Scott Pilgrim vs the World Game Cheats (Jan) Codes Available!

Scott Pilgrim vs the World Game Cheats (Jan) Codes Available!

Scott Pilgrim vs the World Game Cheats (Jan) Codes Available! >> Rediscover classic 2D arcade beating game with the latest features and exciting mini-games.

Have you played Scott Pilgrim vs the World Game Cheats game ever? Are you an arcade game lover? – If Yes! Then this article will probably provide you great news.Remember the classic Scott Pilgrim games where players have to fight against evil foes. Have you remembered those famous gaming characters? Wondering why we are asking you these? 

Yes! As per the developer, the news is real; however, few latest features will be added to make it more fascinating among the Scott lovers in the United States.The article will about every detail regarding it, including features details, release date, and more.

Scott Pilgrim vs the World Game Cheats:

This game reminds us of the legendary comic books that the game got the inspiration. Now it is going to be re-released in January 2021 to rejoice its 10th anniversary. The game offers its fans hours of historical reference; still, it is difficult to brawler the enemies. According to the developer, this re-release would not disappoint Scott Pilgrim fans, as it would be included the original game edition plus the original DLCs.

Play an old 2D arcade-style brawler game with your old favorite character. Yes! The old famous gaming characters such as Scott Pilgrim, Knives Chau, Ramona Flowers, Stephen Stills, and so on- will be back in Scott Pilgrim vs the World Game Cheats game’s re-release with more power. Few new features will be introduced in this game. Before checking its features, let’s take a review of some specifications of this new game-


  • Release Date: The re-release will occur on 14th January 2021.
  • Developer: Ubisoft Montreal, Ubisoft Pune Production, Engine Software, Ubisoft Chengdu are the developers of this game.
  • Compatibility: It is compatible with Play Station 4, Stadia, PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One.
  • Genre: It belongs to the 2D, arcade, and brawler genre.

What are the new features that have been added in Scott Pilgrim vs the World Game Cheats?

A number of the latest features will be introduced with its re-release; along with it- the classic game edition will be the same.

  • Play as Ramona Flowers, Stephen Stills, Scott Pilgrim, and more famous characters. Not only that, you can level up those characters and find out their special ability. Upgrading characters is essential as the game will not be easy; you will get large waves of rivals.
  • Play as a team of 3 players online or locally, combine skills to fight against enemies, or you can also challenge others in amazing mini-games and compete with them.
  • Following Scott Pilgrim vs the World Game Cheats, unlock awesome modes and secret quests, and more in this new edition. Dig more things up, unlock super moves, and give a tough fight.
  • Help Scott to gain its dream girl’s heart. But it needs defeating exes; make a strong team, play hard, win against evil exes in the combat battle.


The classic 2D arcade Scott Pilgrim will be re-released soon. The old classic edition and famous characters will remain the same in this latest edition. For Nintendo users in the United States, this re-release game will be compatible with Nintendo Switch, as well as PS4, Xbox, and more. Be ready for huge waves of rivals who have become more powerful than earlier in Scott Pilgrim vs the World Game Cheats.How excited you are with this re-release! Please tell us below.

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