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Pearlgobuy com Reviews {Jan 2021} Know The Legitimacy


Pearlgobuy com Reviews {Jan 2021} Know The Legitimacy -> Don’t get upset if you cannot buy a realistic dog; check for the reviews of the website selling miniature pets.

Have you been searching for a website that sells teddy dogs? If you want to add a family member to your home, but you are afraid of your little toddlers getting hurt because of a realistic dog, you would love to buy a teddy dog for them.

You must check for our Pearlgobuy com Reviewsto find out if you can trust this website for purchasing teddy dogs. You will find a variety of realistic-looking dogs and other pets on this website, so you can choose according to the kid’s preference.

But before that, let’s see if is a legit online shopping store or not.

What is

Pearlgobuy com is an online shopping website where you can find a miniature of your favorite pet animals. If you are afraid of keeping dogs or Guinea pigs at your place, you can buy the stuffed toys giving a realistic look.

Though these stuffed toys will not have any emotions, they will give you a feel of a real pet animal. It has been created entirely like a whole pet animal. All the products sold on the website can be used for gifting someone. But before new finally decide to buy the product from this website, check all the Pearlgobuy Com reviewsavailable.

Specifications of

  • Name of site:
  • Products: stuff dogs,
  • Address For return: 7- Yongda Rd. – Jingangcheng North Rd. – Huadong Town, CN
  • Return email id:
  • Office Location: Unit D 16/F ONE CAPITAL PLACE 18 LUARD ROAD
  • Payment options: credit card, debit card, PayPal
  • Social media presence: NA

Pros of buying from

  • All the products sold by the website gives a look of realistic pets
  • All the stuffed toys are available at a reasonable price
  • The website which is selling the product is HTTPS secured

Cons of buying from

  • is a recently created website and has only a 1-month-old domain age
  • The website has not gained much popularity on Alexa
  • People who are looking for real pets will not find the website exciting
  • No Pearlgobuy Com reviews available

Is a legit website? is a recently registered online store which is containing a lot of doubtful things. Many online shoppers from theUnited States are not sure if Pearlgobuy Com reviews given on the website can be trusted or it’s a scam.

Looking at the website at first, you will completely think of it as a reputable and legit site. Unfortunately, after doing analysis, we found that the website is misleading. We found that the website is only 1 month and a few days old and so it is not popular among purchasers.

Although the site has an HTTPS secure connection, by considering this point, we cannot placean order. We were not able to trace many customer reviews as the website is too new, and it has not collected much Alexa popularity as well.

What arePearlgobuy com reviews?

Finding out customer reviews for a website is a big task. We need to research a lot to find out all the genuine customer reviews. While looking for the customer reviews for this website, we have done in-depth research, but unfortunately, we did not found customer reviews because of the newness of this site.

However, the most suspicious point about the website is that it is having a lot of customer reviews on the site itself. But has already discussed with not found customer reviews on Google or any other review site.

A website that lacks customer reviews and other essential points is not a website that can be trusted for shopping. You can look for some other websites to buy stuff toys which give a real pet like the look.

Final Verdict:

We are putting this website in a suspicious site category. Lack of Pearlgobuy com reviewsand newness of the website are the strong points not to shop from this site. So don’t trust this website but at the same time, if you have ordered anything from here, give your feedback below.

Did you almost get lured by this website, or you were tricked because this site looks genuine? Do share your experience with us and write to us what you think about this website.


  1. I have a very bad feeling that I”ve been conned. I ordered two puppies and a kitty for a total of $74.37. When tracking my order Sunday 12/6 it said two items had been shipped and waiting on the third item. Today 12/8 I checked and they say one puppy paid, one failed, and noting on the third item. Yet all three have been paid for. Plus, no information on tracking whereabouts.

  2. I ordered a Christmas light projection on Dec. 7, it showed shipped on Dec. 8. Today is Dec. 14 and
    tracking shows it just arrived at International airport for flight to U.S. Too slow I should have
    received it by now.

  3. I got one of these from puppy go buy. It is hard plastic cheap toy. Doesn’t do anything. Doesn’t take batteries. Very disappointing.

  4. I have ordered two dogs from the website. It says paid and it says shipped. Then it says click below to track package. When I click o tracking it says fold tracking which I don’t understand what that means. I am going to give it a few more days and then I am going to open a complaint with resolution department of PayPal if I don’t get my package or more tracking information.

  5. I purchased a pop up bed from a site like this it looked so real, paid 98,00 they showed shipped. What I got was a frozen necklace, but PayPal shows it shipped and a shipping document, which they did have but not for the product I ordered, could not get my money back, finally gave up which I have been told is what they want. After that I just don’t trust these pop up websites. I anyone finds this is legit, please share.

  6. The reason you cannot find genuine reviews, is that they have the right to approve the reviews before they get posted. IT IS A SCAM!!

  7. I ordered 2 puppies on December 4th and have not received the items as of today. I cannot find info about the order but i know I was charged. What a dope I was to trust this company.

  8. All the photos of the “toy animals” they have on their site can be google traced back and ARE ACTUALLY REAL ANIMALS, NOT TOYS!!!!!!! They use images of real animals to make you THINK you’re buying a realistic toy, but the truth is they have no product to offer (or at the very least, a very cheap made-in-china figure you can get at your local dollar store for a few cents).


    Also, as an artist myself, you will NOT get photorealistic figures for under 100 dollars. If you want a realistic figure, save up for it, because they cost a lot of money because a lot of work goes into them. Also they’re sold on Etsy, mostly. Also they’re not called TOYS, they’re called ART DOLLS. DO NOT GIVE THEM TO KIDS, THEY CAN AND WILL BREAK IF PLAYED WITH. THEY ARE FRAGILE, AND MEANT ONLY TO BE USED AS PROPS OR DECORATION.

    TL;DR: the site uses images of real animals to make you think you’re buying a realistic toy for 20 bucks or so. If you want a realistic figure of an animal, be prepared to spend up to 100-1000 dollars for one because real artists don’t work for cheap. Also buy on Etsy. Also also, they’re not toys. They’re art dolls. Don’t give them to kids unless you want your 100-1000 dollar piece of artwork to be ruined. 🙂

  9. I ordered a “realistic looking pig from them, but what I received was nothing like what was advertised. This company is ripping people off.

  10. I ordered one of the puppy for my grandson in November and they didn’t ship out tell December 7 hopen it would be here before Christmas and it didn’t get here and I can’t track it and it is payed for so I had to give him book that I had at my house and he opens the box he got all upset if I get it I will not order nothing from them IAM so mad that I got scammed

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