Pokemon Go Error 6 (Jan 2021) Explore the Solution.

Pokemon Go Error 6 (Jan 2021) Explore the Solution.

Pokemon Go Error 6 (Jan 2021) Explore the Solution. >> In this article, you explored a new error code for which a solution is awaited!.

Are you aware of the new error code of Pokemon Go? Many people Worldwide are getting an unknown error while playing Pokemon Go.

The news has hit the internet again after many players were hit by the new error code of Pokemon Go. A message flashes for many users that Sorry Error 6 Occurred

There is no solution yet for this error. Hence, many users are using online platforms to discuss the error and to find the solution for Pokemon Go Error 6.

People are asking each other to troubleshoot the issue they are facing while playing. There is no individual fixes received from the Pokemon Go hub.

This article will provide you with all the details you want to know about Error 6 Occurred Pokemon Go.

What is Pokemon Go Error 6?

Pokemon Go Error 6 is a new Error Code which has heated the social media as the users are trying to know the solution. 

The issue of new error code has been experienced by many users Worldwide while they were battling in the game. The solution to this error is not added to any online databases of Pokemon Go

What are some of the common fixes of Pokemon Go?

As the users are experiencing a new error code, there are common fixes that you can try to resolve the Pokemon Go Error 6. Some of them include the following:

  • Power off internet connection for a few seconds
  • Re-activate in 3 – 5 seconds
  • If the battle commences, you are all set
  • Click on the Gym if you are expelled from it

These steps are useful for some of the errors in Pokemon Go. You can also try these if Error 6 Occurred Pokemon Go.

Customers Reviews:

Many users want to fix the new error code. There is no solution provided yet, which has made many youngsters are very eager. Users are sharing their issues and trying to find ways to get rid of Pokemon Go Error 6.

Some users got the error while they were battling in the game as usual. Some of them tried to fix it by restarting the game, while others tried by re-installing. All the methods failed, and they get the same.


A new error code in Pokemon Go has flooded the internet with queries and comments. As the new Pokemon Go Error 6 has not got any solution, players are getting curious to find out how to come out from it.

Every time the users are trying to play the game, a message flashes Sorry Error 6 Occurred. You can try some easy ways like restarting your internet connection and fun or re-installing it. The solution is yet to be added to the online databases.

However, if it does not resolve, you can try some fixes of other error codes of Pokemon Go. 

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