Sgroceries com Review [Nov] Read Truth About This Site

Sgroceries com Review [Nov] Read Truth About This Site

Sgroceries com Review [Nov] Read Truth About This Site >>This is a website review of an online eCommerce store selling grocery products at a reasonable  rate.

Quite frankly, if you are someone who lives in the United State and going to buying anything from this, then we want you to stop for a moment and read this entire article.

Because, in a few moments, what you are about to read in this Sgroceries com Review is going to flip your mind about 180 degrees. And you no longer see this website as though you are seeing it right now.

So, please take your time to go through this complete article and then take your final decision.

About is an online ecommerce store. This online store is hosted and owned by the company called Sgroceries LLC.  

Sgroceries LLC is established in the United state, and from there, they sell to sell a vast collection of goods and fun products to their customers.

This company supplies these products to each group’s age from the best suppliers available in the business.

From the suppliers available in the business, they supply their products to their customers at an affordable price.

Specification of

  • Type: Ecommerce Store
  • Address: 1431 Ocean Ave, Suite 5384 Santa Monica, CA 90401
  • E-mail:
  • URL:
  • Contact No: (504) 535 5908
  • Return policy: available.
  • Payment Mode: Multiple options available.
  • Social Media: Not Mentioned.

Why do You buy From

  • It has a genuine company address. 
  • It has supportive customer service.
  • It provides you free shipping on their products.
  • It offers you worldwide shipping.
  • It provides multiple payment methods. 

Why don’t You Buy From

  • It has a trust score of 2% on the trust scale.
  • Its domain name is registered about one month ago.
  • It is not ranked as a popular website on the internet.
  • It doesn’t have many visitors.
  • It is not optimized for search engines.
  • It doesn’t have any customer reviews for the products. 

In the next section of Sgroceries com Review you’ll know whether the site is legit or merely a replica.

Is A Legit?

So, now you went through all the Specifications, advantages, and disadvantages of this 

Now, let us see what this website is really up to. Let us see whether this website is a legitimate website or a fake one.

First of all, we want you to notice that this website is registered with a domain name that is one month old only. So what? If any website has a domain name with this short period life cycle, that means not many people know about this website. And it may be possible. This website has no customers.

On the other hand, we want you also to notice that this website has products. Still, there is no single customer review available for that product; if any product doesn’t have any customer reviews, how you goanna decide whether the product is any good.

Nevertheless, its website and its company are not available on any social media platform available. You can look for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. You will find nothing about its company. Now that is what we say a high suspicious reason.

So, is a legitimate website? What are you thinking? Do you still think this website is legitimate?

 Sgroceries com Reviews by the customers:

What are other people saying about Well, now, at this point, as you know, we don’t find a single customer for this website. 

We don’t find even a single fan for this website. And thus, we don’t have any proof, yet that tells you about how good the products are. Thus, it’s clear from the other platforms that the site is not able to win the trust of the people.

Final Conclusion

With all the details you have gone through above, now you know what this website is really up to. 

As this website has no customer reviews, no presence on the social media platform, no real brand authority in the marketplace, and no real customer support, it is now clear that this website is a non-legitimate. 

This website is hosted to rob people and their money. It is selling products that have no track record.

In the end, we want you to save your money. And thus, we want you to not look back again to this website ever also. This website is not a safe place to buy the products, and they may charge you the money for the work, and you never get that money back.

If you are still reading this Sgroceries com Review…, then we want you to share your comment below. We love to hear them.

0 thoughts on “Sgroceries com Review [Nov] Read Truth About This Site

  1. If the price seems too good to be true, the best one is likely to receive, is a returned/refurbished product. Other possible outcomes include, receiving a knockoff, after a long, torturous journey from communist China.

    The most likely outcome is, you’ll have to fight this out with PayPal for half a year before finally getting your money back. There is no free lunch, oyt there…

    All that said, this “review” and “reviewer” is about as suspect as the sites it’s reviewing…

  2. What this website and other commenters are saying is ACCURATE!!! Do not purchase anything for this website! I tried to buy some puzzles and when I went through checkout it gave me a message saying there was an issue with the transaction and it did not go through and to contact them. I did email them and never got a response. My credit card info was stolen a few days later when multiple unauthorized purchases were made, many for hundreds of dollars each. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO MAKE A PURCHASE FROM THIS WEBSITE!!!

      1. Yep, same thing happened to me. I kept a screenshot of the error message on my card not processing and I knew right then that I had been scammed! 2 months later my card # was used in Ohio at forvever 21, Gap and another online store and items were supposed to be shipped to Flordia. I canceled my card and called these companies immediately and told them NOT to ship those orders out. Heck no are you going to hack my card and then get stuff!!!!! In hindsight, I should have canceled my card right then when it wouldn’t process! I will next time!

  3. Stole my $30.72. Free shipping on a product $5.00 under the list price. Should have known better.

    My question is; how do I track these turds down and, you know, best the shit out of somebody?

  4. THIS IS A SCAM!!!! My daughter and I each tried to purchase something from this website. As others listed, the transaction did not go through and we were instructed to contact them (which no one was available when my daughter tried to call). 4 days later we both had fraudulent charges on our credit card. Thankfully both our banks recognized the fraud immediately and put a stop on each of our credit cards.

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