Popumart Reviews {April} Is It A Legit Shopping Store?

Popumart Reviews {April} Is It A Legit Shopping Store?

Popumart Reviews {April} Is It A Legit Shopping Store? -> This read is for those who wish to learn more about Popmart.com

Several e-commerce businesses are taking advantage of the internet for making big money, out of which few are sustaining and doing considerably well in terms of customer satisfaction and credibility, but the rest are all scam games.

The fraudulent online companies spring up as easily as they evade. How is it possible? There are two specific reasons behind,

  1. The companies can gather credit card information on the pretext of concealing customer data; they sought their financial information through form filling in their website. Otherwise, it’s easy to buy stolen credit card data from miscreants.
  2. Laws are not yet stringent regarding cyber crimes like this, so the fraud companies can easily get over their misdeeds.

Anyway, whatever it is, people won’t stop buying from the virtual companies and so the task of spreading awareness regarding every e-commerce business becomes important.

Here’s introducing ‘Popumart’. Popumart.com is an online store, which is registered in the United State.

What is Popumart?

This online store seems a bit confused. It’s ‘About Us’ page talks about selling cool gadgets, but when you click on the ‘Hot Sale’ tab, it shows caps and ‘neck and face’ mask warmers which protects from dust and UV rays.

This distinction between the claim made and false projection is enough to specify Popumart.com as a scam company.

How does it work?

According, to the shipping policy mentioned in the website, it seems ordered items will be delivered within 10-12 business days. If that doesn’t happen, then you can contact the company at service@popumart.com.

For returns and other complaints also, one has to first send an e-mail at the above id and then wait for the company to respond. If they send you the return address, then you as a customer have to ship the items at your own cost.

Now, here’s a catch here, how can one be sure that the company will take back the goods and refund payment? That’s uncertain.

Secondly, most ingenuine businesses give a location in China as an address for returning goods, but shipping items there involves huge costs.

Who should buy from here?

I won’t recommend anyone to purchase from Popumart.com, that’s because it’s not at all trustworthy. The website is completely misconstructed. The content is copied and the company is clearly a fake one.

The products are also unreal with constant pop-ups flashing on the screen. Prices are highlighted in red to mark their low value.

Why is it famous?

Though Popumart.com has it’s presence in Facebook, yet that’s not enough. Had it been a genuine store, then a lot of external links and social media presence would be shown in the website.

There are no cool gadgets displayed in the store for sale but caps and scarves. If you think a little more then, you would understand that why is it so?

Due to the pandemic caused by corona virus, masks and caps have turned into one of the most sellable items among people apart from hand sanitizers and other preventives.

What are the negative remarks about it?

So, the company has suddenly switched it’s business to selling caps and scarves for making quick and fast money. 

This is nothing but just exploitation of the people’s desperate minds. Since there is a shortage of masks in world markets, the condition becomes conducive for such fake companies to project such products and urge onlookers to purchase.

The products will never reach you and even if they reach, the items would be of inferior quality. There’s no guarantee that the company will take back the sold products and refund your money back.

is Popumart legit?

Since, no information about the owner(s) and the firm has been revealed anywhere in the website, you won’t be able to contact or approach anybody.

Such websites are not here for real business; rather they are miscreants, who simply wish to rob you off your finances and mental peace.

Popumart.com is not legit that any layman can say with a little careful observation. So, do not buy from here.

The company is registered recently on 23.04.20, in the wake of taking advantage of the corona engulfed world.


A word of caution! Whenever you come across such new websites, do discuss about them among your social media circles. You are bound to garner a lot of useful information.

Never divulge your credit card passwords or CVVs on any website. That’s not required for payment. Only on the authorized payment gateways supported by your bank, such data is solicited and must be furnished.

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    1. Yes, unfortunately this is one of many taking advantage of our present situation. I ordered face masks which never was sent. Also, no emails have been addressed!!! What a bunch of idiots scamming people out there hard earned money!!!

  1. I ordered my mask, track is showing delivered but I never received it, I sent an email and didn’t receive a response yet.

  2. Just found out I’ve been scammed , over 2 items I purchased in this emergency ( facial masks) for my daughter and I. Trying to be safe. Even during a time like this I can’t believe so many opportunists and liars. Shame on you

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