Safe Davao (Jan 2021) Trace It Now!

Safe Davao (Jan 2021) Trace It Now!

Safe Davao (Jan 2021) Trace It Now! >> The article mentioned above is for a website for tracing all unnecessary movements in Davao.

Safe Davao city is one place that has prohibited non-essential travel. There is a platform created that will enable contact tracing of the individuals. 

It has done to ensure that no non-essential travel happens. The non-residents and residents of Davao city will need to have their exclusive and permanent DQR to travel around the city, thereby making it essential to know about it.

How can you access the DQR if you are an individual?

By Safe Davao, from October 31, 2020, at 5 PM, DQR link is accessible for the individuals who can go around in the Davao to go ahead with their business, access the best of goods, and enjoy the essential services. Let us know more about the same below.

What are the things that you need to keep in mind while accessing the DQR?

You need to keep in mind a few things while you access the DQR 

  1. The aspirant needs to have a clear snap of their face. The face needs to be entirely revealed in the picture.
  2. The aspirant needs to have a vibrant picture of their valid ID or have a birth certificate by Safe Davao
  3. The aspirant needs to have their face visible beside the valid ID. The candidate can even use the birth certificate.
  4. The candidate must possess a valid phone number (mobile). 
  5. The candidate must possess a legal email ID.

How can a person apply for a DQR without a valid ID or birth certificate?

The residents of Davao that don’t hold a valid ID or BC can fill the application of DQR at any nearby police station. Even the people who are not the residents of Davao City who don’t have a valid ID or birth certificate need to get the requirements fulfilled first previously they can list for a DQR (Safe Davao

Also, the employers should provide support and assistance to the workers who don’t have access to a Smartphone or don’t know how to get online. The users must possess the necessary devices that will let them read the QR codes as well.

How can the user register for DQR?

The process of registration is straightforward. The establishment’s contact person needs to visit the Safe Davao QR web app or visit the website. Post this, there will be a generation of two QR codes, one of them will be for the entrance, and the other will be for the exit. For Safe Davao, the users can also use smartphones or tablets to scan the QR codes.

Final Conclusion:

Thus, this is a great initiative that will help control the unrequired movement in the current time of the pandemic. It seems like a wise decision that will ensure the best of safety for the residents of Davao.

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