Skortu com Reviews {July 2020} Is It Legit Or Scam?

Skortu com Reviews {July 2020} Is It Legit Or Scam?

Skortu com Reviews {July 2020} Is It Legit Or Scam? >> In this article, the travelers are educated about the kinds of gears available here.

Do you want to have maximum fun while enjoying outdoor activities? Well, Skortu is an excellent online portal that satisfies the needs of all the adventures travellers.

Skortu is a popular online site that sells everything required while getting involved in outdoor activities. Skortu com Reviews reveal that this site sells everything from apparel to shoes to inflatable pools needed while going for some outdoor event.

Travellers across the United States prefer to purchase modern outdoor equipment’s that can double the fun while getting involved in outdoor activities.

Going off for an adventure look quite mesmerizing, but all your fun and excitement can get reduced in case you don’t carry the right style of gears with you.  Whether you plan to buy a backpack or shoes or a stylish headphone, you can get all at Skortu.

In case you are planning an outdoor activity soon, then before buying the latest gears required from somewhere else, do check the products available at Skortu. The facts will assist you to know Is Skortu com Legit. 

What is Skortu?

Skortu sells everything in electronic and outdoor products that are carried by most of the travellers.

The styles of items posted at Skortu are compact and useful. You can even buy monocular telescopes that can let you see the surroundings. 

You must check out Skortu com Reviews in case you also want to make your outdoor activities more memorable and joyful.

Why is Skortu unique?

Skortu has different styles and ranges in almost all kinds of outdoor products. The travellers and tentative customers can get up to 70% off on a limited range of products.

However, this site is new, so no further details regarding the same were presented on the site.

Specifications of

  • Product: watches, apparel, shoes, headphones, etc.
  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Parent company: Skortu
  • Address: London, England
  • Contact number: Not mentioned
  • Delivery time: almost 3-15 business days
  • Shipping fee: Not mentioned
  • Exchange: available 
  • Returns: within 45 days 
  • Refunds: within 14 days 
  • Mode of payment- Amex, Visa Cards, PayPal, etc.

Pros of purchasing from 

  • Different styles in shoes
  • Much have gears available on the site
  • Payment way PayPal among others
  • Discounts up to 70%

Cons of buying from

  • Skortu is a recently established company 
  • No phone numbers
  • No Skortu com Reviews
  • No email address mentioned on the site

Is Skortu Legit?

Getting involved in outdoor activities like mountain climbing, cycling, etc. is one of the favourite pastimes, which is liked by millions of people. To ensure that you are prepared to take part in outdoor activities, it is essential to carry the right gears with you.

In case you are also planning an outdoor activity in the future, you can look for the products at Skortu. But since this site is not so old, so it is vital to get an answer to the question Is Skortu com Legit.

What do people say about

On the About Us page only, Skortu mentions that it is a new kind of internet e-commerce Company that sells outdoor equipment. Thus there are no reviews related to this site anywhere. 

Skortu claims that it sells different style and type of outdoor products like Bluetooth headphone, telescope, waterproof pants, etc. that are best to select while going for a trip. But there are not many products available on the site for the customers.

Zero Skortu com Reviews can demotivate many buyers while shortlisting this site. But in reality, all the new sites are not fraud. 

However, this site has no online visibility as of now.  So it will be beneficial if you investigate further before buying from this site. 

Final Verdict:

Getting the right kind of clothing is imperative to have a mesmerizing and enjoyable outdoor experience. While the right kind of items and gears, you can have a beautiful experience. 

Certain general things that are required regardless of your destination are available on Skortu.

But since this website is new, so no more details were provided. Also, they have not given any phone number of the concerned person whom you can contact in case of any queries and suggestions. So we are not sure whether buying from here will be useful or not.

There are higher chances that you might not get the ordered products delivered at your destination. But still, if you like the products here, there is no harm looking for more relevant proves that are in favour of this site.

0 thoughts on “Skortu com Reviews {July 2020} Is It Legit Or Scam?

  1. I ordered the “Luxury” Pkg on 8-1-20 for $49.95 US. Paid through PayPal.
    I emailed customer service on 8-17-20 requesting a ETA on delivery or shipping. As of 8-18-29 no response. There is another email (PayPal) associated with the transaction.
    Tim Michael,
    That will be my next email before I cancel order with PayPal if I do not receive a reply. WIll give them until the 20th to reply.
    Will let you all know what happened.

  2. I bought 4k 10-300x40mm Super Telephoto Zoom… online July 29. Now is August 19.
    The company promised shipping in 5-15 days.
    So far nothing happend.
    After initial confirmation the Skortu sent me two fake tracking numbers, neither one doesn’t work.
    All my requedts are ignored. I have no feedback from them.
    I am deeply frastrated . Don’t have any deal with Skortu.

