Publix .Com COVID Vaccine (Jan 2021) Get Appointment!

Publix .Com COVID Vaccine (Jan 2021) Get Appointment!

Publix .Com COVID Vaccine (Jan 2021) Get Appointment!>> The write-up shares details about the new vaccination program in America to make people aware of it.  

Publix is the leading supermarket chain in the United States. The store has been offering COVID-19 Vaccines to those eligible residents via its Publix Pharmacies across different states. has stores across the 18 counties that are now distributing the vaccine, and more counties would be announced soon, as the official confirms. 

Publix .Com COVID Vaccine is offered in partnership with the medical authorities, and it is distributed to people that are 65 and older. However, residents have to register to get the dose of the vaccine through its website.

Appointments are offered via the store’s website, and it starts from 20th Jan 2021. 

What is Publix .Com COVID Vaccine? is the store that is offering COVID-19 Vaccine to eligible residents in the United States. The supermarket chain has partnered with the authorities to offer the COVID-19 vaccine to eligible residents via Publix Pharmacies from 20th January 2021 until supplies last.

Florida, Georgia, South Caroline, and Charlotte County are places where the COVID-19 vaccine is made available at selected Publix locations. The health and safety of the communities is the top priority of the pharmacies. takes pride in such an opportunity to step up and offer the crucial service during the pandemic.

The state officials have given over 70,000 extra doses to stores and Publix .Com COVID Vaccine is successfully distributing in the counties across the state.   

Who is Eligible for the Publix .Com COVID Vaccine?

Everyone who is involved in healthcare services is eligible. Healthcare workers, frontline workers with direct patient contact, staff, and residents in long-term healthcare facilities, and people above the age of 65 are eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine. 

Vaccinations are only provided to patients with prior appointments. 

Residents of 65 or older are offered appointments for vaccinations. There is no cost involved for the appointments and vaccinations. 

People are required to seek an appointment for Publix .Com COVID Vaccine.    

How to Seek Appointment and What to Bring?

All residents, staff, and healthcare workers eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine must register at to receive the vacation by booking the appointment. Vaccinations are offered for free, and it is available by appointment only. 

  • Residents need to book the appointment at, and it can be booked by calling at the Publix store or pharmacies. 
  • Residents have to click on the state where they want to book the appointment. 
  • You will see the appointment status of each county.
  • The page also lists the details of who is eligible for the vaccine as it varies by state.
  • Customers with health insurance need to bring their cards to the scheduled appointment. 
  • Medicare members need to bring red/blue/white and Blue Medicare Part B card.

These are the things you have to keep in mind before booking an appointment for Publix .Com COVID Vaccine.


COVID-19 virus has infected over 95.6 million people, including 24 million in America. Over two million people died worldwide due to COVID-19 infection. So, the government in America decided to start the vaccination program for the elderly population and healthcare workers is the place where residents and healthcare workers can book the appointment for vaccinations. If you have anything to add about the vaccination program, please write it down in the comment section.

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