Planet Supermarket Store Reviews (Nov) Is This Scam?

Planet Supermarket Store Reviews (Nov) Is This Scam?

Planet Supermarket Store Reviews (Nov) Is This Scam? >> This post will help you in learning about the real intentions of the e-store that sells multiple products. 

Are you interested in exploring the online store that sells multiple products? If you are, then, follow us in these Planet Supermarket Store Reviews. In this article, we will discuss everything about the store in detail to help you make the right choices.  

Planet Supermarket Store is the multiple products selling online store that sells different products like accessories, tools, household items, toys, cosmetics, etc. and the store has big money-saving offers. Besides this, Planet Supermarket Store is placed in the United States, and it is also targeting the US market to grow its customers reach.

In addition to this, we suggest please check all the reviews before shopping from any online store these days. Internet frauds are consistently increasing, so you should not trust any site blindly. Likewise nobody knows the actual intentions of the website until and unless you check its legitimacy. 

What is Planet Supermarket Store?

Planet Supermarket Store is the ecommerce website that came into force in March 2020. The store trades in multiple items like Christmas products, tools, accessories, toys for kids, cosmetics and decorative lights, etc.  

The site has an exclusive discount on its featured collection, where you can save up to $40 or more. Additionally, the site is having a Christmas discount on its store where it is offering a few of its products like rechargeable mini wood cutting chainsaw on Buy one and Get one Free offer.

Furthermore, the site is currently focusing on the United States market to capture a large customer base and expand its business throughout the world. Similarly, on the Planet Supermarket Store’s about us page, it is mentioned that the store offers customize services for everything, whether it’s a hobby, sport, passion, or anything you can think of in your mind.

If you’re planning to buy anything from this store, then you must read these Planet Supermarket Store Reviews till the end to know about the authenticity of the website. 

Specifications of Planet Supermarket Store 

  • website URL-
  • product – Multiple products (tools, toys, decorative lights, etc.)
  • location – The United States 
  • Email address –
  • Company address –not specified 
  • Contact number – not specified 
  • Shipping time – 5-15 business days 
  • Shipping charges – Free shipping on orders over $39.99
  • Discount offers – yes, available 
  • Order tracker-  yes available 
  • Order history – not specified 
  • Order cancellation – not mentioned 
  • Newsletter- Yes, available 
  • Guarantee – 30 days money-back guarantee  
  • Payment mode- PayPal

What are the advantages of Planet Supermarket Store?

  • The site contains multiple items on it. 
  • The store is offering its featured collection at unrealistic prices. 
  • The site is having 30 days money-back guarantee. 
  • The site is delivering worldwide and has free shipping on orders over $39.99.
  • The site is giving away one product for free on its Christmas discount. 

What are the disadvantages of Planet Supermarket Store?

  • The Planet Supermarket Store has incomplete contact details as it lacks to provide the following details like contact number, company address, etc.
  • The website does not have appropriate content as the sites’ about us page contains an irrelevant description of its services.
  • The site is offering an unrealistic amount of discount, which is too good to be true.
  • There is no clue of Planet Supermarket Store Reviews anywhere on the network. 
  • The site is poorly designed and has an unattractive user interface.
  • The site does not have any social media presence.

Is Planet Supermarket Store Legit?

The Planet Supermarket Store is the multiple products offering e-store that includes various exclusive products. In addition to this, the site is selling all the products at unrealistic prices, which are too good to be true. 

Besides this, we have noticed several other suspicious things regarding the Planet Supermarket Store, which we have listed out in the earlier paragraph under disadvantages head.

Thus, we are not finding the store entirely safe and legit. 

What are the Customer Reviews regarding The Planet Supermarket Store?

The Planet Supermarket does not hold reviews and ratings page on it, also the reviews are not present on any of the social media networks. Additionally, there are no Planet Supermarket Store Reviews discovered even from the online sources. 

Final Verdict

According to our perception and analysis, the site is not reliable due to all the reasons which we have stated above in these Planet Supermarket Store Reviews. 

Please post your feedback in the comments section below. 

42 thoughts on “Planet Supermarket Store Reviews (Nov) Is This Scam?

  1. Order the battery operated hand held chain saw. Never got it and . Never heard a word from the seller. Be very carefull of this scam company. Don’t waist your money like I did.!

      1. I to ordered two saws and got two cheap hand held manual saws. Can’t find the # for the company. I ordered them a month ago. Got them today. I think I need to call the BBB.

  2. It’s a scam. Don’t buy anything from them. They have no contact information. All searches come back “website does not exist”.

  3. I also fell for this. If it sounds to good to be true, it’s probably a scam. Ordered the chainsaw on 10/12/2020. Tracking says it’s been in NC since the 22nd, 4 days ago.

  4. My daughter ordered the little battery operated chainsaw for my birthday and her husband. That was about 3 weeks ago. It hasn’t arrived yet. What is the problem? You advertised your item on TV. If the item isn’t shipped by this week, l will report your Scam to the District Attorney and BBB. My daughter’s credit card was charged for the items. I expect to hear from you really soon. My daughter’s email is She wants to hear too. My email is

  5. Cynthia

    Ordered Batt operated chain saw , they sent a hand saw $ 10 Au we were lucky compared to the above , site is not worth S##T its a scam go to Ali ,Ebay anywhere but this com site .

