Seed to Table Naples No Masks {Feb} A trending video

Seed to Table Naples No Masks {Feb} A trending video

Seed to Table Naples No Masks {Feb} A trending video -> A store in Florida with No masks trending and become popular on Twitter.

Today, the world is going through a big crisis called Covid-19. People are getting affected by this highly spreading infectious disease, and many folks have died and are dying because of this. But some irresponsible citizens, especially in the United States, are not taking it seriously and an issue in Seed to Table Naples No Masks is going viral. 

People have lost their loved ones because of this unfortunate situation. Strict actions have been taken worldwide for the security of everyone. There was even a time when the world got stopped, and everybody was locked inside his home but still some are doing unethical things.

What is happening in Seed to Table?

Seed to table is a grocery store in Naples in Florida. People in huge number visit grocery stores every day to buy their necessities as necessities cannot be ignored. In this situation, high precautions are mandatory by people like wearing masks, maintaining social distance, using hand sanitisers. 

But a Seed to Table Naples No Masks video got viral on Twitter in which people are roaming here and there without wearing masks. That scenario seems to be with jaw-dropping moments. Both the employees and the customers were without a face covering, which can lead to the spread of more virus among people and can affect the natives of United States dangerously.

Owner’s opinion

The owner of the Oakes Farms Seed to Table, Alfie Oakes, is saying a lot on this viral video. He gives his remarks on Corona Virus as hogwash and thinks masks won’t work and provide protection. According to Oakes, he considers Covid-19 a hoax. There is nothing like this disease in the world and not favouring his store’s customers and staff wearing masks. In Seed to Table Naples No Masks video, Alfie also denies the data or the survey mentioning all the death rates and victims of Coronavirus. He has filed a federal lawsuit against the mask mandate.

Moreover, he has displayed a banner outside his store that says it is not mandatory for anyone to wear the mask and they are free to come inside without mouth covering if they have any medical issue. They won’t be even asked any questions if seen violating mask rules due to HIPPA and 4th Amendment; and will welcome them to support their business.

People’s views on Seed to Table Naples No Masks

People are saying a lot about these irresponsible actions. Florida is the fourth-highest Covid-19 affected place. People are very concerned of this act and County Commissioner Andy Solis has shown his fear that the cases will increase if people continued to behave like this.

Masses are shocked to watch this video and express their disappointments, mostly who have lost their kith and kin in this pandemic.

Final verdict

Considering what is happening, it is wrong on Oakes Farms’ owner to encourage this kind of absurdity. It is putting lives of ample of people at stake. In this critical situation, people should be more responsible and helpful instead of being rebellious.  

If you have also watched Seed to Table Naples No Masks video or seen the scenario in person, share your views on it and aware the public of its consequences because not only Florida but the whole world will suffer from this act.

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