Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd Reviews {Jan 2021} Is It A Scam?

Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd Reviews {Jan 2021} Is It A Scam?

Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd Reviews {Jan 2021} Is It A Scam? >> This article is about an unlisted private company and an e-commerce store. Read to know more!

Are you familiar with the statistics ratio of unemployment? The unemployment rate increases in ‘INDIA,’ and almost 20 million people lost their jobs due to this pandemic.  Are you suffering from financial issues in this pandemic situation? If yes, and you are looking for more earning options, then  Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd based is a one-stop destination for all your problems. But, before making any decision, it is crucial to know about a company’s legitimacy.

This article will talk about one such startup that pays the people for bringing more members to the company. This company is also making people partners in their profit, so are you interested in knowing more than reading this article.

The report is on Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd Reviews, and this is a website of the company providing an additional income source to people. Also, many different theories are going on in the market about this website.

You can go through the review and know more about this website.

So, let’s do a complete study on this website.

What is Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd?

Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd was founded in 2019 & is headquartered in Pune.

According to the website details, the company caters to different services like gaming, e-commerce, database services, system support services, etc.

The company is also linked with an e-commerce site, which is https://osmarket.in/index.php. Osmarket is an online store based in India that deals with multiple products, including gifts for men & women, health care products, gifts for kids, electronics & appliances, travel bags, accessories, etc.

Going through Osmose Technology Review, it is found that this company is dealing with earning sources and an ecommerce portal.

The social media accounts of Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd represent related to how to earn additional income, and the social media accounts of Osmose.in are not active and misleading.

If you are curious to know Osmose Technology Fake or Real, then continue reading the post.

Specifications of the website:

  • Website type: Earning Platform & Essential products
  • Website link: http://osmosetech.com/
  • Shipping: The product shipping is within 24 hours or a few days.
  • E-mail address: Not there.
  • Contact information: Not there
  • Website review: There are many Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd Reviews
  • Company address: Pune Satara road, Kumar Surabhi opposite sai baba mandir, swarga Pune, 411009
  • Mode of payment: You can pay via digital payment options.

Pros of the website:

  • You can get all the essential items like clothing on the website.
  • The website is giving a redeemable coupon of 1200 rupees.
  • You can become a profit-sharing member of the company.
  • The website is present on social media handles, and you can find many ‘Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd Reviews.’

Cons of the website:

  • You get the coupon once you become a member, and you need to pay 1180 for that.
  • The website is not providing contact details like mail address and the contact number.
  • The website collects money from people to make them profit sharing members, and many people complain about it and claimed it Osmose Technology Fraud.

Is Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd Legit?

According to the study-  On social media handles, including Facebook and Youtube, people shared their experiences with the company, which are good.

Https://www.osmosetech.com/ website was created on4th Januaryn 2020 and https://osmarket.in/ was created on11th Marchh 2020.  As per this information, the site seems to be legit, but there are some loopholes that makes it quite suspicious.

Missing details and incomplete information defines the fakeness of the site. Another reason is that the company charges 1180 rupees from people to become profit-sharing partners, and many people are complaining that they do not receive the money. Also, amongst the many ‘Osmose Technology Complaints’ few people say that the website is a scam and does not buy anything from the website.

Thus, please do not become a member of this website and stay away from it as there is no surety of it being legal.

What do people want to say about Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd?

Majority of the customers claimed  the website scam and will run away with people’s money. But, many ‘Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd Reviews’ say that people are earning income daily. Even on social media handles including Facebook and youtube, people are sharing their experiences with the company which are good. Thus, there are mixed reviews, and we cannot conclude the site legitimacy depending on the reviews.


The final verdict about the website is that it is eight months old, but we cannot say it is legal or fake. Among  many Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd Reviews, a few are positive, and the rest are negative. Though everything seems legit and perfect, we still find something suspicious about this website.

We recommend all the people to stay from this website and its membership and do proper research before any involvement.  We highly recommend you to explore this website on your best level and make a wise decision. Also, share your experience below, if any.

