Why Shower Cubicles Are Fast-Becoming a Better Option

Why Shower Cubicles Are Fast-Becoming a Better Option

For a homeowner who is thinking of renovating or installing a new bathroom, several shower designs and fixtures are available today to make the bathroom look stylish, modern, spacious, and more functional. For example, instead of constructing a shower stall, it is easier to find a shower enclosure that will fit the chosen area, budget, and bathroom style, as long as the home’s plumbing system allows.

Still, the owner should know what type of shower enclosure to choose, so here are a few ideas.

Why is a shower enclosure better?

Buying a shower enclosure for your bathroom provides a practical and stylish showering solution. The first thing a homeowner should do is determine the type of shower enclosure or shower cubicle they need. Likewise, they should decide where they would install the enclosure. A shower enclosure allows a person to step in and out easily. Moreover, the variety of designs enables the homeowner to choose the most ideal. Furthermore, it is more practical than a bath that family members seldom use.

Things to consider when choosing a shower enclosure

The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in any home. It is a room some people think is their refuge. It is a place where they can rest and de-stress. Thus, the bathroom furniture that you install in it should be well-thought-out.

  • Location of the shower enclosure

One of the things to consider is the location of the shower enclosure. If it is going to be en suite, double shower cubicles are more practical as they can accommodate you and your partner should you decide to shower together.

  • Convenience

If you add a shower enclosure in the main family bathroom, you can look at the designs and sizes available for large shower cubicles. They come in different shapes and sizes, including fixtures. Therefore, you can get one that fits the requirement of the people who will use the shower cubicle and your budget.

If space is an issue, you can choose the biggest space in the bathroom or choose a D-shaped one. Moreover, you can install a shower cubicle anywhere in the bathroom. It is not necessary to fit it in a corner.

  • Glass thickness

Frameless shower cubicles have toughened safety glass walls, but the thickness varies, affecting its price. The cheapest would have 4mm-thick glass. Mid-price shower cubicles have 6mm glass walls, while those that belong to the top end come with 8mm glass.

  • Easy to clean

Regular cleaning of the shower cubicle is essential. Choosing a model with doors equipped with high-quality hinges, rollers, or wheels can make things easier. They make the door open and close easily. There are also shower cubicles with quick-release wheels, another feature that helps clean the stall faster without the door hindering your movements. Ensure that you get a shower cubicle with a special coating that prevents the build-up of water and soap streaks and stains, limescale, oil, grime and dirt. 

Plan how you are going to renovate or build your bathroom. Then, find choices online to know what type of shower cubicles fit your family’s requirements.

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