Pre Luckys Reviews [Nov 2020] Is It A Scam Online Store?

Pre Luckys Reviews [Nov 2020] Is It A Scam Online Store?

Pre Luckys Reviews [Nov 2020] Is It A Scam Online Store? >> This article is related to the online store that is providing women’s accessories and clothes and find out how legit it is.

Pre Luckys Reviews: Are you looking to buy some trendy and fashionable clothes and accessories online? Then, we have a website that acts as a helping hand for you by providing a reasonable price. It is the time to get into the site and provide all details. 

Online shopping is trending across as it is available at the doorstep, and the pricing policies are also affordable.

The best thing about this website is that it is available all across the world, particularly the United States. On the flip side, it is required to analyze all aspects of the site and get to know about the authenticity that us foremost in any case.

Let us delve into the reviews to know more.

What about the

Simply put, it is an online clothing store that is proffering a wide range of clothing and accessories such as tops, bottoms, outwears, dresses, accessories and so on in the United States. All the products are of premium quality, and the price tags are also affordable for anyone.

Do you know more about the site? Kindly go through the Pre Luckys Reviews.

Specifications about the

  • The URL links of this clothing store is
  • A wide range of clothing and accessories such as tops, bottoms, outwears, dresses, accessories and so on is available.
  • Various discount offers are available on the site. 
  • The physical address given at the site is : Suite 31a, Philpot House, Rayleigh, Essex, SS6 7HH. 
  • Free Shipping is available over the order of $99. 
  • It takes thirteen to twenty-five days to get the product at the doorstep. 
  • The website has email Id as
  • Various discounts are available at the website such as 10% OFF, 30% off as well as Free product orders too. 
  • The site has fifteen days return policy.
  • Email subscription is available to provide day to day update about the offers and sales. 
  • Online payment options are also proffered, such as Visa, American Express, MasterCard, and PayPal.

What are the positive aspects of

Following are a few positive aspects of this website that you must know. Let us understand them as below:

  • All product sizes and colours are available. 
  • The products prices are reasonable. 
  • There is no need to go anywhere as it is available at the doorstep. 
  • Online payment options have provided by the website to make the payment process secure. 
  • A wide variety of clothes and accessories are available to fulfil the demand of all people. 
  • Free Shipping is available on a certain amount of order.  

What are the negative remarks of

Here are a few negative remarks of the website that you need to aware of before purchasing anything from this store.

  • The website has established two months back and so; it is recent. 
  • The traffic is too low. 
  • Social media pages available on the website are misleading.
  • No contact number is available on the site to get in touch with the customers. 

What Customers think about 

There are no reviews available on the website about the products, and so, we can’t say anything about the customer’s opinions. Moreover, we find misleading social media pages and thus, it is too hard to spot any rating and thought about the website. 

Thus, we cannot say what the customers think about the website’s services and related products as no clue is available on any other as well as the official one. 

Bottom Line

After getting deep into the website, we have come to know that the website runs smoothly with all protections such as HTTPS protocol and SSL Integration to safeguard all details. However, the site has a negative side that the buyers also need to aware of. 

It includes the domain name is too recent, low traffic, social media page – Facebook page available on the website is misleading, no phone number is available on the site and office address that is accessible on the website, is fake. So, the site has loopholes. 

Thus, based on these signals, we would not recommend purchasing from this website. So, the site is considered as highly suspicious one and possibly a scam or not worthy of buying. 

Please mention all queries and thoughts about the Pre Luckys Reviews in the comments section and clear them out instantly.  We are happy to assist you.

0 thoughts on “Pre Luckys Reviews [Nov 2020] Is It A Scam Online Store?

  1. I think this website is a fraud! They took my money and when I logged back in to their website my account did not exist. I tried to contact them about my order, which is only available by email, and nothing! I will be going to my bank to report this unapproved transaction.

  2. I ordered off of their website from FB and have recieved half my order so far. But I need to exchange so I sent an email. We will see what happens. Clothes look like the pic but not as high quality as u think but for the price, not bad!

  3. I ordered a sweatshirt from them for 36$ it said it would be shipped within 5 days, after a week and a half I messaged them and asked if it had been shipped yet.
    They responded that it hadn’t and asked me to wait…another week has gone by and nothing.
    I’m pretty sure I have been ripped off. Even wish is faster than this.

  4. I received my order in 3 separate packages. Quality is not great- does look like the pictured products though. Sizes are on the rather small side. Ordered size 4xl but would only fit a 2xl person. Trying to contact them via email for a full refund. Have not heard anything from them yet!

  5. Do not waste your money on this company. I ordered some jewelry, and it was actually okay for cheap jewelry. I also ordered three tops. All three of them did not look anything like pictured. They are very poorly made with low grade materials. The seams are puckered. I will use these tops for crafting as I do not care if I get paint on them. Save your money!!!

  6. I am reporting to every site possible.. Prelucky is a total rip off. Clothes are terrible quality. NOT as pictured. Looks like it was made in someone’s basement with a random tag sewed in.

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