0 thoughts on “Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd Reviews {Jan 2021} Is It A Scam?

  1. I came to know about the osmose technology through my friend. He is earning 1 thousand rupees daily.
    They charge 1180rs to became the member, once you became the member you will get 20rs daily.
    But you can’t withdraw until you have 500rs in your account.
    The daily earning amount keep increasing as more and more keep joining below you.
    I am in a great dout this company is a scam.

    1. The company is giving income daily 20Rs regular and level income also into the et after completion of 500 we can transfer amount to the bank…it is real. I transferred 1500Rs to my bank account till now,amount credited in my account

      1. Mai bhi member hu. Company paisa de rahi hai apse kuchh nhi le rahi hai 1200/-rupee le rhi hai to use badle 1200/-rs ki coopan de rahi hai. Us coopan se khariddari kr lijiye aur 20/-daily de rhi bina jode income badana chahte hai to kam krna padega. Company legal hai.

        1. Yes very true and I doubt whether they will pay us. I asked for withdrawal in December 2020, I haven’t received any money moreover they stopped crediting Rs.20/- from 01-01-2021. Two of my referrals to did not get their withdrawals

          1. Yes very true and I doubt whether they will pay us. I asked for withdrawal in December 2020, I haven’t received any money moreover they stopped crediting Rs.20/- from 01-01-2021. Two of my referrals to did not get their withdrawals

    2. During pandemic some of my family friend told me about this osmose thing I didn’t entertain the person so far. Firstly I check on Google about company’s official website but highly disappointed , this company is IT based company as far they are pretending in there several teaser but failed to convince me , if you go through there official YouTube channel you’ll find out as they’re predicting IT professionalism in E Commerce field why they’re staff is so illiterate kindly re check the video until you try to analyze osmose people’s tendency in the several videos they’ve been posted, no ethics , no assurity about company Similarly check their FB page there’s no professionalism… Secondly they’re targeting specifically middle class people they’re taking advantage of their innocence I’m so shocked, at the moment they might increditing people’s accounts but what if all of sudden company shall get disapparate , where will you go and find out those goons? I would suggest not to entertain this bullshit scam, it’s fraudulent and time shall prevail truth . I pray & hope by that time lack of people should not go into isolation by accepting the fact there was a osmose company who cheated people’s trust, …..all I can say you just can’t be brainless, just don’t go with the flow , you cannot defy the facts there’s alot suspicious stuff about this company! People open your eyes just don’t blindly trust .

    3. KRISH , I think your dout based on your assumption only. company was launched international plan and try to cover gaming industries.
      and it is good if they share profit, we are getting daily income since couple of months without fail.

  2. it is not fake….in lock down many peoples got some earnings….while no one deed…
    no government or any industry look to the common man for their surviving
    so please stop …. such nonsense

    1. Hey Man!! Has Osmose provided you earning source,Its inshort osmose has duped you and in greed of earning money you are duping other people too. Best of luck !!

    1. I was thinking of joining this but need your review!
      So what have you purchased from that vocher!? Have you checked whether the goods are worthy!? And can you assure that the company will not shut down one day taking the money!?

      1. you can register and deposit the specified amount in Company Account for Activation. Or contact some one who is already a member.. He will give a ref link and activate it !! Many of us already withdraw more then Rs.500/- and getting 20/- rs daily as promotional plus level income!!

  3. absolute bull shit, This website is making a fool out of common people. Just think practically. People promoting it are brainless fools.

