Rammarec Reviews {Sep 2020} Is It A Legit Website?

Rammarec Reviews {Sep 2020} Is It A Legit Website?

Rammarec Reviews {Sep 2020} Is It A Legit Website? >> Feeling like surfing the internet to buy some unique shaped balloon for your party, read the reviews.

Do you like shopping online for stuff? We all reach for the online world to buy items like clothing, footwear, electronics, etc. But, have you ever wondered what if there is a website that is selling balloons online? If your answer is yes, then Rammarec Reviews is here for you.

Rammarec is here, and it is bringing some of the best-shaped balloons. The people of the United States enjoy these reasonable rates and free shipping.

Now with this website, even while sitting at home, you can buy some cool looking balloons and spare yourself from the trouble of going to the market.

What is Rammarec.com?

Rammarec com is a web store that claims to provide balloons, some of which are in different shapes and are helium inflated, and some are foil balloons in the form of letters.

According to the information available, online Rammarec Reviews first started nine years ago, and at first, it was in the form of a tiny market stall. From there, they have moved the business online as in this competitive world where the whole world is going online, and one has to keep up.

The site claims that its product demand is all over the United States, Australia, Asia, and Europe.

Rammarec Reviews products hugely deal in inflated balloons. Some have the shape of a diamond, some in the form of a Heart, and some in letters.

It also sells balloons in different sizes, as there are Star ship-shaped balloons in the size of 30X30CM and 60X62CM, Fish-shaped balloons in the size of 30X21CM and 70X52CM; it also has a balloon shaped like a doughnut and a balloon, which are spelled TWO SWEET.

Specifications of Rammarec com

  • Website URL: https://www.rammarec.com/ 
  • A United States website
  • Address: 11204 Oak Lawn Lane, Ashland, Via 23005 United States.
  • Website highlights: Inflated Balloons of different shapes and size
  • 14 days return policy 
  • Free shipping worldwide
  • The site has its customer service number (763) 458-4867. 
  • If someone wants, they can also write to them on their mail via CONTACTUS@RAMMAREC.CO.
  • PayPal supports the payment.

Pros of Rammarec com

  • One can buy some fantastic balloons while sitting at home.
  • There are some excellent options to choose from.
  • Local delivery is done on the next working day, whereas international deliveries take 2-4 working days, which sounds reasonable. 

Cons of Rammarec com

  • The age of this website is just one month old.
  • The website cannot be seen anywhere.
  • There are no customer reviews on the products that are delivered.
  • The links provided to connect on social media doesn’t take you to their page.
  • Unavailability of Rammarec Reviews

Is Rammarec com Legit? 

Like Rammarec Reviews, many factors can judge any website’s authenticity, but the go-to area is the customer reviews section, which is missing from the website.

There is the section of FAQs, and it is loaded with many questions. It also helps to answers many of the buyers’ concerns, but the authenticity of that cannot be determined.

We discovered that they claim the website is over nine years old, but when checked the age of the domain, one comes to know that it is up and running for just one month and six days, which shows a red flag over this business venture.

But due to lack of customer Rammarec Reviews and the absence of any social media platform, it throws the site as a potential scam.

There is a section where one can write a review about an individual product, but that review is not shown anywhere. The free shipping worldwide also demands caution, 

What are customer reviews on the website?

About Rammarec Reviews, they are unavailable on any platform. 

Ratings are also not given to this website, so it’s hard to tell the website’s public reviews.

Final Verdict

Let’s conclude the website’s authenticity, with the pieces of evidence detailed above and clear the picture and make it suspicious. 

As the name mentioned in the about section Lena Vinnitsky, when searched on the internet, has no connection to Rammarec Reviews. The lack of social media also raises a flag of caution.

The Rammarec Reviews, and as the result, we declare the website as possibly a scam and not trustworthy. While buying any product from here, the user needs to be careful. 

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