Protestjobs Com Real [May] Is this a Reliable Site?

Protestjobs Com Real [May] Is this a Reliable Site?

Protestjobs Com Real [May] Is this a Reliable Site? >> In this article, you will get to know about a site for hiring professional protesters. Real: Online platform has opened various opportunities for everyone. Some online platforms sell their products, and some online platforms sell their services. Some websites have different ways of running their business like 

This website has been in the discussion in society. So, we will uncover whether Is Real or not. The site provides protesters who are professional for fighting the given cause. Hence, you will get to know everything about this website, so continue with us till the end.

What is

This website provides professional protestors who will fight for the given cause by the clients. This website is politically agnostic as it doesn’t care about political affiliation and the clients. They believe that the client will provide them with money, and they will supply professional protestors.

This website connects with professional protestors by using networks, which is artificial intelligence and advanced analytics, to make sure of the best match. The site also connects with protest organizers with the same technology earlier. This website is currently famous in the United States.

The website has links by which they ensure secure payment and pay all the protestors with the secret currency of Bitcoin. The site offers versatile protest packages; hence, they have simple packages to advanced packages.

This website has 5-25 writers who will be masked, which will guarantee to cause possible confusion and havoc. They also have spray paint, hoodies wearing, and artists. They also offer services like breaking stores, windows, and car or dumpster fire, riot packages.

Specifications of the

  • Website: It sells services of providing professional protestors for the client’s cause.
  • The website uses secret payment in the form of Bitcoin currency.
  • The website provides services like masked rioters, spray paint artists, etc.
  • The website has 1500-200000 professional protestors.
  • The website also offers celebrity appearance.
  • The website has no contact details; they have provided contact us forms.
  • The website is active since 2017.
  • The social page of this website is available on Twitter.
  •  To visit the website:

For whom is this website useful?

According to real, this website is useful for people who are looking for protestors to hire for their cause. This website is also helpful for people who are looking for affordable packages while hiring demonstrators. The site has flexible packages to choose from it.

People who are looking forward to safe and secret hiring and payment options, this website will be beneficial for them. The services that this website provides are comparatively good to its price. The site has a package of $99-$129; they also have a mega protest package, which is high.

Positive remarks of

  • The website has a secret and safe payment method through Bitcoin.
  • The website has very positive testimonials.
  • The website has flexible packages, which are suitable for every client.
  • This website is old and legit.
  • The website also has social pages which is useful in the trust index.
  • The website has professional protestors who will do a different kind of jobs based on the packages.
  • The website also offers celebrity appearance.
  • The website is politically agnostic.
  • The website has over two lacs paid protestors.

Negative remarks of

  • The website has not provided enough contact details.
  • To use the services of this website, one must have to own a Bitcoin currency.
  • The website has not provided enough whereabouts itself.
  • The customer service of this website can delay.

What are peoples saying about

The website is having very positive testimonials and customers review. According to one protestor, because of this website, she can earn trust fund income, and she only has to work for three protests per year, which gives her over $9000, and she is happy with this website’s services.

According to another protestor, he was a financially broke student, but because of this project, he can earn the right amount of money depending on his choice and loves this job. One client said this website is useful for hiring 3000 protestors quickly, and he was satisfied with the work of the demonstrators.


Based on the research of the real, this website fulfills its duties as it claims. The testimonials of the site are also very positive reviews. The website also has safe payments; hence we recommend this website.

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