A New Fed Announcement in November Would Shock the Crypto Market

A New Fed Announcement in November Would Shock the Crypto Market

Soon the values of cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin and Ethereum, will be affected by the statements issued by the US Federal Reserve, these days in which this meeting takes place, the volatility of said cryptocurrencies will be very high. You can check platforms like https://qumasai.org  for a smoother trading experience with the best trading techniques.

Experts say that if the increase in interest is less than 0.80%, it will favor the crypto markets, causing an instant revaluation of cryptocurrencies.  

Impact of the measure announced by the FED on cryptocurrencies

Otherwise, if the interest rates are higher than that percentage, the values of the cryptocurrencies will plummet; in the case of bitcoin, it would be below 19 thousand dollars, an aspect that would unbalance the active crypto market, causing irreparable losses.

It is curious that the value of bitcoin again depends on the economic measures imposed by the FED in this month that begins; hopefully, it will not be the cause of a new, unexpected fall after several months with little variability in the markets.

During this year that will soon end, the FED was forced to work hard to reduce the inflation rate of the traditional economy, where many markets took advantage of these measures for their benefit, as did bitcoin.

The measures announced by the FED will be based on the variations in the value of the shares, which will cause evident inflation in the traditional markets while impacting the digital markets depending on the inflation index of the fiduciary markets.

The panorama that Bitcoin will experience due to the FED announcement

Despite the legal drawbacks that bitcoin is currently experiencing, there is evidence of an increase in its transactions for the benefit of suppliers of goods and services, while its value reached 21,000 dollars.

The goal of bitcoin to end this year is to overcome this value barrier, where it has been stuck for a long time, and achieve a better increase in value, to acquire prestige and profitability once again, thus enhancing the digital market.

The pressure exerted by the FED through the increase in interest rates is expected to not affect the fulfillment of these goals in the concise term.

Bitcoin is par excellence, the most demanded cryptocurrency for its profitability and trust since it has positioned itself at the top of the digital markets due to its large number of investors.

This cryptocurrency will overcome all the disadvantageous influences it receives daily from traditional economic sources since they only accept that this digital currency, with the physical support of any value, has surpassed them in investment strategies, profitability, and finances.

Where Ethereum is positioned in the middle of this measure

This cryptocurrency has always been characterized by low volatility since it has always maintained its values with minimal variations. This characteristic has made it one of the most quoted digital currencies in the crypto market.

According to analysts, the measures taken by the FED do not permanently harm Ethereum since, on some occasions, they have ended up giving it greater profitability and revaluation immediately.

Ethereum and bitcoin are the cryptocurrencies that provide the most reliability to investors since their trajectory speaks for itself; they have been in use since 2009, during which time they have reinvented the economy, providing inclusion and more advantages of multiplying assets.


Cryptocurrencies have recently had to overcome and face many situations that have made them look at a disadvantage concerning fiduciary money since banking and government entities cannot bear to see the adoption and credibility that people profess to them.

Control regulations, measures to unbalance their value, and many other causes have shaken the digital market a little, with their desire to eliminate the decentralization that characterizes them and is their main advantage over users who invest in digital crypto assets.

The future of cryptocurrencies is somewhat uncertain for many. In contrast, for others, they are the best possibility for investments and long-term profits despite seeing and analyzing the risks they present.

We must accept the changes offered by technology and even more so when it comes to the economy and finances, since obtaining money depends on them to meet the primary needs of daily life and achieve the financial stability that allows us to live in peace.

An aspect provided by the cryptocurrencies since with intelligence and good investment decision added to a bit of luck you can achieve the stability and financial freedom that people long for.

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