Parcel Sorting Center Scam Text (Sep 2020) Explore It.

Parcel Sorting Center Scam Text (Sep 2020) Explore It.

Parcel Sorting Center Scam Text (Sep 2020) Explore It.>>In the above article, you read about a scam text being sent to people in parcel sorting centers.

Cyber Scams and Cyber Crimes have been on the rise for years now and have been a serious concern for us.

Parcel Sorting Center Scam Text is now being received frequently by many people these days. These messages are a threat to the security of the users. 

Several cases of this fraud have been reported across states in the United States. Police have received several complaints regarding such scam messages as they are sure that their personal information is being misused. 

To know more about the Parcel Sorting Center Scam Text and the ways to deal with it, do read the following article.

What is the Parcel Sorting Center Scam Text?

Recently, many people have been receiving Parcel Sorting Center Scam Text. These are the text messages received from different numbers in various delivery or warehouse companies. These messages convey that the company won’t deliver the parcels due to exceeding costs, no response from the receiver’s end, etc. 

Who can be the possible victims of this Scam?

The most frequent victims of this Scam are the people who frequently order online. These online orders are delivered through the parcel or delivery agents. So, it becomes difficult for buyers to differentiate between genuine and Scam delivery messages.

Thus, people should beware of such messages, especially in the case when they haven’t ordered or expected anything via parcels.

How to save yourself from such Scams?

In case you detect text messages saying the parcel cannot be delivered due to cost or address not found by the parcel or warehouse company, you can suspect the text message to be a fraud. These text messages might also have links for tracking parcels, which might ask the users to enter their personal information, which can be misused.

People are advised to detect these messages, which can be a scam, and not click the links given to track the parcels. In no case, any personal or confidential information should be given on these links.

What if you have been scammed?

In case you feel that your personal or confidential information has been leaked or misused, you can report the same to the police. Police, with the help of the information provided, can trace the person behind this Scam.

In case of serious issues, cybersecurity teams can also protect confidential information and take severe actions against people doing these illegal acts.


Parcel Sorting Center Scam Text is undoubtedly proving to be very disturbing for people. Thus, people should be aware of these scams, ways to deal with it, and need to report to concerned authorities if they detect some fraud.

Do let us know about your experience and other concerns on the Parcel Sorting Center Scam Text in the comments section below and help other people save themselves from these scams.

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  1. I received a Parcel sorting Center text , didn’t open it because I know that the parcel Center do not text you information about a package. Below I written down what the text said that I received.
    Thank you

    # + 1(216) 868-6706
    Voicemail: Parcel Sorting Canter. Found package addressed to Deborah. Last pick-up day- Friday.

  2. received one today from 216 867 8976
    “Voicemail: Parcel Sorting Center: Found Package addressed to ———-. Last pick-up day – Saturday! etc etc. link

  3. I “know” it’s a scam but I don’t know it with absolute confidence. So I keep feeling ambivalent about it and prompted to click on it. I looked it up to settle on a clear sense that it’s bogus.

  4. I received one of these messages but suspected it might be a scam and didn’t open it. I am trying to decide if i should contact the police.

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