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Being able to drive has become more of a necessity in today’s fast-paced world. It is also an exhilarating feeling. A person’s ability to drive gives them an upper hand over accomplishing many things that may not be performed by someone who does not know how to do so. 

Driving proves its importance, especially in some emergencies where prompt action is required on our part. However, the status of an efficient driver is only achieved after passing a driving test. It is a mandatory test that every person has to take after finishing their driving practice under supervision.

 A driver’s license is needed to become a responsible driver of any vehicle. Nowadays, people can schedule driving appointments online too. 

Many sites are coming up, offering such kind of facility to people willing to become licensed drivers. Public.Txdpsscheduler. Com is one such site based in the United States that schedules the appointments of people online.

What is Txdpsscheduler. Com

Public.Txdpsscheduler. Com is a site that provides people in Texas with the online scheduling of their driving test appointments. To carry out a driving test, you have to register on the site. The site will provide you the days and dates to take the test. 

Only one appointment can be scheduled for one person. It is necessary to note here that you should not depend on your driving school or anyone else for scheduling the driving test.

They are not responsible for planning this appointment. Individuals in the United States who have completed the driving practice should schedule the test by themselves.

How does Txdpsscheduler. com work?

Public.Txdpsscheduler. Com is a single-page site. People wishing to book an appointment for the driving test need to log in on the home page’s form. They are only required to fill in the details like:

  • Texas card number
  • First name 
  • Last name
  • Date of birth
  • Last four of SSN (Social Security Number)

However, individuals who do not have a Texas card can schedule an appointment without filling the Texas card number. People facing difficulty to complete this process can email the customer service at

Is Txdpsscheduler. com authentic?

Many sites are operating from Texas that claim to schedule driving appointments for people. All of them require a person’s Texas card number to organize his/her appointment. They also provide many details about appointment cancellation, customer compliance regulations, and other essential FAQs about scheduling an appointment. 

Curiously, Public.Txdpsscheduler. Com has not mentioned any such information. 

It is thus a bit difficult to rely on such a site. Besides, we cannot glean much information about the site from its home page. Only a single email address is provided for contact in case of queries.


With the rising number of driving test appointment scheduling sites present in a single place, it becomes essential for you to assess whether a site is authentic or not. Sites not asking for much information are usually not safe. 

It would help if you did not trust the with your driving license details. 

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  1. Why am i looking at a site talking about a driving test. I am trying to schedule an appointment to get my driver’s license renewed and to make an appointment at the DPS office . I have no idea how to schedule an appointment or what to click on. Sorry, I am not very good at the computer stuff…could someone call me at 210-520-6595 Janice Hobbs San Antonio, Texas

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