Paymentus Email Scam (Dec 2020) Scroll Down for Its Facts!

Paymentus Email Scam (Dec 2020) Scroll Down for Its Facts!

Paymentus Email Scam (Dec 2020) Scroll Down for Its Facts! >> With this article, we are alerting you about an e-mail scam!

Are you among those who are trapped in an e-mail scam? Paymentus Email Scam is being noticed around the United States after receiving a fake e-mail from the scammers.

Paymentus is a well-known and fastest-growing network of payments and billings. Customers can access the industry and join the instant payment network through their widely known payment platform.

With this article, we will let you know about the e-mail scam, which affected many people.

What Is Paymentus?

Paymentus is an online platform that partners with over 1,500 clients of many industries in the United States.

Paymentus is in the news due to Paymentus Email Scam, as the scammers used the name of this well-known online payment and billing platform to send fake e-mails.

We advise our viewers to stay alert if you get any message through e-mail stating the name of Paymentus. It can be a virus that can damage your electronic device if you tap on any link included in the message.

This platform is customized according to the billers’ requirements across the non-profit, utilities, healthcare industries, government, auto-finance, mortgage, homeowner associations, and property management.

Is Paymentus An Authentic Platform?

Paymentus is an online platform of an independent company that provides services of bill presentment, and online bill payments in more than 48 states to over 450 clients.

Many people were trapped in the Paymentus Email Scam recently. However, this online platform is recognized and widely known as one of the leaders in payment solutions and billings in North America.

The e-mail scam was due to a fake message sent through the scammers in the name of Paymentus. However, the officials of Paymentus have denied sending these e-mails to its customers and clients.

What is the response Of Paymentus to this scam?

A well-known company has stated about the scam warning. It warns its customers that the company notifies them only of the status of their accounts. 

Also, the notifications are sent only if the customer has signed up for it. They sign up for this facility when the customers make their payments through online bill payments at Paymentus.

It is Paymentus Email Scam if anyone receives an e-mail in their name.

Final Verdict:

Many scammers are using online social media platforms for scams and vulnerable activities. Recently, an e-mail scam is noticed where receivers get e-mails in the name of a reputed online platform.

It can also be a survey that can grab your details to land you in fraudulent activities by the scammers. Staying alert is the best way, and please inform the officials of the Paymentus if you receive e-mails stating the names of their officials.

For this new scam, the name of Paymentus is being used. Any e-mails sent from Paymentus will contain its domain name. If you receive any e-mail apart from their domain, it is Paymentus Email Scam.

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