Reviews (Nov) – All The Information Here! Reviews (Nov) – All The Information Here! Reviews (Nov) – All The Information Here! >> This article is just a quick introduction to the folks Reviews: Are you the one who is always looking out for some excellent job opportunities? If yes, here we are. We will introduce you to an online job, unlike the vanilla ones that you’re always engaged. These types of jobs are very much renowned and accepted in countries like the United States. We will get through its reviews today.

Now let us directly get into the details and clear all the questions arising in your minds. So please be tuned till the end, so that you are well acquainted with everything.

A Few Words about 

Before getting into the process of Reviews, we should know what this website is. So, this website is all about providing jobs to our linguists and to the people who are good at language. This website has a variety of options to choose from as a job.

It includes audio transcription, writing captions, and many others. It would help if you chose what you are good at. This website gives jobs and gets the jobs done as well. They are trusted by one of the major companies like Viacom, Marriott, and many others.

They provide freelance jobs, so you don’t need to go to the office and get the work done at the comfort of your home.

Let us move ahead to know more about Reviews.

Some Essential Information about the Website

By now, you must be anxious to know more about the website. So the best thing about the freelancing job that they provide is you can work at your ease. You can choose the amount of work considering your comfortability. This website is based in the United States. 

This website has been serving for a long. The website’s domain has been registered on 13th March 1998, which is a pretty long time, to be honest. The social media links are available on its website.

Is it available for everyone?

After going through all the above details in these Reviews, you must be anxious to know that you can be a part of this organization or not. You need not worry about it. We will indeed brief you about it

To be a part of this, you need to go through a test in which they will check your command of language and your grammar. If you pass this test, you are good to go. Weekly payment is made via Paypal. And if you are interested in taking its services, then you can directly contact its sales team.

Working and Process

There is the availability of the four different ways by which the customers can send the video files to rev, which can be enlisted as follows:

  • The users can upload the files through their laptop or desktop.
  • Sharing of links can be used.
  • Automatic uploads through LMS or CMS.
  • Usage of the linking accounts like Youtube.

Customer’s Thoughts

For any website, customer reviews are a must. So to complete the Reviews, we need to consider customer reviews too. The customer reviews on the website are almost positive. But we can’t rely only on the website because these reviews may be fake as well. 

So we tried to get through customer reviews on other reviewing websites and portals and were successful in finding some. The reviews on other sites were mixed. It was rated from 2 to 4 stars on average. 

The thoughts appreciated their choosing the own time concept and their payment timings but were upset about how low they pay and how difficult the task turns out sometimes.


After going through the entire Reviews, though the website and work they provide are pretty much legit, but the customer rating is not up to the mark. So we would recommend our readers to go through a little bit of research before entrusting the website.

Does your opinion the same as ours? Please do let us know below in the comment section.

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