Signal Messaging App Stock Price (Jan 2021) A Sudden Hike!

Signal Messaging App Stock Price (Jan 2021) A Sudden Hike!

Signal Messaging App Stock Price (Jan 2021) A Sudden Hike! >> The Signal is all over the news and a sudden increase in the number of users and share price all seem to be the beginning of a good fortune.  

Are you also looking for Signal Messaging App Stock Price to invest in it? Then you are in the right place.Isn’t it surprising how an app gets famous within days just because of a single tweet? Yes, you read it right! The Signal messaging app saw a surge in its share price and the total number of users not because of any update but because of a two-word tweet by Elon Musk, posted last Thursday, 7 January 2021.We all know about the recent updates in the policy of WhatsApp. This news has made WhatsApp users look for alternative messaging apps that offer them great privacy. People from countries like CanadaIndiathe United States, and the United Kingdom have already started to switch to other platforms abandoning WhatsApp.

What is Signal Messenger App?

Today in Signal Messaging App Stock Price, we are talking about an encrypted messaging app developed by the Signal Foundation.It is used to send online one-to-one and group messages that can include voice notes, images, files, and videos. You can also make voice and video calls in person or groups. The app is available for download on Android, iOS, and desktop. The app was launched in 2014 and last updated a few days back. The app saw an increase in its users after the George Floyd incident, where the protestors used this app. In June 2020, the company had announced the new blur photo feature on the app.And now, in January 2021, the app got into the news again.

What is Signal Messaging App Stock Price?

Signal messaging app is all over the news because of a single tweet posted by Elon Musk on 7 January 2021 stating, ‘Use Signal.’ The company saw an increase in the total number of users and its shares’ price. The shares raised on Monday to as much as 885%.And its market capitalization increased from $6 million last week to almost $300 million this week. A single share price of the Signal app climbed to $70.85 from $0.60 by Monday. It estimates an increase by almost 1100% in the share price of Signal Advance.

People Reviews:

The 42 million followers of Elon Musk have seemed to take his Tweet seriously. People have commented on his tweet, stating that they will indeed shift to Signal from WhatsApp or other insecure messaging apps. Even the investors responded quickly, and as a result of which the company’s share price climbed, and others started searching for Signal Messaging App Stock Price. Many still think that people have misunderstood Elon’s tweet and has increased Signal’s hype.What do you think about this news? Do you also believe that Elon Musk was not trying to promote the Signal app? Hit us in the comment section below.

Final Verdict:

A single tweet by Elon Musk and some changes in the policy by WhatsApp benefited Signal a lot. People have been switching to other encrypted messaging apps that offer them greater privacy.And Signal seems to be a great choice. The total number of users increased last week, and so did the Signal Messaging App Stock Price. We have mentioned all the latest statistics about the same in the article above.

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