Quality Ad Shoe Review {July} Know It All Before Shopping

Quality Ad Shoe Review {July} Know It All Before Shopping

Quality Ad Shoe Review {July} Know It All Before Shopping -> It is a leading company that sells high quality branded shoes without paying hefty amount.

Why walk any shoe outlet when you can enjoy its delivery directly in your home? Well, now you can buy the shoes online and enjoy the multiple brand outlets on a single platform. Qualityads is a shoe selling platform where you can buy branded shoes at the minimal price. Currently, many people from the United State are searching for the company and placing their order to check its authenticity. 

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What is qualityadd.com?

Qualityadd.com in an online ecommerce platform that showcases top branded shoes at comparatively lower prices. The brand of shoes you can buy from here are Nike, Adidas and Jordan. 

If you want to know more about the Qualityadd.com, you need to read the entire post, as it will help you immensely in making your final move. 

What are the specifications of QualityAdd.com?

  • The specifications of QualityAdd are:
  • Company Name: QualityAdd
  • Company Deals in It sells renowned brand shoes like Nike, Jordan and Adidas 
  • Company Contact Number: (816) 866-3368
  • Company Email ID: Customerservice@iipiitmnia.xyz
  • Shipping Details: Not mentioned
  • Return Policy: Not mentioned
  • Company Address: 3111 Wyandotte St Suite 207, Kansas City, MO 64111 United State

What are the pros of QualityAdd?

The pros of QualityAdd are:

  • You can see the array collection of trendy shoes
  • Delivery is quick and hassles free
  • The company claims only to use the best quality of raw material while manufacturing the shoes.
  • All the shoes are highly affordable.

What are the cons of QualityAdd?

The cons of QualityAdd are:

  • Though the company accepts payment from all payment gateways, it does not have cash on delivery services. 
  • The shipping fee is going to deduct when you return the product.
  • Also, if you opt for the exchange delivery services, then you will be asked to pay shipping charges. 

How to place the order of shoes on qualityadd?

You just have to visit the online platform, look for the shoe you want and search for the size that will fit you. After finalising your shoes, you can make the payment and wait for its delivery. 

What are the pros of qualityadd?

The shoes’ prices are less costly as compared to their brick and mortar clothes.

It has clear descriptions and beautiful images of all the products. 

What are the cons of qualityadd?

Many customers found that the fraud happened with them as they did not receive that product which they have ordered. Some of the customers did not receive that size of shoes which they have ordered. 

What are the customer’s reviews for qualityadd?

Many customers placed their order on the website after the recommendation of their friends and family members. And we found that the order of some of the customers was not delivered on time. Some of the customers who raised the refund query did not receive the refund in their account. They also stated that the product they received did not have the same quality as that of the original one. 

You need to search for the website if it is authentic or not and make sure that the site is secure and safe. The website offers a secure payment gateway that accepts payment from google pay, PayPal, credit card and debit card. 

Is Qualityadd.com legit?

Its domain name was created just a month ago. And it is believed that the website which was four months ago is potentially considered to be suspicious. As it fails to build up the trust among its buyers. But this website is SSL certified and ensures that no scam will take place with you. 

But also due to less popularity, the company has less traffic on the website. Neither the owner has promoted the site on the leading social media channels to increase its reach. 

Moreover, the company also uses the free emails that again create a bit of doubt in the buyer’s mind. Furthermore, it does not even use the http connection, and it does have many customer’s reviews on the website. 

You need to search for the company and collect every information from all the sources to make your final decision. 


Read the customer’s reviews from your end as well to make your final decision. 

0 thoughts on “Quality Ad Shoe Review {July} Know It All Before Shopping

  1. My son ordered shoes from them and it claims world wide free shipping and he was charged $20 for shipping. It’s been a week and he has heard nothing. We called the number and its not in service. Also he paid by credit card yet it says he paid with pay pal. I have seen nothing but bad reviews and a lot of people have ordered because they seen your review. So I’m going to assume you are either a part of the scam or you obviously know nothing what so ever about online research! So now there’s a bunch of people (loads of young adults and teens) that are heart broken and out the money they didn’t have to lose and they have no shoes. Yes I know its only your opinion and you are not personally responsible but maybe you should look for a new carreer! Just saying…

    1. To: Very Upset Customer.

      The review written above talks about how customers have gotten ripped off or how they haven’t been refunded. Not sure why you would think the above was a favorable review for QualityAdds company. It saved me from ordering from there.

    2. Terrible website. Enticing because it depicts options to purchase deadstock products.

      I ordered 2 pairs of sneakers nearly two months ago and the payments were cleared. However the website states that my order is pending, the company contact phone number is disconnected and they don’t return email. Not exactly the best way to create trust with customers.

