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Postgown com Reviews [May] Should Anyone Buy From It?

Postgown com Reviews 2020

Postgown com Reviews [May] Should Anyone Buy From It? -> In this article, you will know more about this online store that is selling home-related materials.

Have you ever shopped from an online store? We came across an online Postgown com Reviews, and as this website and gaining some customers recently, we thought of sharing its details with you all.

There are many online stores which are offering a trendy and fantastic collection of items of clothes, accessories, footwear, but women still want to expand their discover and explore more. So here, this website is one of a kind fulfilling some needs of women by selling some amazing Pillowcases, rugs, mats, bedsheets.

Currently, this website has started selling in The United State

If you want to investing money and trying out new products and want to get some online and that too at a reasonable rate, then this is the best way to pick your favorite item now. Let’s start to tell you the story of this website. 

What is Postgown com?

Postgown com is an online store that sells Pillow covers, bedsheets, rugs, floor mats, round rugs, yoga mats, Sofa blankets, Tumblers, table cloth, blankets, tote bags, and backpacks, heavy and light weighted bags.

They offer perfect designs with a vast design range, plus all the products are specially handcrafted on orders. So, overall we can say the products offered are utility products. But the question arises after all the information, may be is your money safe if you buy anything from this website? Is Postgown com legit? Or is the website scam?

Consequently, there are many identities, that can tell you if a site is a scam or is legit.

Specifications of Postgown com

  •  Website type- home-related articles
  • Shipping time- 5-10 business days
  • Processing time – 1-3 days
  • Delivery time- 15 days
  •  Exchange- applicable
  •  Return only if the item is unopened and with all accessories and paperwork.
  • Return request to be placed within 30 days of purchase
  • Cancellation of order- 20% of total order value to be charged 
  • In the case of the product received is damaged contact customer Support team with order details and Video or photo of the faulty product 
  • Email address-
  • Mode of payment- Debit/ Credit Cards, PayPal

Is Postgown com legit?

Postgown com is a common question that can pop up in the customer’s minds at any point, especially at the time of online shopping. 

To significantly judge if an online site is legit or not, we have to go through its complete information, and only then we can leave a comment if the site is fake or legit.

Through the information collected until now, we did not get any piece of information that gives us any signal whether this site is legit or a scam.

Let’s proceed further to clarify his point about the website.

 Pros of buying from Postgown com:

  •  You get a collection of so many incredible pieces for your place.
  • All the items are handmade
  • All the items are finished using the most excellent quality raw material
  • Exclusive cartoon collection for kids
  • Beautify your places

Cons of buying from Postgown com:

  • You can only pay online. No COD is allowed
  • When you cancel any item, 20% of the product price is charged.
  • Delivery and processing time is comparatively more 
  • In case of a return, shipping charges have to be paid by the customer.

let see customers views about Postgown com:   

As the Postgown com is a new website in the market and there are no such reviews from the customer end available on the site, we continued our research and thought of gathering all other pieces of information we can collect.

We found that there were not many customers who have shopped before from this website. Hence, we cannot collect evidence of what does the customer says about the website.

Final Verdict

As you can see, the site is new and has recently been launched; there were no many customer reviews that we can collect. Also, the site is SSL protected; therefore, the complete security of data, here the website gains some plus points. All the other information about the process and terms & conditions are mentioned on the site.

After all the information that we have collected and shared with you, we can assure you that customers will like the experience, shopping from this Postgown com website. Concluding it, we would suggest you all go ahead and try this website. 


  1. I ordered a carpet from Mewe Gallery Company Limited on April 26th, order no.906ba776-20eb-4313-a7ea-953212888a7e and paid for it. Was this a scam?????????

  2. I ordered a flowered rug 4/29/2020, have not heard anything I haven’t gotten my order I paid 107.00 for this rug is it a scam.if you not sending my rug please give me my money back!!!!


  4. I ordered a rug on May 2, paid in full. I have emailed them 3 times asking for communication on my order. Nothing!!! No communication at all since I ordered and paid in full. Truly thinking a scam???

  5. I Found this site through an add on instagram. I ordered a carpet almost a month ago. It has yet to arrive and the shipping information that I had to pry out of them doesn’t say it’s even left or where it is. All answered I receive are vague and not helpful. I’m sure they are just giving me the run around and I have been scammed. I hope this helps someone else

  6. I ordered a runner rug cant get tracking # ID to work was it sent yet? My credit card has been charged #907188cd-c6d3-4df5-8939-299ef84281eb I want a responce to this email today thanks

  7. I ordered a dragon-fly blanket, April 30th, and have yet to receive it. My order # is POSTGOWN-24444

  8. I am redoing my comment since I don’t know how to delete the above. I ordered a dragon-fly blanket, April 30, 2020, and have yet to receive it. My order# is POSTGOWN-24444. This was paid for with a credit card. I am unable to track this, even though the tracking number was given to me. What do I do? Is this another scam?