  3. They got my money through paypal on 8-2. iIt is now 6-26and I still don’t have my item that was supposedly coming from California. I emailed them 2 times already, and both responses were the same. Who knows what they say. Have you ever talked to a fforigner on the telephone that you could not understand? they type the same way. just because they have a machine to type it in English, don’t make it more legable to understand. I hope you were smart enough to read this before you bought anything from them If you payed through paypal, let’s flood them with disputes, and all the other foney names they sell under through facebook.

  4. Same thing a last person. Purchased 4k 10-300x40mm Super Telephoto Zoom in July, promising same 5-15 day shipping. (Paid $2.99 extra, otherwise shipping was 15-20 days. ) Tracking number says a shipping label was created. In emailing responses to company, they claim item is at “logistics center”, and I need to contact them. What the h*** is a “logistics center”? And what about a number to call, since they said I need to contact them? Now it’s Aug. 27, and still no item. (At least SOMEONE is responding to my emails, although I have no idea who, and why they don’t give any legitimate info. to find my item.) Getting ready to contact PayPal to cancel order. SKORTU is “shady” at best, and should be avoided!!!

  5. For me, guaranteed 7 to 15 day shipping took a month. And what they sent me was a far cry from what I was promised. My 40×400 monoscope with zoom ability for my phone turned out to be a fixed (no zoom) 40×60 peice of trash. It looks, and works nothing like the advertisement. Good job china! Have fun with my 50 bucks.

    1. It seems that I’m not the only one that ell for it. To good to be true kind of telescope. It took a while but I finally got the telescope but….not what they advertised. What a rip off. I also paid with PayPal like “Dan”. Is there a way to report that and get your money back?

  6. I also bought the 4k 10-300 telescope. Paid for it back in July never got any updates on the delivery but a package showed up today on September 3rd and after all the frustration and waiting I got the wrong item. I am furious and waiting to hear how they will handle whats going on. I will not do business with this company again unless they do something exceptional to remedy this.

  7. I ordered the same package and just received an item in the mail today, not the 4k 10-300x40mm Super Telephoto Zoom Monocular Telescope but rather a simple monocular. I sent an e-mail to both skortu and the e-mail on a card in the box, Hopefully they will make it right but not holding my breath,

  8. I ordered that same telescope. Recieved one today, nothing like the one advertised. Cheap Chines garbage with only a minimal zoom, feels light like a toy. Looks and works completely different from the one advertised. Absolute scamming operation.

  9. Telescope took over a month to arrive. When it did come it was the wrong one. Requested a refund and was told I was sent the “customized” model. What I got was cheap just slightly better than a child’s toy. Said I didn’t want it. was offered a 10% refund. Said I didn’t want it, was offered 20% refund. Said I didn’t want it, was offered a 30%. Last offer was 40% refund. When I refused that they said I could get a full refund but would have to pay return shipping of $20.00. Asked why I should pay for their mistake, no answer. Their customer satisfaction promise and refund guarantee are a complete sham!

  10. After reading all these complaints about the “telescope” that it looked “too good to be true”…I realized that we all have been scammed.
    What they sell you is definitively NOT what they offer you. It is false advertising at best. After waiting forever to get the product, you get very frustrated to see the piece of crap you get. I wonder if we all could file a complaint with BBB or in my case ( I used PayPal) make a claim for a refund since clearly it’s a scam.

  11. I place an order on August 2, 2020 and another on August 8, 2020 and just received the products over 30 days later.
    Nothing was received as advertised. It is a fraud.
    It is the classical bait and switch type of business.
    This merchant should be place on the Terminated Merchant File (TMF) for credit card acceptance so they are not allowed to accept credit cards again from anyone.
    The numerous charge-backs they will begin to receive if not already should automatically place them in the TMF.
    I submitted a charge-back through my credit car company 15 days ago when I did not receive any responses to inquiries sent to this company through the email addresses they provided on their website. I also contacted paypal and with this COVID-19 thing going on the response and help is horrible all around. This is what made me submit for charge-backs on both orders as I recognized something was not right from the beginning.
    To give you specific examples the monocular telescope advertised and what you receive is a joke. Nothing like what you see on the website. The monocular telescope looks like something you would get out of a child’s vending candy machine. They show a large monocular telescope when in fact it is a tiny monocular telescope not bigger than the palm of your hand. It does zoom but not worth the money charged.
    If you order the clothing, the sizes are not true and the material not like what was described or depicted in the pictures. I ordered the tactical shorts and t-shirts. I am a large size for both but decided to order them as XL to place it safe. The XL sizes they sent are two sizes too small. To get it right with them I would have needed to order XXXL.
    Also the tactical shorts and shirts are nut cut right. The neck opening on the tactical t-shirt are so wide that it is like a v-neck without the v.
    I also ordered the UV Sail Shade 20FT X 20FT X20FT in blue. I received a off gray color shade and the material is nothing as advertised. The material sent was like the material used on the canopies sold at Walmart. The areas to secure the sail are made cheaply with d-rings that would fail easily with any wind conditions.
    Also I ordered two tactical hand shovels and one tactical full shovel ( this item alone cost almost three times the cost of the hand shovel). I was sent three hand shovels instead.
    In the packaging the merchant provided another email address not listed on the website for complaints, returns etc.
    I did send an email to this email address and finally did get a response.
    They want pictures sent to them of what was sent to me, the labels they used on their packaging and more to address my request for call tags to return all items.
    Basically they are creating a black whole to make it look like they are trying to resolve the problem when they are not.
    Their emails show incomplete names or they do not identify themselves by name on any of the correspondence they are sending. (In some cases they are using two different first names, or two letters to abbreviate a name.
    I have provided some of my response to them below. (I have never written anything negative on any merchant until now. I am 50+ years old just as an FYI).

