News Scam {Dec 2020} Read About This Scam! Scam 2020 Scam {Dec 2020} Read About This Scam! >> The post shares details of the new cyber scam surfacing and troubling the people. Please check the details now.

If you are getting unsolicited and unexpected calls from unknown numbers asking to access a website to download programs and software from unknown sources, please don’t do it as it is the new Scam circulating in the United States.  

Some scammers call residents randomly and ask them to visit the website and download unknown programs and software. It must be avoided because following those instructions may lead to financial and personal information theft by scammers and cybercriminals. 

Microsoft Tech Support never calls their customers and request to download unknown programs and software. So, it is a scam and must be avoided. 

What is Scam?

A new type of scam is circulating across the United States. The scammers and cybercriminals are randomly calling the residents and claiming that their PC or laptop is having problems and errors with Microsoft OS

The scammers urge the people to visit the website and download unknown software and programs into their system. Following their instructions may lead to identity and financial information theft, and hence it must be avoided. 

It is surely a scam because the Microsoft Tech Support team never calls their customers unless requested. Scam exists to steal the financial and personal information of innocent residents.

The scammers trick the victims and urge them to download spyware or gain remote access to their system to steal information and financial data from the system. 

How to Avoid Getting Tricked by Scammers and Cyber Criminals?

People are frustrated in America from such scam calls from cybercriminals and finding an effective solution for it. If you are also tricked by the scammers and received calls from cybercriminals, you may follow a few simple steps to avoid getting tricked next time. 

  • First, you must block the number from where you are receiving the calls for Scam
  • Disconnect the system from the internet connection immediately 
  • Hire a tech-savvy person to scan your system and find if there are any spyware and surveillance software hidden in the system
  • The cybercriminals may also install unknown software program in your system, and it can be deleted with a deep scan of the system 

These are the steps you have to take to stay safe and protected from cybercriminals and scammers’ tricks. 

People Reactions on the Scam is a suspicious website with an average trust score. There is a high risk involved in using the website. People who are receiving calls from the scammer are frustrated and shared their experiences with the scam calls.

People are aware that the Microsoft Tech Support team won’t call any customers until requested, and hence they are blocking the number of scammers. As per their reports, they are receiving calls from 602-795-2230. It is the number from where scammers call the people and ask them to be part of Scam.     

Conclusion is the new scam website that is asking people to download software and programs from unknown sources. People are aware of this new scam, and they are blocking and ignoring the number from where scammers are calling. 

If you have anything to add about the cyber scam, please share it in the comment section. 

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