    1. The company is not legit. I ordered a bedspread in March, they charged my card in March. May of 2020, I sent an e mail telling them I was cancelling the order, at that time they said the order just shipped, 7 weeks after I placed the order they just now shipped. Now the tracking states it has been in CA. for 10 days with no movement. I wish I could give this fraudulent company a neg 1 review. Warning DON’T BUY!

  9. I ordered a comfort set about a month ago. I beginning to wonder about this company. They gave me no tracking order. I want my comfort set. Not my money back. My bank shows already been taken out of account. They will not answer e-mails, have e-mailed them about 5 times no response. I wish I had a number to call them
    Lisa Harris

  10. I purchased a bedding set for my mother on may 1 and didn’t get no update status saying they received my orde they took my money and gave no update when I will receive my package so I reported them to my bank waiting on my bank to give back my money. Order number 9075a367

  11. I purchased this rug over 2 weeks ago and it is still in a pending status. Order# 9079895b-6326-4123-893b-9b8b4bb38fc9 (For Tracking)

  12. I’m in the same situation as other shoppers. Ordered a bedspread 4 weeks ago still no bedspread, But they sure processed my money . Please be careful when ordering from this company
    Order No. 39586

  13. Please send my comforter I have paid for. It’s been a month now and the money has been taken out of the bank. I DO NOT WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!!!
    I have e-mail you so many times and have never got an answer back why. It’s curtious to write back and let me know when I will receive it.
    Please text me at 662-444-0870,

    Lisa Harris

  14. I have also ordered a bed set and a carpet and you still havent gave us a respond! I would appreciate you giving a response very soon because a month has already passed.

  15. I have also ordered a bed set and a carpet and you still haven’t
    gave us a respond! I would appreciate you giving a response very soon because a month has already passed.

  16. I placed an order in April for a floor rug and bed cover. I have had no further correspondence from this company regarding my order, don’t know if it has been sent. Maybe a scam and they just took my money.

  17. I ordered a pillow, order ID: 906e3d8c-9f63-4d4d-@46d-5dfa-8f86d8eb,
    Order number #POSTGOWN-13565 on April 27.
    Can you give me an update on my order, please.
    Thank you.

  18. I ordered a bedspread april 24, 2020 and never received it.

    I’m going to ask PayPal to refund my money.

  19. Don’t buy from, also known as MeWe Gallery Co. !!!!!! I’m in a legal dispute to regain my $81.00 stolen from this *#%,+ scam! Thank my God I paid through PayPal and they are taking care of my issue- hopefully they penalize the #%*~+ jerks involved in this fraudulent practice! 🤮

  20. I ordered a blanket on April 24 2020 and I still haven’t received it I want my blanket or my money back it shouldn’t take almost a month to get it

  21. I ordered two quilts on May 4, 2020. They got the money immediately, but I have not received the merchandise, nor have they sent me a shipping tracking number. I hope I am wrong, but I am feeling like this company is a scam. If that is the case, shame-shame-shame on the people behind this. It is utterly immoral to steal money from people at any time, but right now? When everyone around the world is fighting to stay alive and maintain some measure of livelihood? If they aren’t a scam, they need to get it together. Even with the pandemic, other companies are managing to communicate with their customers when there are delays in shipping or processing.

  22. I ordered a blanket from them on April 28, 2020, paid for it and payment has cleared my bank. I still have not received and have sent 3 messages to the e-mail they have asked inquires to be sent to and have not received a response back from them. It would be great if we could get a phone number to ask questions of customer service department as to where our products are at. I can not even track my order, all I get is shipped…
    my order confirmation #17963 order id: 907079e6-469c-4cc2-bcb1-8e6eb7edf81d (for tracking)-tracking doesn’t work!

  23. I wrote the company and have not received an answer as to whether my order was shipped. My order #34838 was bedding to Bernice Watkins at 12531 Newton, Overland Park,Ks. I forgot to include our apartment #4201. I have received no reply which makes me wonder if this is a scam. HAS ANYONE RECIEVED MERCHANDISE FROM THIS COMPANY?

  24. I ordered a blanket a month ago today and I never received the order BUT you sure did get my money. What’s up with that?

  25. I’ve left messages I’ve tried to To track the package with every number that you guys gave me and it says it is not available I would really like to know if you’re going to send me my things I’m sick of these scams I hope y’all go to jail

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