Painttooo com Reviews [April] Is This Site Genuine?

Painttooo com Reviews [April] Is This Site Genuine?

Painttooo com Reviews [April] Is This Site Genuine? -> Read, Understand, and Enjoy! In this post, we will give you a detailed report on this website that offers DIY painting kits by the numbers.

Do you have a passion for painting and want to enthrall & enchant your loved ones and others with your artwork? If you answer “yes” to this question, then comes into existence and would help you in fulfilling this passion. It has been gaining massive popularity amongst art lovers in the United State.

But when you think of, many questions may come to your mind, such as what is What kind of paintings does it offer? Is it trustworthy or not? 

In this Reviews post, we will answer all your questions and would provide you with a detailed report on this website. Kindly go through the full post to have more understanding of the and the kind of paintings it is offering. Thanks for giving us your time. 


Painttooo is an online shopping website and is offering DIY painting kits by the numbers. It has been gaining popularity amongst all the art lovers all across the globe. It is founded by the team of passionate hippies who believe that it is possible to get anything you want from your life.

Their goal is to offer the most exciting products around on the internet, and they want to see you happier and live your life to the fullest. 

Specifications of

  • Type: Online Store
  • Available at:
  • Products Offered: DIY painting kits by the numbers.
  • E-mail id:
  • Secured: Yes, SSL (https) encrypted
  • Payment Gateways: American Express, Visa, Maestro, PayPal, and Master Card
  • Mode of Payment: Credit card/ Debit Card
  • Shipping Policy: Free Shipping over $30
  • Shipping Duration: 7-10 business days
  • Return Policy: Available 
  • Keep you updated: Yes, Subscribe to their newsletter.
  • Offer Available: Buy 3, get one free!

Collection of Paintings offers a mesmerizing range of DIY painting kits by the numbers related to animals, plants, classic, flowers, figure, landscape, cartoon, and city life. They also offer Gift cards that have no additional processing fees.

Who’s this for? is very much popular amongst the people who are beginners in the painting field or who have a great love for the painting. It offers DIY pictures by numbers, which is a secure method of panting. No painting skills are required to paint by using painting kits from 

Children & kids all across the globe are using these DIY paintings to the fullest extent as these help in improving concentration and increase the observation for the detail.

How to use it?

The DIY painting kits offered by are very much easy & convenient to use. You need to purchase the painting of your choice from Then start with the canvas by filling the numbered blocks with the same numbered paints. It’s that easy, isn’t it! 

The Package contains the following ingredients:

  • 1 X numbered high-quality canvas made up of linen.
  • Canvas Size: 16” X 20” / 40 X 50 cm 
  • 1 X set of 3 paint brushes (Small, Medium, and Large X 1)
  • 1 X Numbered Acrylic paint set (approx. 24 different colors, but also depends on the type of the painting)

Advantages of Using

  • is SSL (https) encrypted, which means it is secured.
  • It uses multiple payment options.
  • It is the most appropriate gift for your loved ones. You can gift them any DIY painting kit and give them a chance to enjoy DIYing!
  • What can be the best idea than decorating your own home or your workplace with the beautiful piece of art? Buy any painting from and give a makeover to your home and your workplace.
  • You can set aside your worries and can keep you busy with your artwork.
  • It is effortless and easy to use that even a beginner can draw a marvelous piece of art with painting kits.

Negative Aspects of

  • The frame is not including in the Package. You need to order it separately.
  • They are absent from social media.

What do we conclude?

In this Reviews, we have learned that this website caters to the painting needs of all the beginners, and the art lovers. So all you lovely people! What are you waiting for? Just buy any painting from the and enjoy painting! 

Kindly share your experience with us. We will be happy to hear from you!

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