Rocket League Error 42 ps4 {Feb 2021} Resolve An Error!

Rocket League Error 42 ps4 {Feb 2021} Resolve An Error!

Rocket League Error 42 ps4 {Feb 2021} Resolve An Error! >> An error in trending game, which is troubling gamers, read here & finds the process & resolve it.

Are you a Rocket League player? Are you facing Rocket League Error 42 ps4?

This error is making the Worldwide players very curious and fussy as they want to fix this issue.

The players are facing a variety of errors like Version mismatch, Error 42, and many more. So stay with us for an update on this error and how to fix it.

About the Rocket League Game:

Worldwide, all the gamers are engrossed in various online video games, out of which Rocket League is one of the very famous popular soccer game developed by Psyonix.

The game was developed and launched five years back, and people are getting indulged with it. To resolve the Rocket League Error 42 ps4, we need to satisfy the system requirements.

There has been an update from time to time and new features added to the game.

There are specific requirements that a player needs to ensure before login into the game server. In the absence of any settings, the player might get a bunch of errors like Error 42.

What is Error 42?

The game has specific hardware requirements. As a result, the primary reason for this error is generally some performance issue.

People have seen that this error occurs when the device cannot load the game fast, which means the connection to the server is not establishing at the required pace, and hence the error appears.

What is the solution to Rocket League Error 42 ps4?

To play the game error-free, one has to ensure that the system meets the minimum hardware requirements so that you can play the game without facing any error.

You can check the reason for the error because it shows the message below it when the error pops.

Errors like error 42 generally happen because of a connection failure, or the game cannot establish a connection between the game server and the device.

To Resolve the Error:

Getting any of the messages like –

  • You are currently not connected to the server of Rocket League.
  • No login to the server of Rocket League
  • No server is available online. Please try again
  • Some unknown error

For ps4, you can do the following things to resolve Rocket League Error 42 ps4:

  • Check your region from where you are connected with the game server, and it should not be a restricted game region.
  • Restart the Wi-fi device
  • Delete the cache of Rocket League
  • Check the PlayStation service status.
  • Firewall and Anti-virus settings should be disabled as they might cause the slow speed in your system, and therefore you may get the error.
  • Disconnect other devices from the network and ensure that you are playing with the wired connection
  • You must enable Port forwarding.
  • Use Public DNS of Google

For Xbox:

  • The steps are the same as above to resolve Rocket League Error 42 ps4, but apart from that, you need to check that your Xbox live subscription should be active.

For Nintendo switch 

  • The game should be installed on the system’s internal storage, not on the SD card, and adjust MTU settings.
  • Rest information is the same as in PlayStation.


We have explained that error 42 occurs because of the connection problem; check your internet speed, your hardware requirements and confirm that it shall meet the Rocket League minimum requirements.

Did you face any error? Please do mention this in the comment section below and your views about Rocket League Error 42 ps4.

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