  • No Fog Glasses – The mask comes with patent-pending vapour seals around the nose, so there is no fogging in glasses when wearing it. 
  • Productivity – The N95 mask comes with better sealing, comfort and won’t fog the glasses, allowing you to focus on your work and not on the mask.
  • Higher Comfort – The AIR Gel technology used in the face mask is comfortable and soft and allows you to wear it for long hours without irritation and pain. 
  • Cost Savings – Since the mask uses fewer filters and increases productivity, it minimizes the cost by 60% compared to the traditional disposable facial mask.
  • Use fewer Filters – The face mask is protected with filter covers, and there is less chance of filter damaging when handling or using for hours.        

Customer’s Reviews

The Sleepnet n95 Mask has a huge customer base, and it has been used in many traders and environments. We have found many users have shared positive reviews about the product. 

People are happy with the comfort level and patented AIR gel technology that offers better cushioning when wearing for hours. 


The N95 Mask by Sleepnet is the best choice for NIOSH N95 rated applications. It protects from allergens and pollens in the air and offers protection from the viruses of COVID-19.

If you have anything to mention about the Sleepnet n95 Mask, please write it down in the comment section below.

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