Sensuing com Review [August 2020] Is It A Scam Or Legit?

Sensuing com Review [August 2020] Is It A Scam Or Legit?

Sensuing com Review [August 2020] Is It A Scam Or Legit? >> An online shopping store review that is selling various items that cater to a different audience.

Are you an online shopping enthusiast and looking for a pleasant shopping experience? The Sensuing com Review will help you to find a fast, accessible, and secure shopping process.

There is one leading trading website in the United States that sells high-quality products. Buying products from wholesale Internet business sites can confuse you with so many products listed on one platform. So we have made that job easier for you.

Most online sites nowadays are bogus, and with that goal, we have written this review to present you with all the important information if this platform is legitimate. 

What is Sensuing com?

Sensuing is an online platform in the United States that sells various men and women clothing, furniture, home garden, book, appliances at affordable prices. Most of the items we saw on the site are not gender-specific and cater to a broader audience and buyers. The rates are competing with other platforms, and it’s something that would grab your attention. The costs can go from $3 up to $150, and more.

Specifications of Sensuing com:

  • Website type: Online store with extensive product categories
  • Online store link: 
  • Owner info: Jackson Whitaker 
  • Website Email: 
  • Website contact no.: 360-9149497
  • Company Address: 126 SW Marcia way, Port Orchard, WA98366 USA
  • Shipping info: Over 12 countries have Free Shipping 
  • Shipping time: 24 hrs.
  • Refund info: Issue within 7 business days 
  • Return info: Allow 5-7 day
  • Payments gateways: PayPal and all major credit and debit cards 

Positives of Sensuing com

  • The site has HTTP secured. 
  • This site is not at present listed as suspicious by Google Safe Browsing. 
  • The site has many products that are not gender-specific. 
  • The site has a broad category of items at low rates. 
  • The items are all detailed and have descriptions. 

Negatives of Sensuing com

  • Not enough data to establish the rank of this site. 
  • The domain name is only 17 days old. 
  • There are no SNS for customers.
  • No cancellations process is mentioned. 
  • The short life expectancy of the domain.
  • The customer reviews are nil on the items. 

Is Sensuing com a scam?

Sensuing com Review found that such a new site comes under the radar, and the customer must think twice to buy anything through it! We tried to find the owner by the name and address mentioned on the website, but there’s no legit source to prove that the person is genuinely running it. 

The technical data of the online store is fabricated, and the domain has a short life expectancy. In terms of ranking, it comes at zero among millions of online sites as not enough data is available. 

There is no return address included apart from the company address. But no such company is registered on this address. The quality of the content is low and seemed to be copied. We don’t trust this website in terms of buying and investing the money on their products. 

From our end, this site is not legit, and we advise that you not be caught in their scam. 

Sensuing Com Customer Views:   

The Sensuing com Reviews has a shallow trust index, and it seems that no customer has visited their sites. When the sites have no social media, then it is fishy to purchase anything. Their policy and conditions are very vague, which could mislead you to spend your money. 

The site gives no customer support to its buyers apart from an inactive contact number and address. There are no reviews and ratings available, and you could not know if they are selling legit products.

Final Verdict:

Since the website is very new and handling too many products on their site is highly questionable. The online website is in chaos and very difficult for buyers to purchase the products. 

It also lacks any customer reviews and has no SNS that could tell they are not a scam. But the information provided by them is also plagiarized and inactive. There is a good point that the site uses protected mail because the company name is mentioned in it. We gave it a green flag on it. 

But the site has no social media presence or customer Sensuing com Reviews that show that the items were not bought from this site. 

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