Pplayfunclub Reviews {Oct 2020} Is It A Scam Or Not?

Pplayfunclub Reviews {Oct 2020} Is It A Scam Or Not?

Pplayfunclub Reviews {Oct 2020} Is It A Scam Or Not? >> This article is on a new online store with various electronic products and even bikes at a low cost.

Are you looking to buy a bike to commute? Or are you a homebody and looking for video games to play at home?

Biking, kitchen appliance, to Video games are different sets of products selling on one platform.

The United States analysis asserts that most people use a bicycle to cover the short distance. In the home, many use electronics to make their life easier. Like vacuum cleaners for cleaning and kitchen appliances for efficient cooking, kids want to spend their summer vacation playing video games.

Here, the Pplayfunclub Reviews can support such buyers who are looking for a product that serves these purposes. Customers should look at the spec of such an online shopping site and its SNS presence.

What is Pplayfunclub? 

Pplayfunclub is an online shop that is relatively newly registered. As the name suggests, the website sells various kinds of electronic and leisure products for different target audiences. The website has its server in the United States. There is no set product specification, and the customer can look for the item that fits their needs. Key sections on the website:

  • Electronics
  • Kitchen
  • Vacuum Cleaners
  • Outdoor Recreation
  • Baby Toddler
  • Hardware

With its variety of stocks and costs, the buyers might contemplate buying the bike or the video games. Pplayfunclub Reviews knows that this site gives massive discounts on the products and claim to present the most excellent quality.

Pplayfunclub Specifications: 

  • Website type: Online store for electronic, appliances, & video games
  • Website address: https://pplayfun.club/
  • Site Headquarters: United States
  • Email ID: service@playfun.com
  • Contact number: +1-21386968810
  • Address: C188 DH, Street Los Angeles, Cal, US
  • Cancellation: Not given
  • Owner details: Not given
  • Shipping type: Not given
  • Shipping time: Not given
  • Return: within 14 of delivery
  • Refund: Within 30 days
  • Method of payment: Visa and Mastercard

Positive of Pplayfunclub:

  • The site has a proper email id.
  • The website presents a wide variety of products to pick.
  • By the company giving massive discounts.
  • The products have a detailed description of it.

Negatives of Pplayfunclub:

  • It is new and less than ten days old.
  • The payment method is few and hard for international customers.
  • The delivery of the item is not specified, and no shipping detail is given.
  • No one has bought the products.
  • The terms and policies are not clear and missing a lot of information.
  • The about us page doesn’t tell the leading working of the site.
  • The social media links are not working.
  • The main page and other content are full of errors and plagiarized.
  • The price of the product is highly discounted and suspicious.
  • The owner details are not given.
  • The contact number is copied from the net.
  • The address of the company is also not real.

Does the Pplayfunclub look like a scam? 

To identify if the online store is legit or not can be checked on different parameters. The store needs to build trust on every level. A newly started website is not much reliable as it has not yet been authenticated. This is only a few days old, and a recent one can misuse the customer information and sell sensitive monetary details to third parties. Pplayfunclub Reviews listed it as a suspicious site.

When in uncertainty, always seek for site owner data. But that also tended to be missing, and no one has claimed this site. The about us page of Pplayfunclub couldn’t get any info about the website or the owner. The content is also not relevant to the website selling and its aim. The return and other pages are chock-full of errors and copy-pasted by them.

In the end, the answer to the above question by the Pplayfunclub Reviews implies – this site is a scam and not legit at all.

What are buyers saying about the Pplayfunclub?

Many of its red flags are the contact numbers and the fake address and randomly copied from the internet. No customer can reach the site. As of now, not a single person bought the products from them. Pplayfunclub Reviews found that social media to promote the site is also not working.

This website employs the official email, but it hides all the buyers’ essential details apart from that.

Final Verdict: 

This review found that there is no contact page for grievances and queries. So fundamentally, the site is a one-way route to get the customer money scammed.

While buying anything online, the customer should do all the required research to dodge any inconvenience. Pplayfunclub Reviews urge the buyers to leave a comment below about this website!

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  1. Fraud ordered swing sent tracking and said it was delivered the same day all communication s are fraudulent !! Do not use this website

  2. Scam!!!!! Paypal will not help. Disputed transaction, response came back not an unauthorized transaction. Didn’t dispute transaction, disputed product not sent and no response from support@playfun.com. Done with PayPal too! Buyer beware.

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