  4. This is not fake company osmose is real and many people are happy to join these ……..fuck of bloody jealous person desh drohi ho tum jo is company k liye galat bol rhe ho jb koi hamare Indians ko achi income provide krta h desh k logo ki income k liye kuch new thinking ko lata h tumhare jaise kamine log thode se paiso k liye hamari company ko badnaam krte ho jalo mat barabari karo …….
    “(Hume khairat me mili khushiya psnd ni hum apne gamo me bhi nawabo ki tarah jite hai…)”

    1. A company with no sustainable business model, or perhaps no business model is a scam. If you want to invest money, invest it properly in legitimate options like stocks, real estate, gold, or bonds. This is just stupidity. You should start legitimate businesses in India for employment generation not such ponzi schemes which rip off the hard earned money of parents.

    2. All bullshit, they have their agents for publicity and fool innocent people by forcing them to join. Initially they pay upto Rs.500/- then your balance Rs.700/- out of Rs.1200/- invested is gone. They ask you to perform some foolish task, these are for useless idiot people who don’t have any work.

  5. Osmose technology pvt Ltd leading company in India last 8month.I am earning per day1600rs good for family. To join or full details of earning proof WhatsApp 7021396945 .sponsor I’d OS25378511

    1. Congratulations!!!!One for Fraud….hum kab sudhrenge…pehele Growmore fir Rose Valley ab ae….are logo ko itni lalaj kis chis ka hai….koi bhi sidhe se paishe kamana hi chahata…phir jab dhoka khate hai tab bolte hai….are galti tum logo ki hai…to bhukatna to paregai

  6. //Another reason that the website seems to be suspicious is that it deals with clothing and other gift items. Still, on its social media handles, it talks about generating additional income. The company is also taking activation fees of 1180 from people.//

    My response:
    Company is taking ₹1200 as activation fees for those who wants to enjoy benefits of earning using and referring social media app PikFlick, not for buying products.

  7. //Cons of the website:
    -You get the coupon once you become a member, and you need to pay 1180 for that.
    -The website is not providing contact details like mail address and the contact number.
    -The website collects money from people to make them profit sharing members, and many people complain about it.//

    My response:
    – The author is confused about OS Market and PikFlick app. Company is taking money for activation of social media app PikFlick for getting usage and referral benefits. And providing same amount of vouchers for the people to buy from the website. Means no loss for the users.
    – Contact details are available.
    – Nobody is complaining about paying money as the company is not forcing people to pay money. Only those who are willing to enjoy the benefits of the PikFlick app, can activate themselves by paying ₹1200 (they get that money in retur as voucher), and get daily ₹20 for using the app and extra referral daily benefits.

  8. //Many people say that the website and the company are a fraud and will run away with people’s money. *But, many ‘Osmose Technology Pvt Ltd Reviews’ says that people are earning income daily. Even on social media handles, people are sharing their team and the money they are making.*

    Thus, there are mixed reviews, and *we cannot conclude the site legitimacy depending on the reviews*.//

    Response: I’ve never ever seen people in any network marketing or MLM company giving their income details publicly in such a huge number. That shows that people are really earning money from the company. The website doesn’t give verdict that company is scam or fake but just asks the reader to analyse it properly.

  9. My self manish This company is very help full people And Also making Trusted Everbody like he says Mlm bussiness iss fucking peoples But osmose Is comming for Again trust make like All Backword Area to belong and Not success any Cycle made My Sponser id Is OS67192282
    Anyone Use for new Ragistraion on site And Active her ID thank you
    My income per day gross

  10. There is an fake products, Once this company products compare to another online e commerce company products, there is highly costly as the same item. So Don’t buy any items in this company.

  11. Support Indian App.

    Support Made in India App.

    It’s not fake at all.

    Osmose generating many jobs in market in Corona Pendamic. The company maintains transparency.

    Stop spreading fake reviews.

    Osmose is fulfilled dreams of Modiji of Make and Made in India

    1. Negative thinkers are saying company is fraud. I dont know how they decide themselves like this without joining to the company .I have joined tgis osmose company just 2 months back now I have been getting 2000+ per day .I just paid onky 1200.00 at the time of registration . Comoany never hide anything . Its genuine and trusted one when compared to other network marketing company as thete is no chain system no binary income system.

