Sewhic Reviews (Dec 2020) Legit Platform?

Sewhic Reviews (Dec 2020) Legit Platform?

Sewhic Reviews (Dec 2020) Legit Platform? >> For Christmas and winter shopping, many people will opt for online stores. Find this store’s legitimacy through this article.  

Sewhic Reviews: winter is started, and everyone wears cozy and warm clothes.  Further, with the winter season, the decoration of the home also needs some changes. Further, on Christmas Eve for your guest, your home should be decorative with warm blankets. 

Your pets in harsh winters need cute blankets as we knew the United States people love their pets as a family member. Here we have a website which deals with winter home decor products.

Besides this, we know this Christmas is not the same as earlier Christmas due to covid-19. So, you cannot be able to go outside shopping. The only way is online shopping. But online shopping needs intense care as some websites are not legit. Let us find its legitimacy.

An introduction to

It is an online store with winter collection products. You can shop for bedding sets of blankets, Quilt blankets, Fleece blankets, Rug, Round Carpets, window Curtains, hoods, and many other products on this website. Further, in this product category, you can get various Christmas patterns.Besides this, you can also buy products for sports, dogs, cats, and other animals. Also, this website so, free Delivery across the United States

But shopping online is quite risky in those days as some people do scams by E-commerce website offers. Let find the legitimacy of this website by getting through Sewhic Reviews.Before finding legitimacy, we need to explore the website with its details.

Details of the Sewhic com

Some details have given below. 

  • URL: the link to do shopping from this website is 
  • URL age: this website is created on 26 June 2020 with the validation of one year.
  • Physical address: the mailing address is Unit 1411, 14 Floor, Cosco Tower, 183 Queen’s road central, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong. 
  • Email services: this website contacts its customers through the email server. It use Let get some details by continuing its Sewhic Reviews.
  • Product Available: from this website, you will shop for designer blankets and other home décor products. Further from it, you can shop for quilt blankets, fleece blankets, Rug, Round Carpets, Bedding sets, Window curtains, hoods, and other products for animal and pet care.
  • Product description: in the product description, you will get information on the size of the product, fabrics used, available sizes, and other details.
  • Social media: it has a Social account on Facebook messenger.
  • Payments: it accepts payments on purchases through PayPal, American Express, Visa card, and Mater card.
  • Shipping: it does free shipping due to the Christmas on all products, and shipping time ranges from seven to ten days.
  • Refund: it accepts returns between the first 15 days.
  • Size chart: size chart is available for winter clothes so you can order for proper sizes.
  • Newsletter: you can subscribe for new updates by its Newsletter.

Let get few details about the positive and negative of this website through Sewhic Reviews.

Pros of Sewhic com

  • It does free shipping on Christmas Eve Shopping.
  • It has a size chart for clothes shopping.
  • It has HTTPS security for online payments.
  • It mentions its terms and conditions for the refund.

Cons of Sewhic com

  • The physical address of this website is misleading as many other websites use it.
  • It does not have any contact services to solve on-call inquiries.
  • It does not have any product reviews and service reviews on the internet.
  • The available reviews on its website looked like dubious reviews as it shows only five and four-star ratings for every product.

is Sewhic a legit website?

During its examination through Sewhic Reviews, we found many negative points in it. Like physical address is misleading and missed details about Contacts and reviews. Also, its domain age is only six months. So, this website appears as a dubious website, and it is not a Legit website.

Customer reviews

During its analysis, we don’t find any reviews on the internet. Further, reviews available on its website are fake reviews as they are the same for every product and have only 5 to 4-star ratings. So, without the consumer’s opinions, we don’t want to comment on its services and quality.

Final verdict

During Sewhic Reviews analysis, we get that website is approximately six months old and doesn’t have any internet reviews. Further, this website is not legit. So, we don’t recommend this for shopping.For more details, please contact us via the comment section.

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  1. Terrible service, I have two months waiting for my order I have sent many emails asking for help, they only send links from where they have my order, I already asked for my money back and they have not been able to solve absolutely anything .. I do not recommend it.

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