Pet Sim X Value List 2022 {Feb} Go Ahead to Read Info!

Pet Sim X Value List 2022 {Feb} Go Ahead to Read Info!

This article gives immense knowledge about Pet Sim X. Those interested in trading and playing games can get Pet Sim X Value List 2022 here.

Do you know anything about Pet Sim X value games? Are you interested in playing online games? If so, then better go through this article to learn more about the recent launch of Pet Sim X. 

Pet Sim X Value games play a huge hit among the Philippines, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Pet Sim X also has a trading system through which players can earn money.

Are you hoping to know more info? Moreover, refer to Pet Sim X Value List 2022 in the text below.

Summary on Pet Sim X.

Pet Simulator is the Roblox game which is another version of Pokemon. The players playing this game collect coins and diamonds used to buy eggs like spotted eggs, Beach eggs, ice eggs, and so on that are hatched; by pets. Among them, few are adorable, and few are dangerous. 

Pet Sim X also has a trading system to earn money by trading their pets. The players should determine which pets have a high value; to earn profit.

Let us learn more details about; Pet Sim X Value List 2022 below.

What are Pets and eggs?

Further down are some details to know about available pets and eggs. 

There are a few categories available in this game. It includes town, beach, mine, and more. In addition, the various types of eggs such as cracked spotted, golden spotted, and more are spotted. 

The hatch rate is also offered, which supports thinking before investing. Finally, the coin rates are also mentioned based on the above categories through which the player can invest.

The value list details are mentioned; below, which helps to trade in this game.

Pet Sim X Value List 2022

Here the value of the pets is mentioned and will be updated frequently; before selling them, recheck the pet value. The value list helps the players to earn a good profit for purchasing expensive pets.

Few Values are listed below:

Spotted Egg: Dog – 1 (Tier-1) 275 Coins, Cat – 1 (Tier 1) 275 Coins.

Beach Egg: Turtle – 1 (Tier-5) 1, 75,000 Coins, Ducky-1 (Coconut Egg) 1,10,000 Coins

Jungle Egg: Monkey – 3 (Tier-5) 35,000 Coins, Tiger-3 (Tier 6) 35,000 Coins

Obsidian Egg: Phoenix – 5 (VIP Pets) 2700 Robux

Few Pet Sim X Value List 2022 are mentioned above, which helps earn good profit.

How to fuse Pets?

The fusing of pets is essential for becoming stronger in the play. So, players have to spend a few coins to unlock the area. Once it is unlocked the fusion station will be there on the right side, and it says fuse pets. 

With the help of this station, the pets are fused, with 2500 gems.


Players in this game need to check the trade value of the pet. As per the understanding, the players can make money by trading their pets. As per our research, Pet Sim X Value List 2022 is appropriate for playing games and earning more profit.

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