  6. I also ordered the mini chainsaw and it took over a month to receive it. When I did receive it, was a hand held fold up saw that I could go to Big lots or Lowes and buy it for 10.00 they will not respond to my emails even though they told me that if I was dissatisfied the would refund my money but they want answer me and there is only a 30 day refund .

  7. Their offer of two electric mini chainsaws for £37 Sterling did sound a bit too good to be true – but I too fell for this . This morning two feeble little foldable pruning saws arrived from “ feisu ( xmll ) , No. 14 , Jiayuanli , Huli District , Xiamen , Fujian 361006 , China – a total con trick ! Will be taking this up with PayPal if refund not obtained . No online info obtainable about this seller , and unable to see their original offer / promotional video either to check against order : a clever deliberate scam . Avoid !

  8. Your company sucks. This is a scam. I reviewed two hand cutting saws. They were not electric. Put this company out of business.

  9. I ordered two rechargeable mini chainsaws, paid over 100 dollars thinking they were in USA. Just received two small handsaws from China value probably no more than £10. I will never buy anything else on Facebook . That’s about £90 down drain

  10. This is such a scam! Don’t waste your money! I ordered two of their mini rechargeable chainsaws and they sent me a couple of cheap mini handsaws. The ad is very deceiving. The actual chainsaw is much more money. Also it took me 3 weeks to get it. Was suppose to be Christmas gifts. VERY disappointed in this scam ad!

  11. Ordered a battery operated chain saw, it took over one month , I just received a hand saw!。This company named Planet Supermaeket is definitely a scam!Do not buy anything from this company, they post the ad on face book!

  12. Likewise. Ordered the mini chainsaw and received a folding mini saw. Have failed to reply to emails.
    At least I go something which seems more than others.
    Will be wary in future

  13. This place is a scam! Don’t buy nothing from them. They false advertise & then say you paid for the standard version all the while they show a pic that you are paying for the deluxe version of a product & send you something not even pictured.

  14. I also ordered the mini chainsaw. About 3 1/2 weeks later I received a folding hand saw. I emailed them twice demanding my money back and have heard nothing. I’m calling my credit card on Monday to see if they can get my money back.

  15. Ordered mini chainsaws on October 9 have received nothing. After reading all these I will call my credit card company and see what they say!

  16. I also ordered the mini chainsaw. After 4 weeks I received a cheap small handsaw. I will keep it because will never receive a refund.

    Don’t order anything from these people. SCAM!!! SCAM!!!!SCAM!!!!

  17. I got the discount and ordered two of the Rechargeable MINI Wood Cutting lithium chainsaw – STANDARD MINI HANDSAW / US / 1 PCS × 2.
    And I too go the cheap hand saws in the mail a month+ later. sigh

  18. I ordered the mini chain saw on Oct. 18th. I got my order today, I received 2 hand held saws. I sent an email and of course the “mail cannot be delivered” what a surprise NOT. Well it was not what I ordered but at least I got something . I have read all the comments

  19. I ordered the chain saw on 15/10/2020 and have not received it. trackreport tells me it has been in transit from China for the last 3 weeks.
    Don’t know what is going on here, but I think I am also one of the above people. IT STINKS.

  20. I ordered the mini chainsaw in Oct 6. I received the handheld knife November 4. I sent many emails requesting refund and return information. The site explains 14 days return window for refund. I’m going to return with original envelope and ask for refund. I’m feeling like everyone. If I see this ad on
    FB again I will put warning on product post!

  21. My order took a long time to come. They said they were backed up. I sent several messages and when I was about to give up the order came. It was not what I thought I was going to get, but a good product. I let them know and they were happy to send a partial refund. I would do business with them again.

  22. I ordered the mini chain saw on 10/7/2020. I kept checking the tracking, it stopped on 10/31/2020, when I checked a couple days ago. I checked now and the up dated it to having been delivered 11/4/2020, but I haven’t seen it yet.

  23. Same as everyone else, ordered chainsaws and got two Handsaws. They did send to me an email to say thats what I ordered – BS, its a scam in every sense as you can see from all above comments. Will have to go through Paypal to get some kind of refund as they dont want too.

  24. They are scam artists, either sending cheap incorrect non ordered items and then offering pissy little refunds, DO NOT TOUCH them , crooks!!!!!

  25. Hi Simon, i too fell for this con – their order confirmation had the description of hand held lithium battery electric handsaw. I have set up PayPal complaint which is now in process. The vendors reply so far is to offer a $15 refund only. Just not acceptable. Their website clearly offered this item NOT the useless hand saw. Roll on PayPal resolution. would recommend that you and everybody else reports it to PayPal and hopefullr they will get blocked from repeating this deliberate scam.

    1. Same here, got a folding saw. If you look at the ad really good you will see that is what you ordered. It is hidden very well. It is definitely a scam.

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