Parent.Neverskip .com (August) Let Us Know More About It

Parent.Neverskip .com (August) Let Us Know More About It

Parent.Neverskip .com (August) Let Us Know More About It >> The article includes information related to the school-parent apps to trace their activities.

Most of the time, it is impossible to keep track of a kid in school for parents. We are following the same old tradition of getting involved with a child. Certain measurements were taken to fill the gap between the information transform by teachers to the parents. But somehow it lacks the trust issues; the fault may be from both sides. To overcome that, there is a solution name Parent.Neverskip .com.

In today’s world, when each implementation is based on the digital platform in the manufacturing industries and social activities, why not use it to monitor the child’s actions? There is a need for such solutions in India that should be effective and more accurate to keep track of the students, teachers, and parents’ performance in the future of the child.

As now, we have several digital platforms available where they can attend digital classes and take tuitions for free. There are paid applications also available which guide the students and match the flow of the catching power of the child.

What is Neverskip?

Neverskip is a digital platform in India that is available now to keep the track record of the child. You can also download the application of Neverskip school parent app; it is available on both Android and IOS platforms. The app will also show you the attendance, school fees, about parent meetings, and all the related information of functions and celebration of schools.

You can also see the videos and images of the teachers, principals, and students. It will also help those parents who are somehow unable to attend the school function. They can also clear their query related to the child or related to the school.

To know more, keep on reading about Parent.Neverskip .com.

Features of the Neverskip Application

  • Compatible to all Android and IOS devices
  • Required Android version 6.0 and above
  • Get access to information on parent meetings, fees due and kids progress report 
  • Only parents who are authorized can get access and no one else
  • You can also track the school bus

How to download the application?

  • Open the play store 
  • Search the Application with name
  • Click on the install button
  • After complete download open the app
  • You will be asked to fill the data about the school
  • Now you are ready to access


It is crucial nowadays to take concern of the kids in every aspect because it is not only related to their future but also for their security. It will ensure you about your child, and also helps to see his/her school records and performance. The chat facilities allow the parents to interact with the school to get exact facts.

May be Parent.Neverskip .com has some flaws, but it is a helpful way to keep an eye on owns kid. So, if you are using such Application and wants to share your thought on these kinds of platforms or have any suggestions you can share it us on the comment section.

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