S3 Vacuum Mop Reviews {Oct} Is This Vacuum Mop Worth It?

S3 Vacuum Mop Reviews {Oct} Is This Vacuum Mop Worth It?

S3 Vacuum Mop Reviews {Oct} Is This Vacuum Mop Worth It? >> Please don’t skip the review of an automatic vacuum cleaner containing the product’s advantages, specifications, and negatives.

Need a cordless combination of dry/wet vacuum to wash hardwood floors? s3 Vacuum Mop can do more than your expectations if you study s3 Vacuum Mop Reviews orderly. 

Like or not? Household chores are the essential part of people’s life. Before investing blindly in Vacuum cleaners, It’s better to consider what exactly your needs are?

s3 Vacuum Mop has dual features- Vacuum plus Mop. It is efficient to wash hard floors in less time. Therefore, this cordless floor cleaner is high in demand in the United States. Let’s know what else it does.

What is an S3 Vacuum Mop?

S3 is the smart Vacuum Mop cleaner to detect wet and dry messes on sealed hard floors

s3 Vacuum Mop Reviews stated that the product has two unique features. The first is the ‘App and Voice integration,’ and the other is the ‘Onboard user interface’. 

‘App and Voice integration’ indicates the battery level and states how much the surface contains dust. Voice integration announces numerous things, such as when to leave to the surface, etc. 

‘Onboard user interface’ tells the data how dirty the floor is, which are cleaning. When the internal dirt sensor comes in contact with dust, it starts turning red and green. 

In this way, it performs its functions.


  • Product- s3 Vacuum Mop Cordless Hardwood Floors Cleaner
  • Surface- Sealed wood, hard floors, and bare floors
  • Power source-Battery
  • Voltage intensity-21.6 volts
  • Features-iLoop(TM) smart sensor, 2 PCS brush rollers, 2 PCS HEPA filters, iFloor, iFloor3, Floor one S3, LED display, App integration, Voice assistant, and Auto control suction and water flow.
  • Product weight-9.9 pounds. 

Please go through the below-stated advantages and disadvantages collected by s3 Vacuum Mop Reviews before making a buying decision.

Advantages of the s3 Vacuum Mop

  • It is the best lightweight multi-surface vacuum cleaner.
  • It is optimum to wash your hard floors and makes your home odor-free. 
  • Floors dry quickly and streak-free in seconds.
  • The iLoop (TM) smart sensor technology feature adjusts the suction power and water level to give significant results.
  • Its brush roller with a 200W motor helps to clean dirty water tanks.
  • An automated self-cleaning system keeps your hands clean. 
  • An in-built LED display and voice assistant makes the process easy. 
  • Along with hard floors, S3 ideal to clean slate floors and tiled floor with grout. 
  • S3 proves wonders for the pet owners as the brush picks all the furs from the surface. 
  • It produces decent noise. 

Disadvantages of s3 Vacuum Mop

  • It works magically to clean water tanks, but you need to make two or three rounds if you stay in bigger homes.
  • The charging time is relatively slow. 
  • Dryness time is a bit high. 

What about customer remarks?

s3 become the top choice of people around the globe. Out of a hundred, 75 percent of buyers are enjoying the functions of the product. 

As per the s3 Vacuum Mop Reviews, a user from the United States posted ‘It is excellent to provide cleanness to all dry and messy wet floors in minutes. The product is a blessing for the family who has kids. Thus, the product is hundred percent recommended.’

If we consider the critical feedback, one user commented that he is using the vacuum for a couple of months. The price is a little high. The brush looks thin as compared to other cleaners. It also leaves the few water drops left behind during the drying process. The suction power is not as strong as specified by the manufacturer. 

Otherwise, the product is good.

Final Verdict

Lastly, the s3 Vacuum Mop Reviews report concluded that the product seems to be legit. If you search for the vacuums, and mops, please go for this cordless cleaner. The price can be a little higher for some users; but overall, it saves your time and energy.

Rest, everything depends upon two factors:

  • How dirty or clean your floors are?
  • How big is your house?

It proves magic if you are staying in a small house. Owners of the big homes need to invest more time in the cleaning process. But we think you should be ready for the same if you want an instant and easy cleaning technology.

Overall, it doesn’t only provide deep cleaning but also makes your surface odor-free. Hence, please order the product by considering all your needs and cross-check everything before purchasing this product.

Also, please share your experience if you are already using this particular model. Please don’t hesitate to post your thoughts or feedback regarding the review.

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