Redd Among Us (Dec 2020) The Culprit?

Redd Among Us (Dec 2020) The Culprit?

Redd Among Us (Dec 2020) The Culprit? >> A gossip around that red character in the Among Us is the main culprit! Is it so? – Reveal the truth with this writing.  

What is Redd Among Us? Why is the red character so popular? Is it the main manipulator? – Get updated info about this topic through this writing.

Among Us has broken all records, and data reveals that it has become the top game among the multiplayer games in November 2020. Above all, day by day, it is gaining more popularity and response from players Worldwide.First, let’s see the reason behind the game’s popularity-

Why Among Us is so popular?

Among us is a murder mystery game created by InnerSloth- an American based gaming studio; following Redd Among Us, we have seen its popularity is increasing day by day. What is the secret? – Well, the game has an outstanding but straightforward graphic that attracts everyone.The primary key is its gameplay; it seems easy; however, if you play this game, it becomes more challenging to win. The crewmembers have tasks, and they need to find the murderer. On the other hand, the imposter’s mission is to kill each crewmember and sabotage the ship.The gaming characters are too cute animated ones; you will get a chance to customize the character by changing color, hats, pets, or skin. All of these make this game so attractive and impressive.

What is Redd Among Us?

Have you played Among Us ever? If you played, you might know that there is a character similar to others- it has the same astronaut suit, a backpack, and a tiny body, but it is red. If your character is different colored and you want to give a red one; then do the following steps-After selecting the game from the ‘Find Game’ option, you will be in the lobby section with other players; there, you will see a computer go near to that computer. Then you see a customize button on your device’s screen from which you can give red color to your character.

Why do people suspect Redd Among Us as an imposter?

We always denote danger in red color since it is quite natural the red character is the top in the suspect list. Moreover, we can say it also happens due to the marketing of this game. When you play the game, you can see the red character is in the middle of all, gaining all the attention. Even when sabotage occurs, a red-colored sign can be seen. It can also be seen in the dead body reporting time.The red-colored character is not always the imposter cause choosing an imposter is random. So, Redd Among Us may be the sign of danger; however, in Among Us, the gameplay is a bit tricky, so be cautious before voting someone out.


The famous murder mystery game is free to play on several devices. You can play free on iOS or Android, and for PC, you have to spend 5$. We saw the game promos, posters of the red character most of the time; gamers from Worldwide making gossips regarding the red character. If you haven’t played yet, go and enjoy this game today.Please tell us your remarks about this article regarding Redd Among Us.


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