Pillow Slides Reviews (Apr 2021) Read Before You Buy!

Pillow Slides Reviews (Apr 2021) Read Before You Buy!

Pillow Slides Reviews (Apr 2021) Read Before You Buy! >> The write-up shares details about the therapeutic cushion slippers so that buyers can make the right buying decision.

Pillow Slides Reviews: Are you struggling with joint and foot pain? Do you want a comfortable pair of sandals to wear it for long hours without discomfort? Pillow Slides is here to give your foot the desired comfort and cushioning effects even when wearing for 12 hours. Popularly used in Canada and the United States, Pillow Slides allow you to enjoy limitless comfort for your feet.  

Pillow Slides is the comfortable pair of sandals with thick, soft and comfortable cushioning to relieve your joint and foot pain. You can wear it for long hours without any discomfort. It is the therapeutic cushioning slipper designed to relax your foot with every step. Let us know Is Pillow Slides Legit or Scam.

What is Pillow Slides?

Pillow Slides are the therapeutic cushion slipper designed to compress and relax the foot with every step. It is the thick, soft, and comfortable slipper to relieve your joint and foot pain. No matter how long you wear the slippers, it will offer you therapeutic cushioning in each step without discomfort. 

The slippers are ergonomically crafted, and the toe to tail is 15-degree angled, balancing the pressure from feet to the hips optimally. As a result, you experience instant relief from sore ankles, feet, hips, and knees. 

The slippers are manufactured with a 4.5cm anti-chafe, thick, anti-slip EVA compression material, and it supports the feet for perfect balancing. The softness of the slipper minimizes pressure when walking. The product is shipped across Canada and the United States. Let us know more about this product through Pillow Slides Reviews.


  • Sizing – 5 to 12 size available for men and women
  • Material – EVA Compression Material
  • Colours – Yellow, Black, Orange, and Pink
  • Waterproof and Anti-Slip 
  • Price – $29.95
  • Suitable – Bad Joint and Foot Pain
  • Style – Therapeutic Cushion Slipper

Pros of Pillow Slides

  • Endless comfort for feet
  • Instant relief from joint and foot pain
  • Available in different sizes
  • Relaxes the feet in every step without discomfort, as per the Pillow Slides Reviews
  • Available in different colours
  • Ergonomically designed to balance pressure when walking
  • Relief from sore ankles, feet, hips, and knees
  • Anti-slip, anti-chafe, EVA compression material
  • Anti-slip textured material with waterproofing
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear for long hours   

Cons of Pillow Slides

  • There are no reviews available online
  • The website selling it seems dubious
  • The Trust score of the seller is 2% only
  • The social page of the website is not working
  • The product is not very popular amongst the masses 

Is Pillow Slides Legit or Scam?

After evaluating Pillow Slides, we have not found any reviews other than the seller’s website. The website selling the product is also having a trust rating of 2%. Plus, the website seems dubious. So, based on this information, we can’t confirm the legitimacy of the product. Buyers must research based on which the buyer must make the decision.

Pillow Slides lack in garnering attention from the customers. It has received no reviews other than the website’s reviews of the seller. Buyers must not trust the seller’s website reviews to make a purchasing decision. Please check for online reviews to make the right choice and avoid getting duped.  

Pillow Slides Reviews from Customers

As mentioned, we have not seen any reviews from the customers other than the reviews available on the seller’s website. As per the reviews on the seller’s site, the product seems genuine and claims to offer the promised results. But, such assessments must not always be considered when it comes to making online buying decisions. A majority of the reviews on the seller’s website are scripted and not real. 

So, it is suggested that buyers must go online and research the product thoroughly before coming to any conclusion. The individual research would help you learn about the product’s authenticity and let you know if it suits your specific needs.

Please check for online Pillow Slides Reviews from the customers and make your buying decision accordingly.  


Pillow Slides is the therapeutic cushion slipper for those with lousy joint and foot pain. However, the website selling the product claims that it is the best remedy for people to overcome joint and foot pain. We must not always decide based on the claims and reviews on the seller’s website.

It will help if you do individual research on the product to understand its legitimacy and the purpose of buying it. The product lacks online reviews from consumers, and hence it calls for in-depth analysis before buying. You must check for unbiased Pillow Slides Reviews before buying it.    

If you have anything to add about the product, please write it down in the comment section.

8 thoughts on “Pillow Slides Reviews (Apr 2021) Read Before You Buy!

  1. First off, the Pillow Slides are like a plastic/rubber shoe similar to Crocs and I will say they are comfortable. However, IF you think you are getting them from somewhere in the US, you are wrong! Another China business that is falsely advertising on their website. This is on their website that they are USA owned & operated with FAST delivery. Nope took 16 days to get to me which is another lie on their website….’100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Handling time>> After payment, we make sure to deliver within 24 hours’ Another lie. I emailed them twice to tell them I wanted an refund when I found out that they were in China . First time the day after paying with no response then the next week & again no response. So I filed a claim with Paypal and they responded the next day, conveniently that ‘I needed to have patience & item had shipped.’ I emailed them again that they were falsely advertising on their website & of course, NO RESPONSE….You are taking your chances ordering from them. Also Amazon has the same ZYMC-CloudFeet-Ultra-Soft-Slippers for $4.99 + 5.99 shipping. This looks to be the same. On Icoonoo, they are $45 reduced to $25 + 5.99 shipping. So save yourself time & money by buying elsewhere.

  2. These are absolute GARBAGE and if you want to return them, you need to send them back to China at your own expense. BE FOREWARNED.

  3. It took a very long time to get my Pillow Slides. Maybe 2 weeks +! (You had to download a special app even to track the package!) They came poorly packaged with no delivery slip or indication where they came from, but luckily in good shape, not mismatched colors, and they fit perfectly. I actually really like them. They have room for a high arch (which I don’t have) but the extra room above my arch doesn’t seem to be making them fall off or anything. I think I’m just lucky though because once I ordered the whole thing felt scammy. Weird emails with no mention of the name “Pillow Slides”. No identifiers on the shoes either. And now I see that they are much more expensive than other things of the same genre that are being offered on Amazon. All’s well that ends well, but this is not a reputable company!

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