Shoptotheright Com (Dec 2020) What are its Benefits?

Shoptotheright Com (Dec 2020) What are its Benefits?

Shoptotheright Com (Dec 2020) What are its Benefits? >> In this news article, we talk about a novel business service that helps grow your business in a purely American way.

Are you looking for a business service that not only provides a platform to advertise your business but also promotes it?

It also aims at making life easier by helping you locate any business all across the United States.

It offers well-arranged categories on its website where one can list their business or look for one.

 Quite a concept, isn’t it? 

The company claims to be a proud American patriot and connects freedom-loving Americans and businesses. 

What is it called? The business service goes by the name Shoptotheright com

The following article lets us explore this innovative service that has introduced a novel way to shop.

What is the company about?

The company offers a service to bring your business to the limelight by making it visible to a large target audience.

Your audience includes the customers who need your product and the ones who support your business. You have full control of how you want to showcase your business through their Members’ Interface section.

The service boasts of a directory that already has thousands of businesses.

So, if you are looking to find a business, list your business, and promote your business, Shoptotheright com seems to be an ideal bet.

Let us gather some more information about this service.

Some facts:

  • Website-
  • Customer service-
  • You can list your business for free.
  • Partners- MAGABOOK, Heavy Duty Country
  • Registration date- Six months back

Is it a legit name?

All this sounds useful, but specific pointers do not paint a rosy picture of this company.

Firstly, there is no information about the background and the owner of the company. The website owner uses a service to hide their identity shows the website in low light.

Secondly, the domain age of Shoptotheright com is pretty recent. It also has a low popularity on the Alexa ranking index.

And lastly, the company does not have a secure SSL certificate.

Therefore, we have to find what customers say about this company.

Customer reviews:

The company does have a presence on all social media giants like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

But, it is pretty strange that there are hardly any customer comments to support its claims.

The only presence they have on social media platforms is their postings. No comments or reviews from any customers are seen.

Final verdict:

Upon scouring the internet, we found that this business service falls in a mediocre Risk Index of 55%

There are no customer reviews on Shoptotheright com either on their website or online.

In light of all this information, we conclude that this company is a scam.

Do you have any experience with this service? Do post your comments here. It will help customers know more about Shoptotheright.

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