Mods (Feb 2021) A new Server is out! Mods (Feb 2021) A new Server is out! Mods (Feb 2021) A new Server is out! >> The post shares information about the MOD version of the game that can be played on the custom server.

A new Server Switcher, Mods, offers the players innovative options to play the popular game Among Us in the customized server. The server features discord integration and new game modes.   

Passionate players of Among Us know the challenges in finding the imposters in the original version of the game. So, for such players, MOD is designed that makes things easier for them.

The Server Switcher MOD allows the players to play the customized server levels with different features and functions, unlike the original version. The custom server allows gamers to play with similar matches with customized modes, new colour, zombies, and discord integration. 

The Mod version is the godsend for the players who want to take the gameplay to the next level. Players in the Philippines, United States, United Kingdom, India appreciates this new customer server to play the game.      

What is Mods? is the first public server in the world for the game Among us. It is the custom game server run and hosted by a community of Among us. The custom server comes with different customized functions and features, anti-cheat and hacks, unlike the original Among Us

The Mods comprise customized features that are not available with other game servers. Since server switcher is not associated with the original game server, the BOT attacks and other things on the original server won’t impact the custom server of 

It allows players to play the Among Us on a custom server of when the original game server is down or not working. Get the Among Us game, get the app launcher, and follow the on-screen instructions to enjoy playing the customized game.

How to Get Started with Mods?

Well, it is not rocket science to get started with the Mods on a Windows device. Players have to follow a few simple steps to start enjoying the game on the custom server. 

  • Download the MOD files in your system from the US server
  • After downloading, press Win+R keys and paste %APPDATA%/…/LocalLow/Innersloth/ Among Us and hit enter
  • A new folder will open, comprising all files with the name PlayerPrefs, announcement, gameHostOptions, etc.
  • Copy the downloaded file and paste it into the folder. If Windows asks you to replace the existing file, click “yes.”
  • Go back to the main menu and restart the Among Us game, and at the right corner, you will find the icon. You are done, and you can start playing the game on the custom server with all modifications and custom features.     

How to Go Back to Original Server?

If you want to go back to the original game server from the Mods, follow a few simple steps.         

  • Launch the region menu with the globe icon
  • Choose your region
  • Among Us will replace the reionInfo.dat file with the official server region
  • Restart the game, and you are done 

Final Thought Serer Switcher MOD is for the players who want to play Among Us game on a custom server with new game modes and functions. You must not confuse it with the original game server as it is different from the original game. 

So, enjoy playing the MOD version of the game on a custom server and switch back to the original server whenever you feel like it. If there is something important to add, please write it down in the comment section about Mods.

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