  12. I very happy with Osmostech.
    I am earning Good.
    There is nothing to lose but everything to earn and gain!
    Please stop posting negative reviews!
    All are earning good and OsmoseTech maintains full transparency…

  13. Lots of people earning in laks everymonth. I’m also part of it. If you want to bcum a part of successful team and free joining whatsapp me @7875926060

  14. Hi All, I want to let you know its a another form of “Chain business” as happened previously by many fraud company… it “boats” of 1 lakh daily income too [aka – 100000 x 7days… HAHAHAHAHA…. not even good Manager earns so much without bending his dash]… there all matters t this company in keep “linking” and get “benefits” [god knows wat…!!!]… !!! so “pure scam based” company which is made for corona times and ppl are sure to get !!! sooner or later

  15. Its nothing but a scam and money laundering. Ye logo ke agyanta ka faida utha rahi hai. Unforunately ye network marketing concept ko use krk logo lalach de rahi hai. Govt of india ki direct selling ki guidline ka study karo. Network marketing is such a wonderful concept. But these types of bullshit companies degrade it.

  16. They Charge to much Income tax admin tax .also while widrawal money .status is pending .for to much day..till i dont get money..also no email for support .you cant do compaint till admin reply.

  17. I think there is no qualification required for joining in this website and if that is true then why do school and college are still going on everyone can join in this by investing 1200 or whatever amount it is just minimum amount wherein you pay lakhs of rupees to college to get a degree. You will definitely earn money in this but later you will come to know the true colours of the company

  18. The company is giving income daily 20Rs regular and level income also into the et after completion of 500 we can transfer amount to the bank…it is real. I transferred 1500Rs to my bank account till now,amount credited in my account

  19. Company Avi tk to paisa de rhi h pr kb tk degi ye kch kha nhi ja sakta.Q ki koi v company free m paisa batne nhi aati h.
    Company apne income k source pic flick app k dwara bta rhi h. Pr agar aap is app ko use nhi v krte h to Rs20 apke osmose tech.k wallet m aa ja rhi h.To sochne wali bt ye v agar pic flick app aap use nhi kiye to company ko profit to hua nhi to wo apko kaise profit krwayegi aur agar profit karwati h to kb tk krwayegi????
    Is company k n koi contact no. h aur n hi iska mail m koi reply ata h.
    Mera ek problem hua tha to me mail kiya to aaj tk uska reply nhi aya h.
    Aur jo iska support option menu m dikhta h wo bahut hi bekar h.usme kvi v support nhi milta .

  20. It has no proper adrress takes account no. Ifsc code pan no. Branch name then is it safe. Its like cunning people for few rupees and making different loans property scMs on them.

  21. unlike others in the market, at least you will get your invested amount within 3 months and if you are lucky enough you will get 20 per day until company lasts, that also without doing any work. Again hope you are able to withdraw monthly bonus without any issues until your investment is recovered.

  22. my daily income is credited in 1 day for my every request till date…………….upto now i earned 3000 rs and no problem at all. Also, my daily income is about 200rs. I m fully satisfied.

  23. It is a project of an IT sector direct selling company named as mind skill game solutions pvt ltd. Everyone who take it’s business membership they are paid by a handsome amount in increasing order per day. For taking genuine business membership and any more genuine latest information about osmose business project, you can call or whatsapp @ +91 82183-75305 Sanjeev from UP india. Regards osmose leadership management.

  24. Gm. Enquiring through friends is not legitimate. U have to contact the Directors of the company to ascertain the genuineness of the company. Then only u can take firm decision to do or not. So many companies have collected huge amounts like this & disappeared.

  25. one of my friend is earning Rs.4000 daily. he shown me his statement… i am confuse …. can anyone help me … whether the company is genuine or fake????

  26. Can u please tell me the way the way they earn..which such high profits…it is impossible…they are just rotating money.

