Safe Davao Qr Code Davao City (Nov) All Details Here!

Safe Davao Qr Code Davao City (Nov) All Details Here!

Safe Davao Qr Code Davao City (Nov) All Details Here! >> This article is to brief you about one of the ongoing and trending news of Davao City and the QR code registration.

We all must have gone through the news of Safe Davao Qr Code Davao City that has been very trending around the Philippines and other countries. 

Everyone is aware of the spread of Coranavirus these days. Davao City has taken a measure to control the stretch in the form of Safe Davao QR Code.

Let us know more about this below. Please read this until the end, so you are well acquainted with the information. We hope you all have a good read.

Introduction to the Safe Davao QR Code

The introduction of Safe Davao Qr Code Davao City has been unexpected to the people of Davao, Philippines and the people of other cities as well. The authorities of Davao City came up with the concept of Safe Davao QR Code, which is expected to prevent the Coranavirus spread to a certain extent among the people. 

Everybody is supposed to have a Safe Davao QR Code by November 7th. No individuals are allowed to move in the streets in the absence of this personalized QR Code. Anybody found without it from November 7th can be apprehended. So, everyone must have it. 

This is also applicable to the non-residents of this city. It will be used for contact tracing regarding the Coronavirus. This QR Code can also be used as a pass for the people to travel in and around the city.

How is it being processed?

This process of Safe Davao Qr Code Davao City is being processed with the help of a portal operated and managed by the country’s government authorities. All the people of this city must have their Safe Davao QR Code by November 7th.

Problems that are being faced

Specific problems are being associated with this ordinance. Recently the website which is providing QR Code was crashed. Though there was no sign of a cyber attack, the reason for the crash appears that the website was incapable of simultaneously handling so many people.

It has not been designed in this manner. Such technical issues are prevalent these days.  


We can conclude this post on Safe Davao Qr Code Davao City, that it is a measure being taken by the government authorities to control the spread of the Coronavirus in their city. The people may face particular difficulties in the online process, but due to the situation, all this must have to be done in online mode only. 

Though this may take a while for people to get this, it is for their benefit at the end of the day. On the government’s hand, they should have paid a little more attention to the website’s designing and capability. Otherwise, it’s pretty normal to have such technical difficulties.

What are your opinion regarding this? We read all your comments, so please let us know your views regarding this topic in the comments section below.

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