Rca Quantum Dot TV Review (Nov) Read Before You Order!

Rca Quantum Dot TV Review (Nov) Read Before You Order!

Rca Quantum Dot TV Review (Nov) Read Before You Order! >> The product review is based on the research to give detailed information about the product and we will analyze its legitimacy.

Rca Quantum Dot TV Review: Are you planning to buy an advanced technology TV online at a reasonable cost? Then this post will help you to know the detailed information about the branded high-quality product available online. 

The product Rca Quantum Dot TV is highly famous in Canada with high technology and smart features incorporated to give the modern and stylish look. It makes your family, friends’ TV time an amazing and memorable one. 

To know more about the product, please read the reviews online.

What is Rca Quantum Dot TV?

Smart 4k ultra-high-definition TV from RCA is famous for its fantastic specifications and features in various countries like Canada and others.

The TV has a resolution four times greater than full HD 1080p, where you experience breathtaking scenes every time you watch, so you can plan your favorite TV shows and movies to watch on the big screen

The TV can be mounted on a wall that takes less space makes the product look stylish and clean. The item comes with Wi-Fi connectivity and has access to YouTube and Netflix, making the screen amazing to watch. 

Rca Quantum Dot TV Review helps you to know the full specifications and technical details of the item. 

Specifications of Rca Quantum Dot TV 

  • Product Dimensions: Width-57.5″ (146.1 cm), Height- 33.3″ (84.6 cm), Depth- 3.8″ (9.7 cm)
  • Product Weight: 17.5kg ( 38.50 lbs)
  • Display Type: QLED
  • Resolution: 4k Ultra HD
  • The shape of the screen: Flat
  • Size of the screen: 65
  • Speaker configuration: Dual speaker
  • VSN: RQSM6527-B

Technical Details

  • Energy consumption: Approximately 192 kWh/year
  • Manufacturing Warranty: One year warranty 
  • Apps included: YouTube, Netflix, and many other additional apps like Accuweather, and Facebook.
  • Streaming: Available, as per the Rca Quantum Dot TV Review
  • Content sharing: Available
  • Supports USB file format: JPEG, JPG, BMP, PNG
  • Wi-Fi connectivity: Provided

Unique Features

  • It delivers incredible brightness and 65 percent more colors than RCA’s LED series for an enhanced view.
  • TV has a smart cast, and you can stream your favorite movies, music, shows, and many apps like Facebook, YouTube, Netflix, and many others.
  • With high resolution and brightness, it brings life to the shows you watch online.
  • Rca Quantum Dot TV costs $ 698.13 online, and EMI options also available.

Pros of Rca Quantum Dot TV 

  • Rca Quantum Dot TV Review available online.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity is provided.
  • Smart cast availability.
  • The product available online at a discounted price and EMI options are also available. 

Cons of Rca Quantum Dot TV 

  • Item is not delivered to some areas.
  • The pickup option is not available.

Is Rca Quantum Dot TV Legit or not?

The product’s legitimacy can be decided based on its quality, its feature, and customer reviews available online. As the product is from a well-known brand RCA – famous worldwide, it can be trusted easily. 

Rca Quantum Dot TV Review available online that has mixed feedback from the customers. 

Overall the product looks legit because it is from a well-known brand, has good quality material, its unique features, and customer reviews online make the product excellent. 

Customer Reviews

The customer responses to any product help to decide other buyers whether to buy it or not online. The product has mixed reviews online from the users where some say they received the item the next day, the picture quality is excellent, and the price of the item is reasonable. 

Whereas some say they could not change resolution from 2k to 4k-UHD, and only a few apps available. So these are overall mixed Rca Quantum Dot TV Review of the product available online. 


The overall review is to know the legitimacy of the product. As we carried out thorough research about the item, we gathered full information about the Rca Quantum Dot TV. 

The product comes with high cutting edge features like high resolution, quality display, dual speaker, and the smart cast makes it unique and outstanding. As the product is from a famous company and customer reviews available online that has mixed reviews from users, it makes the product legit and trustworthy. So we suggest you buy online after carrying out a thorough analysis. 

We hope the article Rca Quantum Dot TV Review helped you to know its authenticity. If you know anything about the product, please share your experience in the comments section below; it may help many other buyers purchase the item.

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