  27. No complaints found against Osmose tech. till today.
    So many joined members earning Rs. 1000 to 10000 per day by referring to there friends.
    So many joined members earning Rs. 20 perday without adding single member.
    It’s not fraud Co.

  28. ওসমোজ টেকনোলজি প্রাইভেট লিমিটেডের পরিচালকরা হলেন বিজয় বাবুরাও মহাজন, শুভভাঙ্গী বৈভব পটস্কর এবং প্রশান্ত রামচন্দ্র রাউন্ডলে।

    1. Yes no contact details are given for communication. I have joined this only for my best friend but during activation uplines not taken any documents, only verbal communication with friend and activated my ac. started earning rs.20 date, as per my friend’s instruction i have checked my profile details, there are spell mistakes in name, wrong dob, which were filled correctly during reg. Then i inform to my friend n so callled uplines n complaint in admin support, its made 1 letter correction in 1 complaint like this i have 6 complaints in support system. After few days my wallet reached to 350 something n company deduct rs.330 for correction. Then after again rs. 330 for just a letter correction. I have explain this on company WhatsApp no, so called uplines but still no one responding. Not giving any explanation. If any one having Solution to this.

  29. OSMOSE TECHNOLOGY PRIVATE LIMITED is a Private incorporated on 24-12-2019. It is classified as a Non-Government and is registered at RoC-Pune. Their state of registration is Maharashtra. Its authorized share capital is 500000.00 and its paid-up capital is 10000.00.

    Current status of is – Active.

    © 2020 Defmacro Software Pvt. Ltd.

  30. I am k.rajendran joined in this co.by paying Rs1200/ on 23-9-2020.i received welcome letter from the co giving I’d os 79389211 but not received password hence could not login to see the details.i sent mails to co.to it’s mail osmose tech.com@gmail.com since 25-9-2020as there’s no support system available.Atleast by seeing this should help me.

    1. plse put your user id and give forgot password and after that again put your user id and put your registered mobile number and submitt.You will get back your password

  31. I am not member of this company but I just want to know that what profit the company is making by giving 1200 rs voucher on 1180 rs membership..! Does it make any kind of sense? And it is also providing few amount daily..!

    1. I just checked the official shopping site of this company and I found out that they are playing with the innocent poor people the products on this website costs vey low than it’s price on the website they are getting huge profit from each product and just look after each product pricing all the products cost above 1400 which don’t make any sense at all!!

  32. K. Rahendran…… You can log in with given ID and in password coloum click forget passward (Which is below to password coloum) then new passward will come to your register mobile no. which is you given at the time of registration.. then you can use this new passward.

  33. I have read all the comments , one thing is clear , those who have joined they mentioned company is not fake , those who have not joined or not willing to join are mentioned company is scam , by taking the both views one thing is clear that persons are getting money after joining , and company may rotataing money simply ,its a business tactics , u pay 1200 rs and return u r getting the 1200 money in 60 days as 20 rs per day if no joinings under u.so indirectly company is distributing ur money to pay others , in other view enjoy the payment till company lives , if company gone loss is 1200 , if company stays profit is endless , enjoy

    1. Yes very true and I doubt whether they will pay us. I asked for withdrawal in December 2020, I haven’t received any money moreover they stopped crediting Rs.20/- from 01-01-2021. Two of my referrals to did not get their withdrawals

  34. Indian app should support Indian goods or items not foriengner brand ,in this app all products are so costly middle class people can’t afford to buy.

  35. Yah compnay 24 december 2019 ko start hui isme profit margin achchha h 1200 rupye deke aap registration kara sakte h aur vah 1200 aapke wallet me milega uska aap shopping kr sakte h jaise flipkart Amazon etc. Me aur 20 like me 20 rupya pr day aur 1 mamer add karne pr uska 20% is compnay ka profit margin achchha h

  36. You can’t withdraw money!!
    Why is that?
    If you had invested 1200 rupee , they will give you 20 rupee everyday so you will earn your 100 percent investment in just first 2 months, who gives such high return on investment? And you will recieve income forever?
    How’s that possible?

