Roof Cleaning: A Smartest Decision For Your Sweet Home

Roof Cleaning: A Smartest Decision For Your Sweet Home

The need to undergo a roof cleaning project is the sound decision ever, especially before winter arrives. At that time, lichen and mould mark their presence on your roof if it remains dirty. This – in turn – gives rise to the foul smell of bird droppings and germs – affecting your health.

Additionally, winter makes things worse – it becomes the real culprit of the roof shingles’ bad condition. This may also lead you to opt for roof restoration services. Hence, if, as a homeowner, you’re in this situation, then opt for a roof cleaning project.

Cleaning your roof regularly and keeping an eye on common causes of roof leaks keep your home safe, increasing the lifespan of your roof. 

Therefore, to aid you in this process, we’ve outlined five tips for roof cleaning. That way, you can keep them in the best-looking conditions.

Importance of regular roof cleaning:

  • Prevents algae and moss: They grow in humid regions and spreads out, Algae and moss thrive in humidity and spreads out, knocking down your roof. Nevertheless, you can avoid this by cleaning your roof regularly.
  • Can get rid of stains and marks: Lichen is a slow-growing plant – itdevelops on surfaces like rocks, trees, and roofs where algae are vulnerable. Additionally, they dig deep into composition decking, developing pockmarks and stains. All these can be avoided. Solution – roof cleaning.
  • Discover areas of damage: There’s no denying that the roof is susceptible to damage due to harsh weather conditions or any other factor if you neglect inspection and cleaning. Conversely, regular roof cleaning allows you to discover the areas of repair. If you’ve got a leaking roof or any shingles are missing, then identifying them at the earlier stages will save you from headaches and spending a fortune down the road.
  • Eliminates mud accumulation in gutters: Mud, dirt, and debris accumulated on your roof can wind up in the sewerage. This results in clogging and damaging the entire foundation. However, you can avoid this incident by throwing these elements off your roof.
  • Restores the roofing colour: A thorough washing of your roof helps restore the colour of roofing shingles and tiles. This automatically enhances your home’s exterior.

    After learning the benefits of frequent cleaning of your roof, you must be wondering how often you should be cleaning it? There’s no easy answer to it. It’s because it is based on some factors like weather, location, etc., which affects the condition of your roof.

    Moreover, roof cleaning is a dangerousjob consisting of risks and injuries.Hence, you need to execute it with caution. So, have a look at the five tips of roof cleaning.

The top 5 tips of roof cleaning:

  • Keep an eye on tree limbs

The foremost factor which requires your attention is the tree limbs. You’ve to see whether or not it’s touching your roof. If they do, then they can easily pull over the shingles and loosen their protective granules. That means the extra tree limbs hanging over your roof should be chopped off. So, cut the trees, which is close to your roof to avoid limbs touching them. Or else, that will diminish the life of your roof.

  • Take off leaves and pine needles

Some leaves and pine needles dropped on your roof are not dangerous. However, if they are present in excess, then that’s risky – they can retain moisture, cause mildew to block gutters and add on the weight on your roof. Hence, taking off leaves and pine needles become important for the long lifespan of your roof. Employ a rake or air blower; however, take care of your roof’s shingles.

  • Be cautious of the moss

Moss removal is simple. You can eliminate them from growing by chopping off the trees and getting rid of the leaves. That way, sunlight will be directed to your roof, which will reduce the moisture where moss thrives. Furthermore, you can also purchase chemicals available in the market to get rid of them. But if you have a garden, the chemicals can harm your plants. In that case, you can try an alternative – nail zinc or copper strips to the ridgeline; rain will wash over it and create an environment where moss cannot develop.

  • Remove the mould

A discoloured mark on the roof indicates the presence of mould, algae and fungus, these are the signs you need roof restoration. They have the capability of eating away your roofing materials, resulting in leakages. However, if your roof is already leaking, then call the roof repair company nearby. In case of mould, apply chlorine with a garden sprayer and get rid of them.

  • Prevent damage to your gutter

During winter, heavy snow can destruct your gutter. On the other hand, the leftover leaves and debris clog the gutter. 

Because it is winter, heavy snow may damage your gutters, while residual leaves and debris might clog them. As a result, you must ensure that water flows properly through your drainage system. Also, if necessary, fix any loose nails. Because water and mould attract bugs, mosquitoes, and stinging wasps when they congregate in a blocked gutter.

Furthermore, the blockage can cause winter snow to melt off your roof and fill your gutters with ice. You could even have to replace the entire gutter system. As a result, cleaning gutters on a regular basis will extend the life of both the gutters and the roof.


Your roof is a lifesaver for you because it protects you and your family from the elements. As a result, showing it affection through taking care of it is essential. If you have no clue how to clean it, you should hire an expert. However, before hiring a professional, it’s critical to inquire about their cleaning procedures, chemicals, and how they’ll safeguard your surrounding surfaces. That will help you hire the right one for your roof.

So, if you haven’t thought about your roof in a while, now is the time to evaluate it and take preventative measures.

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