Robinhood App Store Rating {Jan 2021} Read All Facts!

Robinhood App Store Rating {Jan 2021} Read All Facts!

Robinhood App Store Rating {Jan 2021} Read All Facts! >> Please read the controversies related to this particular stock exchange app & find its legality.

Would you consider learning of Robinhood App Store Rating? If so, then analyze this write-up until it ends to discover all details & controversies regarding it. 

Furthermore, there used to be many investors of this application from Canada, the United States, and worldwide, but the app’s followers reduced in the past few days due to some issues.

Furthermore, read till the last section and scrutinize why beginners should start their stock market journey through this application or why not?

What is this application?

An American company application dealing in stock trading proffers patrons to finance their income in shares, Stocks, ETFs, and other exchanges, as also reported under the Robinhood App Store Rating reports by using cryptocurrencies, bitcoin, etc. 

Our team learned on delving in-depth that Vladimir Tenev and Baiju Bhatt established this company on April 18, 2013. Furthermore, traders can use the app’s services using their Android or iPhone device.

Furthermore, the application renders free exchanging facilities and has not set any limitations on any account; hereafter, it is simple to promote this brokerage assistance to beginner-novice tradespeople.

Furthermore, folks can decide the price they want to invest, and the application will transform it into required cryptocurrencies or Bitcoins, etc.


Tools for trading- before the tradesmen buy Bitcoins, funds, or other financing alternatives, we also noticed under Robinhood App Store Rating reports that they can utilize real-time market data and consider the relevant information in managing their portfolios.

Secure & Trustworthy- The application managers use cutting-edge safety measures to guard investors’ personal information and assets.

Is this app Legit?

However, after considering all the evidence & figures and analyzing the drawbacks of using this app, we inferred that this platform designs a bare-bones stock-experience, presenting it as a wicked choice for those who are; investigating for the most stable stock exchange app.

Therefore, we can culminate by considering all the controversies that the following stock trading application is legit but should you use this? Try to determine after reading our verdict.

Robinhood App Store Rating

  • According to the sources on Thursday, this application has limited (GME $) game stop trading; thus, limiting local buyers from purchasing more shares. 
  • Due to this on Google play stores, many Android users had reviewed-bombed this application and reduced the average app score to 1 star.
  • However, as per the sources, Google removed nearly about 100,000 contradictory customer reviews to salvage the application rating up to 4.2 stars.
  • Moreover, the specified application has secured a star rating of 4.8 on the Apple app store, and we did not discover any newer critiques after Wednesday.

The bottom line for Robinhood App Store Rating

We concluded that bonds and mutual funds are; not allowed by using this app and only taxable expenditure accounts are accessible. Still, if anyone is looking to trade through crypto or limit costs, this app could be a reliable option.

Furthermore, we noticed a tide of criticism supported by celebrities and politicians from Canada, and the United States, and so many countries questioning the company’s systems. They have also registered lawsuits against this app, as observed in the inspection. 

Why should you choose this stock exchange app, or why not? Comment down what you have culminated through this write-up.

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