Outhave com Reviews {July} Is It Legit or Another Scam?

Outhave com Reviews {July} Is It Legit or Another Scam?

Outhave com Reviews {July} Is It Legit or Another Scam? -> In this article, we inform you about the legitimacy of the site that claims to sell designer handbags, key-rings, laptops, etc.

Do you love to flaunt your stylish dresses with beautiful bags? Then it would be best if you came to Outhave.com where you will get to see and buy trendy handbags.

But, it is essential for you to know this company from every aspect and check out for Outhave Com Reviews on multiple platforms. 

This online store has initially started its services in the United States, and it is looking forward to capturing a majority of the market share.

The online shopping portals have made it very easy for us to buy whatever we want with just a few clicks. All you have to do is to fetch your necessary details and proceed for the payment. Several kinds of payment gateways have made it very easier for us. 

Before you proceed to buy from this portal, let us find out more details like Is Outhave Com Legit?

What is Outhave.com? 

It is an eCommerce website, where you can buy superior quality handbags. These handbags are designed or inspired by famous designers, like Neelofa, Nicole W., etc. The online portal not only deals with individuals but also sells its products to businesses.

Well, you do not have to go anywhere as this website will fulfill all kinds of accessory needs like bags, canvas, key-rings, shoes, laptops and lots more. 

This website is a recent registry in the online market and is 38 days old, which raises a few doubts in the minds of the customers. Therefore, it is essential for our readers to know Is Outhave Com Legit? We will discuss the same in the upcoming sections.

Specifications of Outhave.com:

  • Hosted By: Outhave.com
  • Website: https://www.outhave.com/
  • Contact Number: (914) 882-3355
  • Recipient Name: Miguel Tello   
  • Return Address: 22433, Marketplace, Apartment M1096, Redmond, WA, United States
  • Mailing Address: contact@outhave.com
  • Processing time: 1-2 business days
  • Delivery time: Domestic: 7-9 working days, International:15-20 working days
  • Return/Exchange Policy: faulty products can be returned/exchanged within 10 days
  • Payment Mode: Paypal

Benefits of shopping from Outhave.com:

  • The website offers you a plethora of options for designer handbags. 
  • The prices of all the products are pocket-friendly.
  • The contact details are explicitly mentioned.
  • It has quick and efficient customer service. 
  • The website has a valid SSL certification.

Drawbacks of shopping from Outhave.com:

  • The website drives meager traffic on its panel; the reason could be its low popularity
  • Even the domain name the website was just one month ago.
  • The company’s address is fake.
  • The categories do not correspond to the products. 
  • No COD payment option

Is Outhave Com Legit?

With an increasing number of websites, there are many new companies coming up in the market. Some are really good, but some are meant to scam customers. One such company that has come into the limelight is Outhave.com.

The company’s About Us page is a very important page through which you can extract out most of the information about the company. But this website lacks the About Us page, which can create doubts among the potential buyers, where they are not able to see the relevant information about the company. 

So, Is Outhave Com Legit? No, we do not found this website a legit place to do the online shopping, as this website has a very low trust score, and it does not have cash on delivery facility. Even a few of them have also gone to its official address, but they did not find any relevance of the company. 

Customers’ Reviews about Outhave.com:

Customer reviews play a very important role in determining whether one should go ahead with shopping or not. As it is one of the parameters on which the person judges if this website is suitable for purchasing or not. 

The website does not welcome much traffic on its page, as there are many who are not aware of its existence. The company has not promoted itself well on various social media platforms.

But still, after reviewing all the companies from many perspectives, we found a few of the Outhave Com Reviews on the internet. In these reviews, people have claimed that they did not receive the product even after paying the full payment for it. 

Some other reviews inform us that the transactions were cancelled and money was refunded to the customer’s account. Therefore, it is right to say that the site is a trap to extract customer’s account details without delivery of products.

Overall, the site seems to be a scam and looks like a method to extort customer’s credit card information to extract money for malign purposes.

Final Verdict:

Here, in this article, we tried to put forth Outhave Com Reviews and tried to make people aware if this is a relevant site for shopping or not. Though it has its SSL certification, the invalidation of address is not giving us the reason to proceed with the shopping process.

The unavailability of the “About Us” page and lack of social media presence does not validate the credibility of this online portal. The presence of only one mode of payment drives away the customers who are willing to pay cash on delivery.

Additionally, in the case of returns/exchanges, the delivery fee is borne by the customer. This has led to a few unhappy customers as well. As a result of these factors, the site fails to build brand loyalty amongst the customers and have gathered negative reviews from its users.

In conclusion, we review the site to be a scam and do not recommend the same to any of our readers. Refrain from buying from this site and leaking your credit card information.

You can also share your reviews with us in the comment section if you have ever purchased anything.

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  1. I just purchased a camp chair from outhave.com this week. Unfortunately, I researched them after the purchase. The only payment they accepted was PayPal. I contacted PayPal immediately to let them know about the scam. PayPal said there was nothing they could do since the order was still pending. Since then, outhave.com has “processed” my order, took my money and sent me “tracking info” that says the product was delivered to me the day before I ordered it! Not sure what Pay Pal is going to do now…

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