Puregold Scam (Jan 2021) Know The Reality!

Puregold Scam (Jan 2021) Know The Reality!

Puregold Scam (Jan 2021) Know The Reality! >> If you find a contest or an online post that invites you to enter into a game and give away a big prize, then you be cautious.    

Puregold Scam: if you get any notification stating that you can win gold, then you have to alert.Everyone likes rewards; whenever people head the word, reward, or gift, they give all their attention to how they can win that reward or gift.But most of the time, these types of schemes are fraud, and many people are victims of these types of fraud activities.Puergold is an organization based in the Philippines, and this organization became infamous in the country because of a potential scam posted on its Facebook page. 

What is Puregold Scam?

The scam took place on puregold’s Facebook, where there are a particular post.The post said that puregold would make a giveaway to the top winner of the contest. The contest was announced on the 5th of July in that the netizens had to share the post with their private group.Along with sharing the post, the netizen was asked to write in the comment section “ME” like fifty times.To sound authentic, they also posted the names of the last five winners for this contest so that people feel it is genuine and more and more joins the competition. 


  • Website: https://www.facebook.com/puregold.shopping/ 
  • Following on the page: 2700460
  • Contact number: 6325245351
  • Email Id: customerservice@puregold.com.ph 

What is the truth behind the Puregold Scam

As per the official statement posted by the page days after this contest, they wrote that the post was a scam and there was no such contest.They also wrote that the people are advised not to believe such a post, and they have to verify whether these kinds of posts came from the official page or not.If the official page posts the post, then only it will be an authentic one, or else if the post relating to Puregold came from any other unknown page, it can be a potential scam.

What are the people’s thoughts on the Puregold Scam

Many people were excited by the post as whenever such kind of contest comes, and people are rewarded gift, it always excites all.But, when they all did what was asked in the post, and no one won the contest, it made the netizen angry, as no one likes to be the one who got scammed.


In conclusion, it can be said that these types of scams are easy to catch public attention as a big reward prize is always involved in it, and everyone runs to win it.Whereas the big prize blinds the people, and they do not inquire about the source of the contest, how many of the scams are successful.

The users should apply a high level of caution while entering into such types of competition, and if they feel that the source of the contest is not authentic, they should bail and not join it.In the end, the user is advised to read the Puregold Scam reviews to have a better knowledge about the scam and keep themselves safe from such frauds.

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