Prop Hunt Mod Among Us (Dec 2020) Everything About It!

Prop Hunt Mod Among Us (Dec 2020) Everything About It!

Prop Hunt Mod Among Us (Dec 2020) Everything About It! >> The article is to inform our readers about the new mod in the Among Us game-play. Please check the details now.

Prop Hunt Mod Among Us: The trending topic in the year 2020 in the gaming community is Among Us. The game is popular Worldwide and gaining many users, especially in the pandemic period. The team comes up with many new features and applications that create craze in the user’s heart. 

In recent days Among Us, user’s login numbers is dropping due to its boredom with play. Recently, the new mod has been launched that is being played by various YouTubers to make the game exciting and funny to play.

Please read this post till the end, to know how to play the new feature and how to use it.

About Among Us

To know more about Prop Hunt Mod Among Us, firstly let us explain about Among Us as below:

No introduction is needed if you’re a regular user of Among Us. It is a multiplayer game that is trending this year which is played in a group. Crewmates and imposters are the two groups where a crew of 4-10 players will have to complete the assigned task, and few imposters try all the tricks to stop the crewmates from finishing the job. 

If all the imposters are killed, or the entire task is completed, the crewmate will win. This way, the game-play became more exciting to play. 

Please read the below paragraph to know about and how to play Prop Hunt Mod Among Us

A Few Lines

One famous YouTuber and steamer created the new mod that is the most exciting and thrilling animated experience. The mod allows players to hide on the map. The spaceship themed game that is popular Worldwide is now available with a new mod where it will enable players to hide, and by wearing hats, crewmates can confuse the imposters. 

And it becomes difficult for imposters to find the crewmates and kill them because hat-wearing crewmates look like an asset on the map. 

How to play Prop Hunt Mod Among Us?

To play it, users need to follow the below steps:

  • The player joins the platform as a recurring character.
  • Once crewmates enter the map, they appear as mini props like hats, data upload button, emergency button, storage box, etc.
  • In this function, the player’s name is not displayed on the top, and they are free to move anywhere in the area.
  • Players can hide in the most secret place by crossing the wall.
  • Imposters declare themselves as props at the beginning, and they can kill other props.
  • In this case, crewmates have to complete the task and finish the game to win. 


The funniest event, Prop Hunt Mod Among Us, is fascinating to play because the mod is easy to understand. Here the player disguised as a mini prop can confuse the opposite team. The player’s name is not displayed on the top; it appears as a button, hat, etc.

The most exciting part is imposters also appear as props, and they can kill other props. Try the new mod in Among Us, which is fun to play. 

If you are a fan of Among Us game and know the latest mod, please share your words in the section below. 

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