Reviews (Nov) All About Social Talking App! Reviews (Nov) All About Social Talking App! Reviews (Nov) All About Social Talking App! >> This article will give you the information to understand the new social media application used to discuss on particular topics and its reviews. Reviews: In this technological era, whenever anyone feels boredom and loneliness, people rejuvenate themselves using the internet by listening to music, playing online games, and conversations with friends on call and social media.

What if your friends are busy and cannot reply to your texts and calls, and you want a discussion on a topic with them. Then, you go for another option, and the best option is social network sites and applications. There are numerous apps and websites on which you can do discussions with random persons.

Further, the United States is the first country where a University student invented a social networking website, and now his website has its worth in billions of USD. Here, we have a social networking app on that app you talk with any age user to discuss topics. Let us get more information for this fantastic website app by getting into the post on Social Media.

What is the Parlor Social Talking App?

 It is a Social app for your Android phone users and iPhone users. This website aims to connect the people who want to make conversations on the topics with other people at the same time. This app is easy as to call your friend on a mobile phone. Further, you can make amazing conversations with other app users. 

On this app, you can add friends to the friend list. After adding your friends, you can make conversations; send text messages, and even pictures. Further, in this app, you can make meaningful conversations with the people. Let us go through Reviews in detail and find out Application feedbacks. 

Details for this social media application

  • Web Links: If you are an Android phone user, go to the Google App Store, and iPhone users download this app on the Apple App Store. 
  • Features: In this app, you can make friends, do Messages, video calls, private calls, Discuss topics, and even watch videos of United States Celebrities.

What did customers think about this social networking app?

On getting through the Reviews, we get to know that it has more than one million users download this social networking app. Further, we found many reviews on the internet and in the app stores, and the feedback of customers has mixed thoughts. 

In positive thoughts, customers say that this is a fantastic app for discussions on topics with the same taste buds and easy to use. While some people say it is time wasting and stops many times when using it, few say they face sign-up issues.

Final Thought

This app has mixed customer reviews. So after analyzing through Reviews, we suggest users to do more exploration by own for this app.

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  1. I put down in Parlor setup that I was English. But because I said I lived in Japan they put me in a total Japanese site. I said , ENGLISH.”
    I edited my profile to say my home Country but nothing changed.

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