Reviews (July 2020) Is It A Legit Online Store? Reviews (July 2020) Is It A Legit Online Store? Reviews (July 2020) Is It A Legit Online Store? >> This article is about e-commerce store selling varieties of products at a specific price.

Are you one of the buyers who carefully browse a site before making a purchase and also at an affordable price? Then one Reviews can help you to make that decision for you. 

The products with the best price are always a fixation for the buyers. But most of the time, some websites derive the profit from customers’ wallets and scam them with the wrong products. In today’s scenario, there are several online markets, across many countries such as the United States, which are in high demand for their products. 

In this article, we will explore the pthreaty world website to check whether this e-commerce site is genuine or not. Let’s see if it’s worth our hard-earned money! 

What is

It is an e-shop site which sells different products suited for both men and women. It is an American influenced online store. The shop has a range of sophisticated and popular products for daily life at affordable prices. Also, the website has a different section for kids and sells the best quality items to cater to this age group needs. The company also support the contributions and donate 1% of its earnings from bought products to the needy people. 

The store has a variety of sections listed below –

  • Beaded Necklace 
  • Cummerbands 
  • Neckties
  • pendant 
  • Learning and school 

Specifications of

  • Website genre: E-commerce store 
  • Website address: 
  • Refund period: 30 Days
  • Shipping period: Between 10 to 22 days
  • Address to locate: 441 Corte Calypso Chula Vista California 91914
  • Customer support Email:
  • Contact No. : (+1) 3344722970 
  • Mode of Payment- Visa, Master Card, PayPal, Amex, and Discover.

What are the positives of

  • Some of the American style items are available on this site.
  • The site works on a valid HTTPS SSL server.
  • The site has an option of sending a gift certificate after the order has been settled.
  • A complete description of all the products listed. 
  • The products are sophisticated and trendy. 
  • The payment gateways are secured for an online transaction.
  • The site mentioned proper phone number and address. 

What are the negatives of

  • They don’t have any customer base with proper ratings. 
  • The site is misleading as some of the products on the homepage is listed for the order. 
  • Based on the Alexa rating, the site appears to be not popular online.
  • The domain was registered less than 20 days ago and seemed suspicious.

Is legit or a scam to watch out for?

An e-commerce store to buy trendy and quality products online. This pthreaty world website assists to identify the latest products and also know more about its detail. We can clearly notice that there are no customer reviews or rating on the products. The site is quite unsafe if the buyer doesn’t know the trustworthiness of the products. Its price mentioned for different products is quite high compared to several other brands. We can’t judge the legitimacy of the site as its domain was only created 25 days ago and is too brand-new. 

The site is using a secure HTTPS connection which is essential for any e-commerce websites and online shops. There are proper return, refund and shipping policy on their website, which is a good thing. The critical contact details are mentioned to trust their authenticity. However, the products sections are not uniform, and the products are misleading. Most of the items on the home page are not listed anywhere on the site. The website domain name is suspicious with cheap TLD. Numerous scam sites use such domains which are uncommon and looks questionable. 

Customer views of website

There are no consumer reviews on any of the products on the website. While buying online, there is always a chance of being scammed! So, looking at the site credibility is necessary. Because there is no social media on the site, this website has no customer base online and thus cannot be viewed as a legit one. 

Final Verdict:

Online store, most of the time, lie to their customer about the product. Even though the website has all the information and contact details; it’s not sufficient to test its legitimacy. As we have attempted to give everything about this Many users do not buy their product. The site is very new, and we can’t find it an online presence. 

We will advise you should buy good quality products from other online stores at a reasonable price. And the site is potentially suspicious. 

0 thoughts on “ Reviews (July 2020) Is It A Legit Online Store?

  1. It’s absolutely not true this website is a scam n fraudulent . I ordered bow flex dumbbells for $77.68 and they sent me masks. They are totally scammers they have not refunded my money. I’ve paid through PayPal so eventually I’ll get my money back. Please don’t fall for the cheap price on this website. They are all fake pricing they charge your account right away. It’s been almost 3 wks I’m struggling to get my money back. Please everyone be aware of this kind of scammers.

    1. Same!!! I bought mine in July, 2020. Never received them. I email them pretty much daily. I filed complaints with federal trade commission, San Diego district attorney consumer protection agency, and a lot more. They will be sorry.

  2. DO NOT BUY. This is 100% Fraud and they will only give you a portion of your money back. I recently tried to purchase an item. I ordered a set of Bowflex Dumbbells. The shipment came from China and I received 10 cheap masks instead. They then offered a partial refund. This is the company’s scam (if it really is a company). They offer unbelievable prices and send you something cheap and incorrect. They then give you a partial refund and keep a portion. SCAM SCAM SCAM.

  3. Do not use this site. It is a scam. I ordered dumbbells and after 30 days I received a few white masks from China.
    Do not waste your time or money on this. They do not have a real phone number and only provide automated generic responses when you send an email. It’s infuriating that we cannot gate these types of scammers so well in the US.

    Purchased sand filter pump received facemasks a month later. Keep reading google hits, more people like me reporting the same thing, purchased something expensive and received face masks. FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD

  5. This website is a scam and fraudulent. I ordered a pool sand pump with pool vac on July 18th. No product came. Contacted the company several times. They responded, but kept giving me the same answers. I wound up getting face masks from China! I have still been trying to get my money refunded. They offered 60%. They actually want me to send them back this package of face masks. Also expecting me to pay for shipping! This is BS!!! I do have a case pending with PayPal who I used to pay for my order which I feel doesn’t exist. I am hoping for a 100% refund from PayPal. I should know by September 3. My advice, be super wise and keep your guard up when shopping online. Stick to reputable companies.

  6. Scam Ass website
    Do not purchase anything from them!

    When questioning about my products they respond online saying it’s delayed due to Covid!

    I have cameras installed at my house and when they said it arrived was false!

  7. Scam website. Ordered a pool pump and they sent masks from China. When I asked for them to refund my money they wanted to only return 60% of the money and wanted me to keep the masks. I fought for three months to finally get them to refund the full amount, but they never did. The website is fraudulent. Don’t use it.

  8. This company needs to be heavily reported. Their address is in San Diego County. There exists a District Attorney for consumer protection. I googled it, printed the form, printed my emails between this fake company and I, and my bank draft, paypal info and I’ll be mailing all of it. I’ve also filed complaints with bbb and Federal Trade Commission. I email them almost daily. If we all file complaints and bombard them with emails, it’ll surely do something, at least be annoying. I’m going to leave reviews everywhere I can.

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