Project Hazel Mask Price {Jan 2021} First Read & Decide!

Project Hazel Mask Price {Jan 2021} First Read & Decide!

Project Hazel Mask Price {Jan 2021} First Read & Decide! >> In a quest for smart and protective mask, wait for the release date & price. Read here to know.

Are you waiting for a new-technology mask that is quite different from others? Then, be known about Project Hazel, a smart mask concept known as Project Hazel, at CES 2021. 

In our article, Project Hazel Mask Pricewe will tell you about the legitimacy and functionality of this innovative mask. The mask is of great use Worldwide.

What is Project Hazel Mask?

It is an N95-class face mask, which provides active ventilation as well as an auto-sterilization function. Along with its low-light mode and interior lights, this mask is of great use to those who walk in the dark. It boasts of a transparent design, which enables the companion to see your face while you speak. This mask of novel-technology will allow the users to face the new normal with ultimate protection. 

Learn more about this intelligent mask in our article “Project Hazel Mask Price.”

Unique about Project Hazel Mask 

The mask, with its exceptional features, claims to provide the highest degree of safety. Its Worldwide recognition ensures that it is going to be a game-changer in the present scenario. A widely popular gaming company has taken the initiative to launch this product in the industrial marketplace. 

The mask is going to be categorized as a reusable N95 mask fabricated from recyclable plastics. Besides, it has a rechargeable ventilator, varied-colored lights, and a microphone to reduce muffling. The company also claims that it gives a safe, sustainable, and best social experience to the users. 


  • Project Hazel Mask Price: Not known. (The product’s launch and its price is yet in the queue).
  • Reusable N95 mask.
  • It has a surgical N95 respirator and integral mic-and-amplifier combo.
  • A rechargeable ventilator and a microphone is available.
  • Wireless container as well as built-in ultraviolet lights.
  • Works on five key areas – safe, social, personalization, sustainable, and comfortable.
  • It enables users to enjoy seamless social interaction and exhibits facial clues.
  • Low light mode: It has interior lights for practical use in the dark.
  • Voice lamp technology: Accessible with a built-in mic as well as amplifier combo.
  • Patent-pending technology.
  • Prevents the build-up of CO2

Pros of mask, as per Project Hazel Mask Price

  • The surgical N95 respirator is available for ensuring a high bacterial filtration efficiency.
  • It has high fluid resistance for giving protection against splashes and large droplets.
  • It enable active ventilation, high comfort, and high safety in crowded or public places. 
  • The mask has a detachable ventilator that regulates the airflow and filters out 95% of airborne particles.
  • It has an auto-sterilization function and many high-end features.
  • Seamless social interaction
  • Low-light lamp and voice lamp technology
  • It is featured with replaceable filters, rechargeable ventilators, a wireless charging case, and a durable design. 
  • Scratch-resistant and waterproof.
  • It includes electronics that facilitate clear communication.
  • As per “Project Hazel Mask Price, silicone membranes are offered for making a seal over the user’s jaw, nose, and chin.
  • Maximum comforts and utility
  • Prospect of design improvements

Cons of the mask

  • The launching date and price are not confirmed.
  • Many technical features, which are inapt for kids. 

Is this mask legit?

Our research says that this product has not a finalized release date and cost. As we read and analyzed in various posts and articles, Project Hazel is merely a concept right now. On the other side, we noticed its vast presence on the Internet, even before its launch. In that case, we consider this a legit mask once its popularity will be seen. 

Customers on Project Hazel Mask Price

The product has not come into the market yet. In that case, it is impossible to get its reviews. The brand which will inaugurate this product on a global scale has a global presence and wide recognition. The company has a presence on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. 

Final verdict

As we found no fixed price and fixed launching date of the mask, we cannot suggest our readers not to rely on this product. It would be interesting to see how the development of Project Hazel gets forward. We will also not confuse our readers by speculating on pricing until the product is available in the market. 

In Project Hazel Mask Price, we suggest the readers good-naturedly wait for this forthcoming product, which claims to be of great utilization, on account of its high utility and durability. We ask the reader to write comments in the comment section and give their views. 

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