  37. Ohh man when you are earning 2k per day why you are wasting time in convincing other people enjoy your earning and stop convincing people, If the company is genuine people will join eventually so far what I understand they are taking advantage of innocent people specially targeting housewives and desperate job seekers

      1. Recentely i started with of osmose tech & earning rs. 20 daily.i want member for my business development my Member Id-OS41253764 if anyone interested so plz use my id for ur sponsership.

  38. Let’s be honest and real here for a second, not everyone are the same, we all struggle financially and we would do anything in our power to survive. Many companies are there and yes many are scams, fakes, real or whatever, you may never know. Not all of them are destined to succeed anyway. Many will also failed and shut down sooner or later we may never know. So please just do what you can with what you have while you can of course. My suggestion? Enjoy it while it last… I know I DO!!!

  39. Buddy.. Just hang on for a second.You earn2k+ daily that’s good.
    But can u help me with the proof of company’s gst number.?
    1.Every legal company in India has a GST number.
    2.Every website has a SSL certificate and nowadays it’s free to make one.Why is osmose website not having an SSL certificate.?
    3.Why is each n every data hidden on the website.?No website hides any data if they are legal.

  40. Hello friends,
    At times we start business with some couple of lakhs rupees, is it sure that our said business will ever run in profit, specially during this pandemic season.
    Of course at times criticism helps us to re think about the concept from negative angles (cons of our step).
    Now discuss about OSMOSE.

    Even if you are running with worst days ( your bad luck is running behind you) and if you think that company may get shut down all of sudden (immediately as you spend INR 1200/-) and all our money will be forfeited by the company, than also you are not going to loose except your invested money, that is INR 1200/- only.

    We loose so many things in life but at every step we use to gain lots of experience.

    If you are ready to take this risk (of INR 1200/-) and really serious to work for fulfilling your dreams than don’t wait more …..
    Contact me at my e mail :

  41. its a Big scam this company runaway taking big amount from innocent peoples
    this company not run under the ministry of consumer affairs guidelines its totally money circulation plan

    stupid peoples wasting money on frauds. first they spend 1200rs own money and get back their money in three months. then they join others by depositing their 1200 rs. company is only giving money that you provided them by joining others below you. company is only rotating money from one person to another. and the voucher people talk about is bullshit waste of money. you purchase 200 rs worth item in 1000. many chain system company are already running and fooling peoples. like ebiz. and the best thing about these sites are, the people who got fooled join others because they never accept they are fools.

  43. If you are scare or confused on this company you just stay aside.. as for me this Osmose Company do really help during this pandemic.Great Thanks to Osmose company.

  44. I am a member of Osmose Technology and I have to take Rs.4,600/- from them, I am not allowed to withdraw it since they have blocked the withdrawal option. It is a fraud company and have cheated thousands of people for millions of rupees. People beware of this fake company. They have their own representatives all over Maharashtra and are also targeting Karnataka and Kerala. The representative in Mumbai is Mr.Roshan D’souza & Ms.Neha there are few more please note.

  45. I totally agree with Ms.Bindu Nair, I too cannot withdraw my money the withdrawal option is blocked.
    In my opinion all those who write good about the company or in their favor are their own people representing them.
    I feel this company Osmose Technology is a fraud company and are looting people with fake documents.

  46. Complain by Ratnesh kumar osmosetechnology
    my payment is not clear of five id
    date 23/dec/2020
    GANESH KUMAR-OS22578548
    OM PRAKASH-OS83495859
    RAJAN BIND-OS51357855
    MUKESH KUMAR-OS31133988

  47. Yes very true and I doubt whether they will pay us. I asked for withdrawal in December 2020, I haven’t received any money moreover they stopped crediting Rs.20/- from 01-01-2021. Two of my referrals to did not get their withdrawals

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