    Please reach out to me by phone or provide me a phone number where I can reach you.
    I will not be sending pictures until then.
    You know what you sent so I am not sure why you want pictures.
    Your website states Satisfaction Guaranteed with 100% Risk-Free.
    You also have 30 Day 100% Money Back Guaranteed, Premium Quality, and 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed badges on the website.
    I just want to return everything back to you.
    What the pictures show on your website and what you sent are not the same.
    A charge back for both orders was submitted 15 days ago and accepted.
    You should be put on the Terminated Merchant File (TMF) which will not allow you to accept credit cards again by anyone. I will pursue this route if this is not resolved as soon as possible.
    I just need to know where I am sending everything back to you.
    You have many things in play that prevent a customer like myself to get a hold of you.
    You are using incomplete names and not identifying yourself in any of the correspondence you send to paypal or myself.
    Please send me the call tags or address where you want what you sent to me sent back.
    I am not satisfied on the quality of the products, service or anything that you have provided to me.

    I provided my full name and phone number here.

    If you noticed in the information I provided in the information above, I am returning all items ordered even though I have received them now but I will not be billed.
    I do not want these items in my presence at all. The way this selling is fraudulently wide openly displayed is amazing and paypal being allowed to be used with them is even more shocking.

  12. Skortu is a scam. All the above posts have been experienced by yours truly. They will not identify themselves during any messaging. No names are being used. Just abbreviations or false names. The products sent are not as stated on the website and not acceptable. Also not everything ordered was sent. The Satisfaction Guaranteed with 100% Risk-Free in writing on the website are just words and not honored. Also 30 Day 100% Money Back Guaranteed, Premium Quality, and 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed badges on your website do not mean anything. I have informed Skortu to provide a return address (as I am acting in good faith something they do not know anything about) as I will not be paying for any of it. They continue to give me all the lines mentioned above and more. I have given them 30 days (less time that it took for me to receive some of the items) to provide the address or the items will be disposed off. As I do not want them. I will also be pursuing through all channels available Terminated Merchant File (TMF) for your business with all entities involved to place them on this list. This will not allow them to accept credit cards again from any of the credit cards listed here. This will include paypal, Master Card, Visa, Amex, Discover, Diners, JCB. I will also be reaching out to the Better Business Bureau, International Business Association to ID this business to make others aware not legitimate business as it is not. This site is a scam as it has been identified by many already and posted on the internet. Classic bait and switch merchant. I suggest all reading this affected to reach out to your credit card issuer to provide your issues with them as this will speed up the TMF.

  13. By the way there is something called a chargeback in the credit card industry. You have to reach out to your credit card company and request the chargeback. The charges will be reversed. Do not do this through paypal but you will want to notify paypal the fraudulent activities so they can drop the merchant and help other innocent potential victims. The credit card company will do their own investigation and will post the chargeback. The merchant will have to respond to the chargeback. Merchants end up on the Terminated Merchant File when Master Card and Visa Association spots numerous chargebacks not resolved resulting in merchant not being able to accept credit cards again from and credit card brand. This is an option for all above taken advantage off by this merchant.

  14. I ordered a $ 50.00 telescope, and recieved a $5.00 telescope that would’nt impress a 5 yr old!! This site should be shut down!!

  15. SKORTU IS A SCAM. Like many others, I ordered the 4k-10-300x40mm-super-telephoto-zoom-monocular-telescope but received the 40X60-HD-Optical-Monocular-Hunting-Camping-Hiking-Telescope. When I complained to them, they would only refund the full amount if I ship the thing back to China, warning me that it would cost $20 to ship. The return address they want me to send it doesn’t even have the name of the business which is required when mailing something.
    I said I would ship it if they give me a prepaid shipping label. They refused. They offered to give me 10% refund, then 20% then the final offer of 35% if I give them a good review. The nerve!

    PayPal was not much help either. After more than one month of answering the same questions and giving documentation repeatedly, their last answer was I’ll get a full refund after I’ve shipped the item back to China. Still trying to message PayPal . They have been useless too.

    Is there a way to complain to some government agency?

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