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Have you been on the lookout for quality dishwashers? Then you must give a look. 

We shop online for almost everything, today this includes your kitchen appliances as well. Keeping a fully equipped kitchen has become of utmost importance today. As more and more people have turned into cooking aficionados, testing out new recipes. Reviews will tell you about one such site that sells food processors, stand mixers, mini-refrigerators, dishwashers, coffee makers, mobile phones & accessories, as well as some games. 

The site is currently selling in the United States, Canada, Philippines, Malaysia, United Kingdom, etc. These products offered on the website are some that are always required in your kitchen and homes. They make for excellent one-time purchases that go a long way. 

The options provided are unlimited, from the colour to the style. You will find a product that is to your liking and fits in your budget. 

But before you settle down to make purchases from the site, read our analysis below. It will help you find out Is Legit

Is Legit? 

Just like everything else, e-commerce sites too present you with their fair share of problems. On most occasions, it gets difficult to tell if the site is legit or not, which is why it is of utmost importance to read up reviews of sites before making purchases. 

The Perfect kitchen online store was set up in 2020 but promised that its customer service team is available online 24 hours. Trying to ensure their customer’s needs serviced wholeheartedly. 

However, the site lacks a phone number for customers to reach the company out on. So, Is a Scam

What is is an online store that sells kitchen appliances, games like Xbox and PS4, select mobile phones and its accessories. They provide free shipping and guarantee their product are best. 

The brand mentions that they use multiple methods of delivery to reach out to customers worldwide. For on-time delivery, you must ensure you have given the company the correct address! 

What is unique about

The most noteworthy thing about the site is that it offers a variety of designs and styles of the same product. A customer will find something they like on the site. offers products at prices that are slashed by more than half the original price. 

Also, each product has comments of customers who have previously purchased them apart from its details.  

Specifications of

  • Product- kitchen appliances, mobile phones, games 
  • Email-
  • Contact number- not provided 
  • Delivery time- not mentioned 
  • Shipping fee- Free delivery on delivery between 15-20 days, $13 on DHL delivery between 2-5 days 
  • Exchange- within 45 days from the delivery date 
  • Returns- clearly mentioned on the site. 
  • Refunds- unclear 
  • Mode of payment- online payment via master cards, visa cards, 

Pros of buying from

  • Provides 24/7 customer care support 
  • Affordable products, prices of all products slashed  
  • The site has an SSL certificate, which means your details remain secure. 
  • Every product category offers a lot of designs to choose from. 
  • Offers free worldwide delivery 

Cons of buying from 

  • Contact information is incomplete; no phone number provided. 
  • Lacks an about us page 
  • The site has a recent creation date, and that raises red flags 
  • Lacks social media presence 
  • No address provided 

Customer feedback on

The site provides customer feedback if various products right under the details. You will find that the site has no About us section, which leaves a customer suspicious. However, the comments will give you solace! 

They mention that the products work wonderfully and that they found it easy to set them up in their kitchen. Some say that the appliances were a tad bit expensive but concluded that they were worth the money. 

Can we conclude that the products from this site are worth purchasing? 

The unbelievable prices may leave you a little suspicious. 

Final Verdict- 

The site, for the most part, seems to be legit even though it has a recent creation date address. It still seems to fail at providing transparency to the customers; it gives no phone number. 

But the site covers that up by giving ample shipping, return and refund details. It also has an SSL certificate. It usually ensures a third person will not misuse your contact and card details as it is encoded. 

To conclude, you can make secure purchases from this site if you wish to. 

0 thoughts on “ Reviews {May 2020} First Read Then Buy

  1. I ordered a kitchenaid mixer and they charged me 3 differrnt price on my credit card and not the original price of $57.80 on my card. If the credit card company hadn’t caught it I wouldn’t have money.

  2. I ordered something for $5 (to try) and they charged $100 on my card. I had to raise a dispute with credit card company to get this resolved.
    I had emailed them about explanation but didn’t get a response from them, and after 3 days I raised dispute with my credit card company.

  3. It’s a total scam. I ordered a mixer back in May and haven’t received yet as of September. There seems to be NO way to get someone to answer you so I have NO idea why this said that it had good 24/7 customer service…on what planet?! DON”T buy from here!!

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