      I do have a PayPal but I used a credit card instead for convenience. My purchases were covered by PayPal anyway and my orders are under review for possible fraud.

      There is more information about this company available now and it seems like their products will be remanufactured copies of popular items. No one wants that. I certainly don’t.

      I think it’s a scam. I’ve ordered from Chinese companies and received my orders expeditiously. I’m upset with myself for falling for this waste of time and money. Hopefully I get my money back and even if by some miracle the product shows up, I will definitely send it back unopened as I’m sure they will be fakes😡😡😡

      Complete BS 💩💩💩

    3. I received shoes that was not what I ordered.. Can’t get a hold of anyone to return the item & get a refund. By far the worst, experience I ever had

    4. Has your son recieved his shoes? My son has also ordered from this site, but we havent heard back. It’s been 10 days.

  2. I’ve been researching Qualityadd.com and have found very little. Since I don’t have time or money to waste I decided to call the number and go through the process of seeing what it would be like to get a refund, return, or speak to a customer service agent. I decided to do this just Incase I decided to buy and to see how easy it was to recoup my cost Incase I were unhappy with my future purchase. IT’S A SCAM. Quality Add has a phone number that is disconnected. The address given is the old American Ice Co. building in Missouri and has multiple suites inside of the building. Unfortunately, Suite 207 belongs to a tattoo shop called Hand & Dagger Tattoo. Please spread the word and I’m sorry for your loss of cash and wasted time.

  3. Hi, I sent them an email earlier today saying that I was suspicious that they were selling fake sneakers and a few hours later they took down the website that I ordered a pair of shoes on. There are a number of similar sites all linked to the same email address, “customerservice@iipiitmnia.xyz” If enough people who have been scammed are aware, maybe we can hold these people accountable.

  4. purchased a pair of nike Air Max 270 BluTrue this company and was charged over $131. this was taken out of my account. since that time, i have not received any confirmation email and my sale says still pending. i cannot contact this company as the phone number does not work. i tried emailing and no one got back to me. into looking deeper into this, the address and number goes to a tattoo parlor. i am requesting a refund for my item as this seems to be a fake company who has now taken my money.

  5. I purchased a pair of nike Air Max 270 BluTrue from this company and was charged over $131. this was taken out of my account through some PayPal account with some foreign name since that time, i have not received any confirmation email . i cannot contact this company as the phone number does not work. i tried emailing and no one got back to me. into looking deeper into this, the address and number goes to a tattoo parlor. i am requesting a refund for my item as this seems to be a fake company who has now taken my money. And since it didn’t go through my personal PayPal account not sure that a refund is possible. So qualityadd.com is a scam do not order shoes from them !!!

  6. I ordered Air Jordan yesterday and I want to cancel it. Tried calling the number but it does not work.
    Can someone help me triy to find the customer service.

    1. Today I received my first pair of shoes ordered July 8, 2020 an received them today 7/27/20. I ordered: Air Vapormax Royal/Black – Wolf Grey Manufacturer Sku: 924453-404

  7. This is. a Scam.This website steals your money.
    DONT BUY ANYTHING FROM HERE.Buy shoes from a proper and actually real life website like from foot looker. and champs.I REPEAT DONT NOT BUT SHOES FROM HERE

  8. It seems TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE! So it is! I wanted to buy the Jordan Retro 9 all black with the red logos and they claim to have them in stick for only $112 and some change. Naaaaaaaaahhhh, too great to be true!

  9. The shoes they send are not high quality they are Fake quality meaning they are not real Jordan’s I payed $135 and got some fakes and the phone number doesn’t work and I don’t think I would be getting my money back so sad it was suppose to be a fathers day gift

  10. The prices of their shoes are about 1/3 to 1/4 of the normal price you would find on other legit sites. Use your head people, if it’s too good to be true – than it is!

  11. I ordered a pair of bo Jackson’s from them and I received a pair of boot leg Jordan’s! I have emailed these people two or three times I’ve heard no response they suck

  12. Worst website ever hoping PayPal will refund my payment of 119.52. What a way to scam people! Definitely learned my lesson. I want a refund….

    1. Hi , I ordered shoes on May 26, 2020 and they arrived June 14th. Faker than Fake cheaply made and not even close to the ones I had paid 124$ for . I went through PayPal , filed dispute on June 16. It’s been a very long and annoying process . I’ve provided pictures and proof to back up my claim . I even shipped the shoes back to China ! Got my refund through PayPal for the shipping up to 30$ . I’m still waiting to get my refund it’s been almost 4 months ! Have you gotten anywhere with PayPal with your dispute ?

  13. Same here ordered a pair of yezzys never came yes this is the person with different sites look out for similar sites with the same pricing. If u pull up anything with brand name shoes for less be aware.

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